5 Reasons a Girl Calls You Bro (Attention Seekers or Friendzoning?)

5 Reasons a Girl Calls You Bro (Attention Seekers or Friendzoning?)

You just can't understand the relationship between two guys – this is something special.

It is a bond that cannot be severed. It's a bond that knows no bounds.

Guys call each other 'bro' because they really mean it. They really feel the deep connection to each other as if they were brothers. And that's how they behave.

Of course they don’t call every guy they meet on the street ”bro”, no, because ”bro” has a deeper meaning.

It's more of a sacred bond between two men who feel like brothers but unfortunately aren't.

Okay, now, since we discovered why men call each other ”bro” name, let's continue with the big question – why do girls call men bro?

This is so confusing because if you think about it for a bit, you have no idea if she is friends with you or if she likes you and wants your attention.

It's no wonder you get confused when she calls you that because you usually have a crush on this girl and when she calls you ”dude”, ”bro” or even "brother" calls it can really hurt and make you feel like you just got brozoned.

It's entirely possible for a girl to call you bro because they all calls her friends that.

That's what she might call the people she likes, but in most cases this ”bro” a different meaning and it may be that she just doesn't like you and sees you as nothing more than a good friend, or rather a “brother”.

Let a girl explain this to you and find out why she calls you bro.

1. She does this to everyone

When you see you're not the only one who gets “Bro” or “age” is called, you can definitely be sure that she is not trying to put you in the brozone.

What's even better is that you can be sure that she likes you because she wouldn’t call anyone she doesn’t like that.

It might not be a big deal, but it's certainly better than just being a friend.

From now on, try to steer your relationship in the direction you want to go and load invite her on a date to see where she can go. Maybe this "bro" become something more personal.

Conclusion: Possibly attention-seeking.

2. She trusts you

If she calls you bro, it means she's comfortable with you.

She wants to talk to you and tell you her problems because she really thinks you can help her.

She needs a shoulder to cry on and she has no friend; I'm sorry to say this, but this all calls for a friend zone.

If this bothers you, you should be honest and tell her that you don't want her to call you that, but you need to know that she will probably take it the wrong way, get angry and not talk to you for days will want.

She may even realize that you like her and cut off all contact with you, afraid of what she did.

You have to know that this can be extremely risky because you could drive them out of your life forever.

Conclusion: Definitely friend zone.

3. She's hiding something from you

She definitely wants to hide her feelings for you.

The thing is, she probably likes you but is afraid to do something about it and as long as things are platonic she feels safe.

Maybe she thinks you're going to reject her, because you don't like her, or she's generally afraid of being rejected because she's had bad experiences in the past.

So to make things less obvious, she calls you bro .

It's always wise to try and read their body language, as these signs never lie.

Remember, there's always a risk that you'll misinterpret their behavior and it turns out that she doesn't like you that way. Then your friendship is over.

Conclusion: seeking attention.

4. She withdraws

Okay, that's pretty obvious. She really doesn’t want to have that kind of relationship with you.

You can tell by the way she acts around you.

When she's like one of the boys, when she answers your texts briefly, slaps you on the shoulder, with you talks about guys she likes then i'm really sorry but you need to find another crush bro 'cause you got put in the brozone hard.

Don’t even try to think about having a romantic relationship with her because she’s not even remotely interested in you.

If you feel too much for her; it's best to tell her how you feel before you stop seeing her.

Make sure she knows why you're not hanging out with her anymore because it would be unfair to let her down just because she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Conclusion: Definitely friendzone.

5. She is insecure

She's afraid of falling in love with you. Maybe you're the hottest guy she's ever seen and she feels like she doesn't deserve you – there is, you know?

Maybe her self-esteem isn't that high, maybe she's encountered jerks and fuckboys in her past and doesn't want to make the same mistake twice.< /p>

Be careful with the vibes you give her as she might misinterpret them.

Don't try to come across as too strong when you see that she has some unresolved issues, that she is unsure of the situation.

That's probably why she calls you bro and spends a lot of time with you but doesn't have a boyfriend.

So she texts you in the middle of the night with the excuse that she's bored.

She feels safe when she texted you and talked to you on the phone, but when you're together she calls you that and acts like you're just friends.

Bottom line: Secretly Attention seeking.

Take a close look at these signs because you could always be wrong.

But before you do anything, you should think about that you could lose her if you take the risk and decide to do it.

Is dating a girl who calls you bro really worth it ;munch?

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