5 Phrases Men Break Up With (And What They Mean)

5 Phrases Men Break Up With (And What They Mean)

Breaking up is never easy, but unfortunately it's a part of life.

And while it's usually the person who is left who feels the greater pain, that doesn't mean it isn't hard enough for the one who breaks up.

But sometimes, when a man wants to leave you, he decides to do it with an empty phrase he picked up somewhere, thinking he won't hurt you that much.

Here we are the 5 most common phrases men use to break up and what they mean.

1. “It's not your fault, it's mine.”

This is one of the most common phrases men use to break up with you.

When a man tells you this, he acts like he takes all the responsibility for the end of the relationship. But he's actually not doing you any favors.

This man knows; just doesn't know how he should end the relationship with you and he doesn't have a good reason to either.

So he leaves you in the dark about what's really behind the breakup, because you know that this is not the real reason.

It's possible that he doesn’t love you anymore or has found someone new, but apparently he doesn’t have the courage to tell you that to your face, so he takes the easy way out.

2 . ”I am not ready to commit”

There is probably not a girl who has not heard this sentence.

< p>This phrase is commonly used by gamers and by men who don't want to be monogamous.

Although it seems like an honest confession because then you know what not to expect from this guy, it's actually the opposite.

If someone doesn't want anything serious, then they should before starting a relationship.

But this guy assumed that if he had revealed his true intentions to you, you would never have given him a chance, so he fooled you until he saw that you had fallen for him.

Also, when a man tells you this, he probably doesn't want to end things completely either.

He still wants you in his life but with no commitments and he's hoping you'll agree to the deal , because he knows you have strong feelings for him.

3. “You deserve better”

When a man tells you that you deserve better than him, it can mean many things. First off, it's probably true.

It's likely that he hasn't treated you the way you should be treated, and you really don't deserve that.

But at the same time, he's telling you that he doesn't love you enough because he knows that you deserve more but are unwilling to make the effort to become the man you deserve.

So he prefers to let you go and walk away rather than his way ä Change and that's more than enough as a hint.

4. “I just want a break”

Sometimes a man doesn't break up with you right away. Instead, he will tell you that he just needs a break from the relationship.

By doing so, he is consciously keeping his options open.

While he may be honest and it's possible, that he really needs a break, it's more likely that he's fed up with the monogamous relationship and all that it entails.

So he wants to explore other options and that includes other women. At the same time, he wants to keep you warm as a plan B in case he doesn't like what else is out there.

So he continues to live his life while you get stuck and awaiting his final decision.

5. ”I don’t have enough time for a relationship”

One of the first things you have to think about when it comes to relationships is that where a will is a way too.

So when a man breaks up by saying he's too busy to be in a relationship, believe me – it's just an excuse.

If you really care about a person, you'll find time for them no matter how busy you are. Anything else is bullshit and a bad way to end a relationship.

The feelings this man has for you are obviously not as great as you would like and that's the real reason he doesn't want to make room for you in his life.


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