5 signs he only texts you when he's bored or lonely

5 signs he only texts you when he's bored or feeling lonely

He texts you because he's serious interested in you? Or is he just texting you because he's bored or lonely?

When a guy really cares about you and your life, you'll know. He will never keep you waiting for his answer, he will try to make the conversation as interesting as possible and so on.

But if you feel that at If something is wrong with him and he suddenly starts ignoring your messages, making excuses or something like that, he may only text you out of boredom or because he is lonely.

This can lead to great disappointment, and to avoid that happening, here are a few signs that will confirm that he is only texting you for his own selfish purposes.

1 . He only texts you at night

If he only texts you at night, that's the clearest sign that he's only texting you because he's feeling lonely. When he finds he can't sleep, he thinks of possible solutions to the problem.

And then he texts you to have a little chat and fight insomnia. If he does, you should know that his top priority is himself and his selfishness.

2. He doesn’t suggest meeting face-to-face

You talk to him about so many things and yet he never suggests that the two of you meet up personally anywhere ;similarly instead of always chatting.

Sometimes he seems like someone who really understands you, but once you convince yourself he proves you wrong.

You never know what's going to happen next, and talking to him about it in person is far from viable.

And even if you suggest meeting him in person, he'll make up some lame excuses just to avoid it .

3. He often disappears mid-conversation

If he often disappears mid-conversation, you should know that something is wrong with him.

To him, you're just someone to entertain him temporarily and make sure he doesn't feel so lonely, and when he's ”enough” he will turn to something or someone else and replace you.

It makes no difference whether he initiated the conversation himself or not. Making excuses is like breathing air for him, and he doesn't give a damn about your feelings or opinion on the situation.

4. Sometimes he gives you excessive compliments

When he texts you again (after he disappeared) he compliments you and says something nice to make you appreciate his disappearance forgets.

So if he starts complimenting you too much, it's because he's trying to hide his selfish motives.

He wants to make sure he doesn’t lose you and that you’re always there for him when he’s bored or lonely.

First he will do everything to help you Make you feel valued and special and then he will just walk away without ever apologizing.

He will only compliment you to show his selfishness cover up and keep you hooked by manipulating you with his love whispers.

If you feel this is real, block his number and never text him again.< /p>

5. He doesn’t bother during the conversation

You will know he doesn’t want to get to know you better when he’s most with two or three words.

Obviously he is not trying hard enough to have an interesting conversation or to get your attention because the only thing that interests him is is himself.

If a man is interested in you, he will also show it via chat. His answers are full, long sentences, he asks questions and is interested in everything you have to say about yourself.

But when a guy doesn’t give a shit and he only texts you for his selfish purposes, he doesn’t bother to have a serious conversation with you.

His messages are incomplete, without emoticons or other features that make the writing interesting and meaningful.

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