5 reasons why a narcissist doesn't last long in a relationship

5 reasons a narcissist can't last long in a relationship

All narcissists have one thing in common among a variety of undesirable traits.

Whether they realize it or not, they just aren't cut out for long-term relationships.

There's nothing wrong with their twisted minds.

If you ask your narcissist, they will likely insist that their relationship with their family, friends and co-workers couldn't be better.

In fact, it couldn't be further from the Being removed from the truth.

The narcissist's inability to put themselves in other people's shoes and understand where most of their emotions are coming from makes it a major, enduring challenge for them to build healthy relationships.

They don't see it the way other people do, and they're not that good at emotional things, and since they're not able (and unwilling) to go through the daily movements of a normal Joe, they just can't be in one relationship.

All narcissists have a similar process. Their behavior is easy to predict as in every relationship they go about their business as if in a loop.

And that is the main cause of their romantic downfall. (Ironic, isn't it?)

Because of this particular incident, it's easier to understand exactly why they can't form relationships that stand the test of time.

They get in their own way and when it's not their manipulatives If there were any behavioral patterns, their luck in love might increase!

But luckily for all the women out there, they stick to their agenda and and here you can find out how! hear exactly how they sabotage their romantic aspirations.

1. Narcissists treat people (and their romantic partners) as objects

As we all already know, narcissists cannot feel compassion and therefore have no regard for them the well-being of other people.

They cannot fall in love like you, me and the rest of the world can. They're not wired that way.

You can fall in love with a person in an extremely unhealthy, obsessive way, let your love craze get the better of you, and return to your ”normal” in a matter of days. Self-returning that treats people like objects.

They use their partner's feelings for their own benefit and throw them away when they no longer serve their purpose.

They drain their partner's energy, leaving them empty and in need of a replenishment that never happens.

Rather than compromise, they take what they want and give nothing unless it makes sense for their own profit and well-being.

2. Narcissists live within their own illusions

Narcissists don't care about what's going on around them. They don't care what you think or feel.

They have their own ideals that are far removed from reality. They aim too high and expect a lot, but aren't willing to work for it.

They are looking for a partner who will serve as a cute accessory on their arm.

They want someone to meet all their needs and believe that they are fully entitled to do so.

They don't care what you want. All that matters is what they envision in their head and work to achieve it (no matter how delusional or far-fetched).

A narcissist doesn't make it easy for their partner. You will know if you did anything wrong and how to make it right.

Their constant dissatisfaction with you will play tricks on you and turn you into a jaded pessimist who has lost your zest for life .

You will never do your part to be happy. They will ALWAYS expect you to do this.

You will be responsible for your narcissist's happiness, and living that way will be exceedingly difficult.


3. Narcissists don't trust ANYONE

They don't trust anyone but themselves. They see it as a weakness because they've never made themselves dependent on anyone.

Unlike other people who trust their nearest and dearest, narcissists don't have that luxury.

They don't understand how people give away their trust so easily as it is within seconds.

And that's why their relationships end way too soon.

Her inability to trust her partner makes it difficult to remain romantically involved as trust is the key ingredient in a healthy, happy love relationship!

Trust for her is synonymous with vulnerability and she don't allow themselves to be weak.

Not for their partner, not for anyone.

They don't realize that trust increases the strength of a relationship, helping to bond and bring two people closer together.

Trusting people means depending on them and narcissists rely on no one but themselves.

4. Narcissists are overly controlling and manipulating

Narcissists must always be in control of the people and situations they put themselves in.

They never allow themselves to be left out and put things back together because they are always in control.

This and their need for manipulation make it difficult for them to establish a formal relationship with anyone.

They will do everything in their power to put themselves in their best light and let the wolves eat you if necessary; to blame.

Their need for perfection surpasses everything else.

If a particular situation does not seem to be in their favour, they will make things up and lie to get the desired result.

They do not respond well to criticism and therefore resort to many manipulation tactics back to drive their partner insane, e.g. be passive-aggressive and punish you with silence.

They never own up to their actions. The blame always falls on others’s shoulders and they’ll make sure they’n’t ever get blamed for any shit’ are responsible for what they cause.

They are masters at covering their tracks.

5. Narcissists can become aggressive very quickly

If they can't get their way, they can just turn violent.

Narcissists are known to be violent towards their partners and don't even consider it bad behavior.

In their eyes you provoked them, so you have yours.

If their partner doesn't meet every need, they may resort to domestic violence.

And if your narcissist has any of these problematic traits, they are more likely to become hostile than in any other situation:

Does your narcissist suffer from a fragile ego?

Does he have a habit of using those close to him for his own selfish gain?

Does he lack empathy?

Does he feel superior to you and everyone else around him?

Is his behavior startling and often difficult to decipher ?

If you answered yes to the majority of these answers, chances are things are getting worse, and faster than you think.

Don't let your fears get you down hold him.

If he hasn't shown any signs of major aggression, take this chance to leave and never look back en.

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