5 reasons why strong women attract narcissists and psychopaths

5 Reasons why strong women attract narcissists and psychopaths

No one is immune to the charms of a sociopath.

There is a misconception in society that only strong women can resist toxic men.

It is believed that the qualities of strong women make them immune to these types of men. Well, that's just not true.

Strong women are not inhuman robots without empathy or compassion. They feel like any other woman.

Why should it be easier for them to resist the charms of a toxic man?

Falling in love with narcissists and psychopaths has nothing to do with intelligence, education or independence.

I have met dozens of women of all profiles, from ordinary everyday women to highly educated women who have fallen prey to such men.

None of them are exceptional when it comes to loving an emotional manipulator.

Manipulators, narcissists and psychopaths are attracted to these strong women even more often.

They find their qualities desirable because it allows them to work with more material.

These women offer more positive energy to speak up.

Here are the main reasons why strong women attract narcissists and sociopaths:

1. They know how to make them feel special

It's extremely hard for strong women to find people who just click, and when they do, they think it's fate that they were meant to be.

But for a person with toxic tendencies, it is not destiny. It's all part of the plan.

Because narcissists and sociopaths will pretend to be exactly what you want.

They will like the same stuff that you like .

They will behave exactly as you want them to. Basically, they'll do anything to get under your skin.

When they finally get your attention and make you believe they're the love of your life, the terror begins.

They know you're really into it now, and you're not going to let go easily . You will fight for them because you care about them.

2. They look for intelligence and success

You are likely to be targeted by them because you are successful and intelligent.

They see you as a trophy. e they must have.

The fact that you are successful or rich makes you even more desirable.

They make you their target, and actually you have little or nothing to do with ending up dating a narcissist or a sociopath.

They want everything to be theirs , also belongs to them, so that with your “profit” to brag about.

3. Your boldness is attractive

The fact is, the more narcissistic a man is, the more attractive he is to women.

His brashness and slightly cheeky demeanor give the impression that he knows what he wants and that he will get it.

When you get all the attention of men like this, and you know Being desired flatters you and makes you feel unique.

Don't be ashamed – it's true and every woman feels that way.

So it's easy to fall under their spell because they project everything you want to see in a man… at the beginning.

Later they change their skin and show who they really are.

4. They are skilled manipulators

They can fool anyone. They are trained manipulators.

They do it so professionally and wait for a certain amount of time to show who they really are.

They stay in the relationship until a certain point hidden until you get so involved you can't get out.

By then they've got you covered and are using you as a source of gratification.

The consequences are just awful.

What you have to go through to get over a narcissist will be you , for a while, to never trust another man.

5. They are charming and confident

That's what you see when you see a charming man – you will fall in love with him… and even more so when the man is confident.

You don't want a needy, immature man by your side. You want someone who knows how to take care of themselves.

This is the bait that will catch you. That's the route you take, and even though the road had warning signs everywhere, you couldn't see them (or didn't want to).

When a narcissist charms his victim, seduces he her and at the end he sucks her dry. Shy, strong, outgoing, introverted, empathic…

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