5 power moves a woman should pull if she wants a real relationship

5 power moves a woman should pull if she wants a real relationship

Don't you wish you were in the old fashioned days Love was born?

It seems like everything was easier back then. At least everything was more open and honest.

Nowadays, dating and finding love is messy.

The art of courtship and long-term relationships has been replaced by's hanging out and making out, which is ours love life into a gigantic mess.

We end up in half-hearted, mediocre relationships instead of a real relationship.

And it's not that we don't want something meaningful. It's just hard to get.

It's hard, but it's not impossible, especially when we know what to do.

There are 5 power moves, a woman can draw if she wants to have a real relationship:

1. Delete all free dating apps immediately.

Surely you know someone, or you know someone who knows someone, who found love through dating apps.

But such people are really rare. They are exceptions.

If you use Hinge, Tinder or something similar, you must have already noticed all the creeps hanging around there.

And if there is someone decent, he's thrown into the shadows of all those trying to get laid or just killing time while wasting yours.

So, if you're serious about finding true love, then these apps probably won't help you.

They'll just ß wasting your time and your efforts.

2. Don't settle for fake, mediocre, last minute dates.

”I don’t have anything better to do so I could hang out with her’ ngen.” – is not the date you should go on.

You don't need someone to call you out of the blue just because it suits them.

Tell them you don't like it and that they should have asked sooner.

You're not the type to sit by the phone and jump up when it rings – at least you shouldn't be.

Dates should be pre-planned, well thought out and something to look forward to.

They don't have to be luxurious or expensive – that's not the point.

It's about you seeing that he's thought about it and that he can't wait to see you.

Only a man who tries is wasting your time ;rdig.

His efforts on the first date will tell you a lot about him.

3. Don't let him walk through your front door too soon.

Don't go to him either. It is a trap. Most of us tend to spend our time relaxing in the comfort of our homes.

Most of us also make the mistake of inviting someone into that comfort zone too soon.

This causes people to subconsciously start thinking that this way we are ready for a more relaxed and casual relationship.

It's not just about not having sex too soon . It's about turning the date into hanging out.

Don't let all friend privileges be enjoyed by someone who isn't your friend.

Better keep him off your sofa, at least for the first few weeks, until you get to know him better.

There will be plenty of time for couches, cuddles, and Netflix and chill.

4. Teach him gently when you see him start playing games.

You can now spot a player from miles away.

He will play texting games. One moment it's there, the next it's nowhere to be found.

He'll fool you in all sorts of ways.

Of course you won't put up with that. It's all been there.

There's no point in going through it again.

Therefore you have to send the message you don't really want to send but you know that you have to do it.

It can be something like this:

" Hi. I don't like to beat around the bush, so I'll be honest with you. I'm not into casual making out.

I like real dates and I find that men who try hard are extremely hot; are.

I need time to get to know someone better, to get in bed with them and only them.

If you don't share my opinion, that's fine. I like to let people know where they stand with me. "

5. You need to know what you want and don't be afraid to say it.

Usually we lie to ourselves. We rush into something that doesn't require any commitments with someone so as not to seem too needy at first.

Somehow that beginning is then lengthened , and we almost end up in a relationship without wanting to.

And all we do is hurt our hearts and waste our time.

Don't take my word for it put in your mouth that aren't yours.

Don't say you don't go for labels and that you don't mind taking things easy when you really want to be someone's girlfriend instead.

So first be honest with yourself, and with the person you are with.

Set your limits and don't let your standards lower too much.

If you want a real relationship with someone who is not afraid to be in one and who is willing to return all your efforts, then don't give up t settle for less.

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