5 messages for your shitty ex

5 messages for your shitty one Ex

Well, let's face it. How many times have you thought of texting your (fucking) ex and telling him whatever's on your mind so he can be sorry for not treating you right?

< p>Way too often, isn't it?

But at the last second you decided not to do it because you had no idea what to text him specifically because all the words were brewing in your head ;ll and you couldn't find the right ones.

The urge to write returned the next day and got even stronger than before, and although you've read countless articles on the importance of social distancing, you can't help but think about it, what a relief it would be if he felt at least a hint of the pain he caused you.

I totally understand you because I was once too you.

I sat I was there with my phone and kept writing and deleting messages.

I couldn't decide which ones to send or whether to send one at all.

And then I plucked up the courage and wrote a perfectly reasonable message that really blew him away and made him realize what an asshole he's been towards me.

In that moment, I felt like I could finally put this whole thing behind me and move on with my life in peace.

So if you want your fucking ex to feel the same way and that you are finding your inner peace again, you should send him one of these 5 messages:

1. To make him feel sorry for taking you for granted

Dear Ex,

I just wanted to tell you that I was aware of every fucking little thing you did to me but stayed anyway.

I stayed because I am not a coward who gives up at the first obstacle.

I believe in the good in all of us and I wanted to believe that you will change . But you never did.

And even though you replaced my smile with tears, even though you kept me waiting for hours and you broke my heart, am I'm still happy that I stayed.

I'm glad I can still see the good in others and at the same time I feel sorry for you because you will never be able to do the same.

2. To show him that you've never been happier (without him)

Dear ex,

Walking around town, I saw your favorite restaurant and decided to order something like the old days, but this time alone.

I never would have dared to do that before because I was always afraid that I would feel lonely and that everything would remind me of us.

I was surprised that didn't happen! I've realized that I've actually never been happier.

I won't lie, I felt awful for the first few days, but today I can safely say that this was the best decision of my life and I have never felt more relaxed and blissful in my entire life have.

Thank you!

3. To make him think of all the shitß remember what he said or did to you

Dear Ex,

You're probably changing your mind just come up with a plan to destroy another innocent human being like you did me.

You are probably working up a perfect plan on how to steal someone's happiness and feed on their selfless love and innocence.

I won't tell you say not to do it because i know you would never listen to me but i want you to think about how it feels to be broken inside how it feels to be left alone and to know that tears and sleepless nights are the only friends you have.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be convinced that you are unworthy of love and that you deserve nothing better than toxic behavior?

Can you imagine a heart breaking into thousands of tiny pieces scattered everywhere?

< em>You did that to me and you probably will do that to someone else.

But before you do, think of these words that may save the life of another innocent person.

4. To let him know that someone else is now treating you the way you deserve

Dear Ex,

< em>I have to admit that I was afraid I would never meet someone like you again.

I always thought you were the best thing that ever happened to me and that there was no one who could replace you.

I thought all of that even though you treated me like a piece of shit.

I realized that I was blind and stupid enough to believe that I deserved your behavior.

Boy, was I so wrong. And do you know how I got that?

Because now someone else is treating me the way I deserve.

Someone else is showing me what true love really is and I have to admit that I have never been happier in my life.

So thank you for not treating me right because now I finally see the difference between a man who is worth being in my life and one who isn't.

5. To tell him he was just a mistake in the form of a painful lesson

Dear Ex,

In the moment we broke up I thought my world had collapsed before my very eyes.

I guess it took me some time to understand that you were just a mistake and a painful lesson to learn in order to close my eyes Opening up and realizing that all this time I had put my own happiness on the back burner.

No matter how strange it sounds, I want you for all the shit&rszlig; Thanks for what you did to me, because it has actually made me stronger and braver than I have ever been.

Thank you!

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