5 Signs You're Just Handy To Him

5 Signs you're just being handy to him

Unfortunately, not all people get into relationships for love.

Some people stay in theirs for all the wrong reasons Partners together because they are afraid of being alone or because they enjoy the attention the other person is giving them.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that sometimes your partner is just with you just because it's convenient for them and here are 5 signs to help you see that.

1. He doesn't try hard in your relationship

It's one of those things you don't want to admit to yourself, but if you take off your rose-colored glasses and look at things realistically, you see that this man hardly cares about your relationship.

If you think about it, you're usually the only one who bothers.

You are the only one fighting for this relationship and no doubt it means a lot more to you than him.

He is your partner and you take it for granted, that he is your priority.

But it's like he doesn't feel the same way about you. It's like these relationships just aren't as important to him as they are to you.

It's more than obvious that you're the one who loves more in this relationship, and with the time you got used to such things.

But when you think about it, you're wondering if this guy really loves you.

2. He doesn't want to solve your problems

If you tell someone that you have a fight-free relationship, everyone could envy you.

But everyone healthy couple just needs to come to a point where they have a problem to solve or when they have a difference of opinion.

But even when that happens in your relationship, it seems that your partner is never interested in solving your problems or talking them through.

It's like they never care, to get to the bottom of things and like he doesn’t mind the outcome of your relationship.

Even though you thought this would be a great thing at first, you got with the Time realized that he's just not interested in dealing with your problems and he's not interested in improving your relationship.

3. He doesn't care about you as a person

If a man really loves you, he will never be too tired or too busy for you .

This man will always have enough energy to talk to you about your problems or just to be there when you need him.

But your boyfriend is anything but that.

It seems that he is never interested in anything related to you.

This guy is anything but your boyfriend and you can never feel like he has your back like a real partner should make you feel.

If you think about it, is This guy never cares how you went about your day let alone anything else and that's one of the surefire signs of his lack of emotion for you and his lack of interest in you.

4. You are the one who initiates everything

It seems to you that your boyfriend doesn’t enjoy spending time with you.

Even though you try to justify him and think that he is too busy or something like that, deeply inside you know that this is not what a real adult relationship should be like.

For as long as you can remember you have felt like you are forcing this man to be with you.

He's rarely the one to initiate anything in your relationship-you're the one who texts him first most of the time and invites him out on most occasions.

Sometimes you feel like this guy wouldn’t think of you if you hadn’t contacted him first’ and that your relationship would be totally nonexistent if you weren’t the one holding it together.

5. He doesn't care if you break up

Another sign that a man you are dating is just looking at you as handy is that this man wouldn't be after you if you tried to leave him.

Of course he wouldn't tell you that directly, but you know it's the truth .

You know that this guy wouldn't mind if you left him and you feel that you don't make a big difference in this guy's life.

And what evidence do you still need?

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