5 Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable (Don't Stress Out About Dating Him)

5 Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable (Don't Stress Out About Dating Him)

” Emotionally unavailable” is not a gender term. Both men and women can be emotionally unavailable.

Sadly, more and more people are following this latest trend of being emotionally unavailable.

I know; not whether it's out of fear of getting hurt or out of an attitude of “I won't be attached to anyone”.

These people don't seem to open up to anyone, and they definitely don't want to make a commitment.

Once they see that things have gotten serious between the two of you, they will walk away from the relationship with everyone ;solve excuses.

To avoid dating an emotionally unavailable man, read on and find some of the signs that will tell you if he is unavailable or not not.

1. He always finds excuses

He always has an excuse for everything. If you ask him, he'll politely dismiss you.

You won't even know if he's uninterested or just shy and uncomfortable. That's the catch. His excuses are ambiguous.

He can even say that the timing is bad and that it's not a good time for him to start dating now and shit.

Shit on it! If he's really into you, he wouldn't second-guess his decision to spend time with you.

He'd fly to you if he could–if he really needed you. would.

2. He never makes any concrete plans

We all have lives of our own and can't really guarantee that we'll be in one place at a certain time because a lot Stuff can show up at the last minute.

But this guy always cancels you at the last minute and he can never say for sure that he'll see you.

Again, it is very ambiguous. You don't know where you stand with him.

If he is acting like this now, be sure that he will continue to act like this when the two of you start a relationship— be wise and DO NOT do it!

3. You meet on his terms

He's there when he feels like it. It can happen that he suddenly shows up to you – very emotional – ready to talk about his feelings. But guess what?

This shows you that he cares about needs, but only about his own needs.

He is not for you there when you need to talk and when you're sad.

In your distress he apologizes, but when there's a fire burning in his backyard he's the first to seek help to solve it.

4. He sends you mixed signals

He makes a strong first impression and then he disappears.

In a moment he's attached to you. You are the best thing that happened to him. He promises you everything you can imagine. And you, stupid enough, believe him.

The next moment he is nowhere to be seen. You can't reach him on his cell phone; he doesn't call you.

You don't know if he's alive or not. He seems to have been swallowed up by the earth.

If his feelings towards you aren't consistent, write him off and continue your search for someone who truly deserves you

5. He doesn't want to put a label on your relationship

You've asked him a thousand times what phase you two are in, but you never got a complete answer.

He avoids telling you what he thinks and wants. That's a huge alarm bell right now!

Don't let him keep you warm because if it's been a while (let's say 4-6 months) and you still don't know where you stand, believe me me, then nothing will change.

He doesn’t want to define your relationship because he wants you for as long as it suits him.

< strong>Ladies, don't waste your time with people like this.

Sometimes it's hard to tell an ambiguous “badboy” to resist, but nothing good will come of it.

Move on because you deserve better!

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