5 intimate sex positions every couple should try

5 intimate sex positions that all couples should try

1. The spoonful

The spoonful is definitely one of the most intimate sex positions.

It is based on the spoon position, which gives you the immediate feeling. hl near.

After assuming the spoon position, the woman needs to curl up a little on her side with her knees drawn to her chest.

This allows her man a deep and intense penetration.

He has his hands free to explore and caress her from the front.

Their bodies are the whole Time connected in passion and tenderness.

2. lotus flower

The man must sit and cross his legs to assume a Buddha position.

The woman then sits on his legs, pressing her thighs onto his chest and puts her legs on his shoulders.

This position may seem a bit extravagant, but it is full of tenderness and sexuality.

It allows a couple to hold their kö explore physical limits by trying a new position.

It also allows them to maintain eye contact and kiss during intercourse, thereby building their sexual tension and a stronger bond.

3. The Missionary Position

The simplest, most common and most effective of all positions.

The man is on top and he is the one doing all the work.< /p>

But it's equally satisfying and overwhelming for both.

There can be a lot of eye contact and a lot of kissing.

He can enjoy the view and clearly see his lover melting with pleasure, which will turn him on even more.

Your gestures and sounds of pleasure will make all the “payment” be what he needs for his efforts.

She can grab his strong arms, run her fingers down his back, grab his buttocks or pull him closer so they become one.

Although at first glance and next to the Others listed here, this sex position looks pretty easy, sometimes it's the best and all you need to start connecting with your partner on a more intimate level.

4. The twin position

In this position, a man and a woman sit opposite each other.

This allows them to make constant eye contact to see each other's gleeful faces.

He is sitting on a flat surface with his legs stretched out, slightly spread and bent at the knees.< /p>

The woman sits across from him, resting her legs on his hips and bending at the knees.

He supports himself by putting his hands behind him lies down and leans on them.

The woman does the same, keeping her hands back, next to the man's feet.

He wraps his arms around her and holds her in a tight hug.

She wraps her hands around his neck, pulling him closer and closer to her.< /p>

5. The thirst

Both the man and the woman lie on their sides, she puts her arm around his neck, holds him and hugs him, waving ;as he mimics her movements.

Her other arm is placed behind her back.

He slips one leg between her legs so he can penetrate deeper.

While in this position, he makes gentle movements, kissing her lips and neck.

This position also allows him to caress her back, hers Grabbing buttocks, but also whispering one or the other perverse question in her ear.

The entire sexual intercourse will be very stimulating for all senses.

It will be the Let a couple's passion flare up and make it even more sensual.

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