5 signs he's not complicated – He's just a manipulative asshole

5 signs he's not complicated - he's just a manipulative asshole

We tend to romanticize the men who are just plain WRONG for them. r us are.

It's about time women stopped tolerating guys who treat them like shit and stopped justifying that they're too ”complicated&rdquo ; are. That's enough.

We shouldn't accept someone who does terrible things to us and then takes advantage of our compassion and understanding.

When you're with a man who always makes excuses by telling you that he is complicated, then you should read these 5 signs carefully because it could easily come out that he is just ’ is a manipulative asshole.

1. Everything seems fine, but then he suddenly pulls away without explanation

You guys started dating and everything is great. Then he suddenly pulls away and starts ignoring you.

He later justifies this by telling you that his love for you scares and confuses him Has. Actually white he doesn’t what he really wants, so he plays games with you.

You don’t need that because real men don’t play games.

2. He justifies his abusive behavior towards you by saying that he is going through a very difficult time in his life

He treats you really badly; abuses you emotionally and/or physically; and then he says that the reason for all the shit he does is because he is going through a very difficult time in his life.

But the fact is – nobody has the right to treat you like crap just because they're having a hard time.

You shouldn't tolerate anyone who doesn't respect you at all, no matter what their excuse is!

3. He's extremely romantic BUT only when he needs something in return OR when he wants to crawl back to you after you decide to dump him for all the bad stuff he's done

This is the oldest trick in the world. He acts so romantic and tender when he needs something from you.

You'll thank god he finally started showing off his ”suppressed” Showing love.

I hate to burst your bubble, but he only does it because he wants something from you.

Most of the time it's a manipulative tactic to get you to go to the laundry. Come on, you got more than that!

Another gross reason for faking his affection is when he sees you're done with him after all that shit. he made.

Then he will try to trick you by pretending to be so loving just to make you forgive him.

Maybe it will make you believe that he has changed, but people like that change himself NEVER. He deserves to be your ex and that's the only text he should get from you. 

4. He doesn't have any real friends

If you date a man long enough, you usually meet the people in his life.

So when you realize that there is literally not a single person he is friends with – this is a big warning sign.

No matter how complicated we all are, there are always people who see the good in us.

However, if this guy doesn't have any real friends, you should think about it a little. Why is that?

Probably because everyone around him recognized him as a manipulator and removed him from their lives.

5. He forces you to do things you don't want to do to prove you love him

He is sensitive. He is fragile. He needs a lot more love and affection than anyone.

So you decided to prove your love to him in any way you could. The result?

He uses this to manipulate you and get the things he needs like your constant presence, sex, money, etc.

Eventually you will feel trapped and miserable.

Every time you focus on something or someone else, he will accuse you of being selfish.

He can make you feel; hl give that you neglect him because he has the power to manipulate you.

Ladies, be careful and smart. Most of the time things aren't what they seem.

Don't be fooled by toxic manipulators. And remember – it's not your fault, he's just an ass!

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