5 reasons why independent women are attracted to emotionally unavailable men

5 reasons independent women are attracted to emotionally unavailable men

It's the same story every time. A beautiful, strong woman falls in love with a man who gives her everything but the most important thing – Love.

She doesn't need flowers, she doesn't need fancy things. All she needs is your attention and someone to love her.

The story ends in either an immediate breakup or an attempt to delay something doomed to fail.

Either way, heartbreak is guaranteed. The woman will end up crying and trying to pull herself together.

She will be angry at herself for falling for the tricks of an emotionally unavailable man.

For anyone who is strong and in a happy relationship, this is all just bullshit. They fail to understand that it is possible for a man like that to choose a woman like that.

But the truth is, emotionally unavailable men don't choose strong women – strong women are looking for them.


1. They feel comfortable with it

When they choose an emotionally unavailable man, they do it for a reason.

As long as you are with them, rest assured that these men will not question their authority.

They will do nothing to compromise their power. These men do not have the courage.

They will not oppose them and they will not question their decisions. You'll do it all, every time.

While that looks like an advantage, it isn't.

While their authority is undisputed, these women wish, over time time for her emotionally unavailable husbands to change.

They want them to show more affection to show them they care.

That usually never happens, so you're left with the same old two-way story every time ;ngen.

2. They believe these men are risk free

That means they are safe with them. They won't get hurt, they're too strong for that.

But what they don't see is love creeping up on them, blinding them and they end up getting hurt one way or another.

Independent women promise themselves that they are not a girl waiting on the phone for him to call you back.

They promise themselves that they won't wait for anyone or suffer because of anyone.

So they tend not to tell anyone to get too close. They've done all this in the past and it didn't end well.

It ended up hurting them terribly.

3. Deep down they want emotional security

None of them would admit it because it would make them seem weak.

There is nothing weak from wanting to be loved.

But usually this makes them feel more sensitive and vulnerable to hurt.

Deep down, strong women want and need true compassion and unconditional love, yet they choose emotionally unavailable men who are distant and unable to express how they feel because they are feel safer that way.

You feel like you can't get hurt.

4. They know that emotionally unavailable men will keep their distance

Strong women are so good at pretending everything is fine.

You'll tell her ”I don't give a fuck” – Put your face up and stay calm, even when you're about to have a nervous breakdown.

They build emotional walls around themselves to protect themselves.

They treat these men in the same way.

You always make a serious face because that way the man won't get too close to you. He will keep his distance.

And to keep the relationship alive, they will occasionally bring in a smile or a date. Just to keep things going.

5. They choose her because it's easier

They value her ability to be in control. And if loneliness is the price they have to pay, they will take the deal.

They choose these men because they know they are emotionally uninvolved and will not question their ability or authority.

There is nothing worse for a strong woman than making compromises, letting her partner see her vulnerable side and making decisions together.

The only people they trust are themselves.

So the ideal decision for a relationship is a man who doesn't interfere too much. Because he doesn't care.

Sometimes the heart makes its own decisions and overwhelms the mind with questions like 'What if he hurts me?', 'What if he hurts me doesn't know how to love?”, ”What if he tries to manipulate me?”.

They will question themselves, but in the end they will never give up.

They will never allow anyone to compromise their freedom or independence.

Below all of this, they are so afraid of losing what they have built up for so long.

That's why women choose emotionally unavailable men. Because they decide.

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