5 Invisible Scars Emotionally Abandoned Women Bring Into New Relationships

5 Invisible Scars Emotionally Abandoned Women Bring Into New Relationships

People we spend most of our time with are the ones who make us who we ultimately are

There's no denying that.

Those around you are the ones who have had the greatest impact on who you are as a person.

And our partners are the ones we spend most of our time with. So it's no surprise they have a firm grip on us.

The women who spend their time in relationships where their needs are unmet and they feel lonely and neglected tend to silently bring their emotional scars into their future relationships.< /p>

If a man, with whom a woman spends most of her time, neglects her emotionally, then she is left with deep scars..

But that's nothing , which is visible to the eyes, but rather something she hides but feels deeply!

Because of unhealthy, toxic relationships, women develop a distorted self-image that has nothing to do with the truth.

But it has to do with the men who are not men. shy of making women feel small and worthless.

And once a woman finally finds the strength within herself to leave such an environment, she won't be the same as before ;here.

The harsh words she was so used to never leaving her head and echoed constantly.

< em>She feels uncomfortable because of her partner’s need for control and fears that she will finally be free.

The distorted self-image and the feeling that she doesn’t good enough haunts her so much that she can't look in the mirror without seeing only failure.

And that just scratches on the surface.

The effects of an emotionally unfulfilling and toxic relationship are really severe and the longer you are exposed to them, the harder it becomes to get back to yourself.

Emotionally neglected becoming leaves these 5 invisible scars on a woman that will stay for a long time.

1. Attachment problems and fear of rejection arise

If a woman is not loved and supported and is also emotionally unstable, she will come to think that she is just that earned.

Having an unavailable, cold and contradictory partner gives her the impression that she shouldn't open up to other people. And over time, that's what happens.

If you spend enough time in such an environment, you start to believe that this is all you will ever get. So you adapt and learn to expect nothing but rejection.

Expecting people to love you and stay with you is nothing more than a fairy tale.


You don’t dare ask anyone for anything because you’re so used to rejection. Why should it be any different now?

2. She always expects disappointment and can't trust anyone

When you have an emotionally absent partner who keeps pushing you away, you start to believe that you can't actually trust him or anyone who will come later.

Whenever you get close to someone, you wait to be disappointed.

Even if they really mean well, you hesitate to trust them because your experience

< p>taught to always be careful and vigilant.

You realized that no one is there to protect you, so you learn to do everything yourself, no matter how badly you need help .

You don't feel secure in relationships anymore, so you choose to be alone because the only thing you can really trust is yourself.

3. She puts herself and her own needs last

When you are emotionally neglected, you are not used to having your needs recognized, let alone be fulfilled.

You believe that your desires are irrelevant and therefore you do not dare to ask for anything.

You are always left behind and when you do get a little attention you are so grateful that you just can't imagine asking for more.

You are sad. almost depressed and totally unhappy, but it would feel so selfish if you did something to change that.

You're just not used to it to put yourself first.

Your needs have never been important and it will take a while to learn to speak up for them, which is what you really want and need.

4. She is guided by the fear of failure

She was never told that anything she did was good enough. There wasn't a friendly word, although she always tried. Failure is the only word she knows.

And unfortunately, it shows her the path of life.

No matter what she does, she is afraid and always has the feeling that she will fail. She's never been told it's okay not to always be successful.

She knows; not that it's okay anyway, even if she encounters obstacles at times.

She keeps thinking about failure and for that she has her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend to thank!

5. She feels unworthy of love and attention

This is the biggest emotional scar left on her. She was told she was worthless. That she doesn't deserve love and has no right to ask for it.

It's selfish to ask for attention and no matter how little attention she gets, she needs to be grateful for it.

< p>She was never showered with love and never told how incredible and strong she is.

Her self-doubt hung over her like a dark cloud and she couldn't save herself .

Even if she were to meet someone who was nice and meant her well, it would be a long time before she could believe that she was worthy of his affection again. Your journey hasn't been so loving until now… and that's why she's hurt.

But, she hasn't given up on herself and never will!

The emotional neglect may have broken her, but the damage isn't irreparable .

She just needs some time and support and she will thrive again. Just watch her!


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