5 Signs You're Soulmates (And 5 Things That Mean It's Over)

5 Signs You're Soulmates (And 5 Things That Mean It's Over)

The bottom line of dating hell, everyone goes through is finding your person for eternity.

So don't tell me you don't believe in soul mates because I know that's bullshit.


You may not call what you are looking for a soul mate, but finding the person to spend the rest of your life with and finding a soul mate are essentially the same thing.

Great, now that we have that settled let me move on. After so many failures, after so many dates you want to forget as soon as possible, there comes a time when you think you've hit the jackpot.

It's coming. He takes you to a beautiful place. You laugh. You tell each other jokes. You understand each other perfectly.

A fairy tale come true. Soon you catch yourself thinking about him and missing him when he's not around.

He sends you good morning texts and your phone vibrates making you wish that you see his name on the screen. Soon you'll be totally infatuated.

But something's still bothering you. Is it too soon to think that he is your soulmate, your eternal love or whatever you want to call it?

There is no definitive way to prove that the person you have strong feelings for is your soulmate.

But if your gut tells you something, then I'll say, risk it and listen to that feeling.

If you don't want to listen to your sixth sense when it comes to relationships, there are other ways to decide whether or not they are your soulmate if your relationship will be over pretty soon.

1. Soulmate: He supports you no matter what.

Soulmates don't question your decisions. They support you even when they think you're doing the wrong thing.

Of course they won't let you do it without telling you what they think. But, if it means that much to you, they will still let you do it.

The difference is that a soulmate will be there when it all falls apart.

He will support you in your decision and comfort you if you fail. A soulmate will never let you down.

2. It's over: You're not at the top of his priority list

He has more important things to do. He always chooses to go out with his friends over you.

When you need him, he's nowhere to be found, and he ends up showing up with a ton of excuses. He's not the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

He's an emotionally immature boy who hasn't fully understood what love and relationships are really about.

It may stay like this for some time, but the end is written all over the relationship, so better end it now before it gets worse.

3. Soulmates: You have routines that you do on weekends

Spending free time with the person you love is the best thing a couple can do.

Having a weekend program also shows that your relationship is successful and that it is serious . Think about it.

The person you love sacrifices their free time to be with you. He doesn’t care about other things.

He wants to be with you and do something you do every Saturday morning or Sunday night.

You go for a walk, have a picnic or cuddle and watch a movie. It doesn't matter what you do, the most important thing is that you do it together.

4. It's over: he chooses his friends over you

There's nothing wrong if he doesn't spend every single weekend with you.

You can't expect him to ignore the fact that he had a social life before you showed up.

It would be so wrong for you to expect him to spend every single minute of his free time with you. Considering this, if he does the opposite and never spends his free time with you, then something is wrong.

A man in love would never miss an opportunity to be with the woman he loves . If he chooses his friends every time, then unfortunately it's over for both of you.

5. Soulmate: He respects your opinion

He will always find time to shut up for a second and listen to you. Not because he has to, but because he wants to.

This man you've fallen in love with and consider your soulmate thinks you're intelligent, confident and quite impressive.< /p>

He even thinks he can learn something from you, so he listens to you. He’s not only listening because he could learn something new, he’s also listening because he genuinely cares about you and wants to gather as much information about you as possible.

He wants to know everything about you because he wants to give you the world. He has to make sure you never need anything but him.

6. It's over: you don’t feel comfortable around him

Something just doesn’t feel right. You keep telling yourself that everything is fine and you want so badly to convince yourself that it will be fine, but that gut feeling just won't let you go.

When everyone is gone, when you are left alone with your own thoughts, one question drives you crazy: What if he isn't the right man for me?

If you're around him; hey, choose your words carefully because sometimes your words are misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The point is, you can't be your true self around him. Well, if that's the case, that's a big NO-NO for your relationship.

7. Soulmates: He loves your family

You love his family too. You both feel like you belong with them. There are no awkward silences, no awkward situations when you are together.

When you first invited him to spend Christmas with your family, he was thrilled and of course he had no reason to be anything else.

It clicked immediately for your father and him. He teased your mother in a sweet way…

By and large he loves her because he loves you. He respects her because he respects you.

8. It's over: He thinks your family turned on him

He doesn't want to be anywhere near your family at all. I'm not saying he should move in, but it would be nice and polite of him to visit her with you from time to time.

He doesn't have to love her, but he has to show some respect. Instead he avoids them and he thinks they are the ones who shut him out.

He feels threatened and unwelcome for some reason. I'm not saying it can't happen, but if he treats you with respect and loves you, there's no reason your family shouldn't love him.

9. Soulmates: You travel together

Like all couples who are destined to be together and who don't mind spending every moment of their free time together, you too love to travel together.

You love discovering new things and new experiences to create new memories. More importantly, he enjoys adventuring with you.

You are more interesting to him than anyone else. He can go with his friends, but it won't be the same – therefore you are soul mates.

10. It's over: he prefers to go alone

In contrast to traveling together, he chooses the boys.

This time too I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but if this continues and he ends up traveling with them more than you, you definitely have a problem.

Or worse, he goes alone. At the beginning of a relationship while you're still getting to know each other, it's no surprise to be traveling alone.

But as the relationship develops and nothing changes, it means that both of you have no future together. You might as well end it right now.

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