5 Sneaky Ways Toxic Men Try To Get You

5 sneaky ways toxic men try to get you

Toxic men are easy to spot from miles away.

You always making you insecure about what you've done and making you feel like you have to fight hard for their attention.

Toxic men are real confidence destroyers , because they can't stand your confident appearance.

They will do anything to prove you're not good enough.

Those are some obvious signs that show their toxic nature, but there are also some sneaky ones they're trying to use to snag you that you probably didn't pay attention to.

Toxic men are pretty good at appearing good and bad at the same time.

They always find a way to get what they want, and sometimes they use tactics that aren't so obvious.

< p>Here are 5 sneaky ways toxic men try to get your attention and hide their real intentions in order to manipulate you.

1. They make themselves victims of their past

Toxic men will tell you how they were betrayed and mistreated in their previous relationships.

They won't tell you all this because they want to share their painful past with you, but because they want you to feel sorry for them.

Toxic men want you to feel sorry for them so they have an alibi in the future if they misbehave.

That way, they'll be sure you don't blame them since they have been through a lot.

Instead, you will be patient and understanding, not knowing that they manipulated you into behaving this way.

Once you feel they are trying to play this victim game with you, run for your life and don't look back.

2. They want to know everything about you

I know it feels good when someone is interested in you and wants to know everything about you.

But toxic men don't do that, because they are interested in your past or in you in general.

They do this because they want to know your weaknesses.

They want to know every single detail of your life, so they can use it against you when the time is right.

If you can identify his behavior with a few more items from this list, then you can be sure that he doesn’t want to know everything about you because he likes you.

He only collects yours Weaknesses so he can use them to manipulate you.

3. They pretend to like the same things as you

If they say they like all the TV shows you like, or have read all the books you have read, or seen the same movies as you, don't believe them.

Toxic men will do anything to get you closer.

Their ultimate goal is to make you feel like you've known each other forever.

By pretending to like the same things as you, they want to appear your equal.

Don't be fooled. As soon as you get the feeling that he is teasing you, you should know that you are most likely right.

4. They shower you with compliments

Toxic men will tell you that they have never met anyone like you.

They will praising your eyes, hair and skin and doing everything to make you feel like the most appreciated woman in the whole world.

But beware. Toxic men do this because they know that if they flatter you all the time, you'll feel great and appreciate them.

Toxic men use Over the top compliments just to lure you into their toxic world of lies and manipulation.

We all want to feel adored and loved for who we are, but we should you find him obsessed with flattering you, think twice before you let him into your world.

5. They're obsessed with talking to you about your future together I can count that even when things get tough, he will stay with her.

That's why they will be constantly talking to you about your future together, just to reassure you that you are safe with them.

They want you to think that you are protected and cared for when in fact they know they are just selling you their wishful thinking to get you to to stay with them.

They know themselves that if they were honest with you, they wouldn't be able to keep you.

Remember that toxic men will give you always say what you want to hear.

Don't give them the satisfaction of thinking you believe everything they say.

Just trust your intuition and she will help you know the truth of distinguish the lies.

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