5 Signs You're Just Wasting Your Time With Him

5 Signs You're Wasting Your Time With Him

In the world we live in today, everyone is too busy and too competitive to waste time have to make a commitment and find a suitable partner.

This is especially true for men, but not because they are busier or more active than women, but because they either act like they don't care or because they really don't give a fuck if they find great, committed love.

A serious relationship seems to be everyone's dream, but nowadays a one night stand is the easier and more practical option for a man.

Even if it grows into something more, there's still the question of how seriously he'll take it, and the sad truth is he's probably wasting your time on his selfish needs.< /p>

Here are the 5 most obvious signs you're wasting your time with him.

1. Nothing serious is out of the question for him anytime soon

So you've met, you like each other, maybe had sex a few times – now what?

You guys talk a lot and you really feel some kind of connection with him, but every time you talk you want to ask him, “What is it with us?” .

But you don't do it because you're too scared of the answer. If so, and if he doesn't want to ask you the question himself, then do it.

If he doesn't give you a normal answer, avoids the question or his opinion and expectations of the relationship formulated in a way that doesn't suit you, then end it.

End it before it costs you even more energy because you don't have time for such games.

< h2>2. Your conversations are only about his interests

He never asks you any personal questions other than “How are you?”. After just a few dates you literally know everything about him – his interests, hobbies, his ex-girlfriends, etc.

But if you say you like something, he'll forget it within the next 5 seconds. I mean come on you deserve better.

Don't waste time with self-centered, narcissistic men.

3. You can't be yourself around him

No matter how funny and handsome he is, you always feel the need to pretend like you're someone else when you're with them.

We all want to present ourselves in our best light, but that's not always possible.

When you're with him, you don't talk like you normally do, you don't wear your usual clothes, and when you're not with him you stalk him to find out what he likes.

Ä never change for a guy! Don't pretend you're someone else. Don't tense up when you're with someone just to make them like you.

You feel it won't last long, so stop wasting your time and move on the search for a man who feels like home. He's out there somewhere!

4. He is immature

Well, his interests are pretty childish, but if it makes him happy then there's nothing wrong with that, right?

But if he's not able to take care of himself or you If you don't care, he's not worth your time.

His immaturity shows in so many ways, and he'll probably even embarrass you with his behavior in public. When something like this happens, it's time to get out.

5. He seems to have no plans for the future

Is there anything worse than people who have no ambitions and no plans in their lives?

Why would you waste your time with a guy who can't motivate you in any way?

That doesn't mean you should dump every guy who hasn't achieved anything in life , but unless he plans to change that in the future – then do yourself a favor and end this.

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