5 Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play With Women

5 Mind games that emotionally insecure men play with women

Insecure men are the most dangerous men because they try to hide their insecurity through manipulation.

< p>They are frustrated because they don't believe in themselves, so they hurt you to gain some kind of emotional strength.

When they have you under their control , it gives meaning to their lives because they know that they can at least control something (in this case you) and it makes them feel important.

At first you can't see through them and their insecurities because they hide them so well and then you fall into their trap.

Once he slowly shows you his true colors, you get it Neither does it, at least not at first.

You just think he's got some problems, and you might even think he's a little confused and just needs a little help.


You think you can change him and put him on the right path, but you can't and you won't.

He will never change as long as he is unhappy with himself and the only person who can change him is himself and not you.

So you end up hurt and crying yourself to sleep because you wanted to give him a chance and he just took it and manipulated you to the max.

He made you wriggle like a puppet and you didn't even know it. You have been set up by a master manipulator.

To prevent this from ever happening again, and to save yourself the pain and tears, read and find out what manipulative tactics emotionally insecure men use make you stay with them:

1. They blame you

He blames you because he has low self esteem. So he blames everything on you to distract from himself.

He doesn’t want to be confronted with his mistakes, so he uses tricks to confront you with yours.

This is a classic case of emotional abuse because words hurt, and sometimes they hurt even more than actions.

What to do?

When something like this happens, it's best to end the conversation or not let him blame you for anything in the first place.

This can be exhausting, and it's best to to be comforted by his friends. Ask her for advice and don't let him corner you.

2. The decoy tactic

When you fight, he brings out the big guns and turns it around so that you become the root cause of the problem.

He blames you even though you didn't do anything wrong. This is how he manipulates you into doing whatever he wants and what he wanted from the start.

At some point you get fed up with arguing and you give in because you don't want to justify yourself anymore and you try to to prove to him that nothing is your fault.

Do what?

Never back down when you're right. Don't let anyone spoil your life.

If you can't be with him then leave him because you're clearly not meant to be together. You deserve to be happy and his manipulations will only make you unhappy and he will never stop, never.

3. They're embarrassing you;

Constantly embarrassing someone can be extremely dangerous, but it can also come from a variety of backgrounds.

A person who exposes someone else does so out of their own insecurity. That's why he humiliates and embarrasses you and why he wants you to feel like dirt.

The thing is, he's doing this to you because he doesn't want to, that you see that you are better than him. He's afraid you'll leave him if you realize this.

Do what?

Never give him the satisfaction of making you feel like dirt. Don't give him a chance to make you dependent on him.

You are a strong and independent woman and you need absolutely nobody. Be yourself and don't let anyone put you down.

Distance yourself from him and don't let his abuse bother you. If this happens regularly, just dump him because let's face it – you don't need it.

4. They just act like idiots

You think he's the perfect man who treats you like his princess. You think he wants to give you the world, or at least that's how he acts when you're alone.

But as soon as you're among friends, he turns into a real bastard. He's acting obnoxious and you don't even recognize him anymore.

He's only doing this to cover up his insecurities, because he feels more manly when he's just teasing someone in front of others. asks.

What to do?

Warn him and talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel when he does this to you.

Give him a chance to change his behavior and if he does it again just leave. You don't need that in your life.

5. The ”Roller Coaster”

Suppose he took you out to dinner or to the movies, or you stayed at home but you talked and had fun; had. It doesn’t matter where you were, what matters is that you enjoyed the time together.

But the next day he's acting really weird and he's acting like something went wrong when you were together. It seems like he doesn’t know exactly what he thinks of you or even if he likes you at all.

You rack your brains and wonder where what went wrong. This will give him so much attention that he doesn't deserve because he manipulated you into giving him it.

What to do?

Talk to him again. Ask him why he's acting this way and if he needs someone to talk to.

If he's going to say it, great. He probably really has a real problem and needs your help.

However, if he arrogantly declines the conversation, just leave him because he is nothing more than an insecure attention-seeking guy who wants you for will manipulate the rest of your life into loving him.

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