5 Horrible Ways A Toxic Man Changes You

5 Horrible Ways A Toxic Man Changes You

You always hear warnings about how dating a toxic man can hurt your self-esteem, but that's it not all it can do.

Unknowingly, you turn into another person.

When you're with a guy like that, his Somehow transfer that behavior onto you, and whether you want it or not, you might actually start mimicking his behavior without even realizing it.

I know it's exactly because it happened to me. I was a whole different person before I started dating a toxic guy.

I was kind, grateful and always there for my friends, but over time I realized how much his behavior had affected mine and how much I had changed for the worse.

I didn't really like the person I had become and as soon as I realized it I made some changes in my life after breaking up with him.

These are all of them Ways that dating a toxic man has changed me for the worse, and I hope you never let that happen to you.

1. It made me insecure

As if low self-esteem wasn't bad enough, he also made me feel insecure.

The worst feeling is when you can't seem to trust yourself. And the only reason for that was the constant lies he fed me on a daily basis.

He made me question my sanity and I thought for a while actually, I would go insane.

2. I became extremely anxious

It was crazy. I was never sure and was always waiting for an eventual disaster.

It was due to his excessive moodiness and the fact that he had let me down SO many times had.

Even on dates I'd always wondered if he would actually show up or let me down again – which he often did, since he didn't even have the courtesy to tell me he wouldn't make it in time.

I was terribly worried and never had any rest.

3. I got selfish

This is what I hated the most! He was the selfish one, but I kind of fell into his patterns and wasn't there when my friends needed me.

All I ever did was make sure I was there for him and as a result I completely neglected my friends and other people I value so much.

I've always complained about how tired, frustrated and neglected I feel that I forgot to give them a chance to cheer me up

Toxic Men can be SO needy and I guess that kind of rubbed off on me too. I forgot to be a good friend, but luckily I came to my senses.

4. I lost track of the things that were important to me

When you are in a relationship with a toxic man, your full attention is on him and addressed all his needs, which you must fulfill in every possible way.

I always came second. Things I loved before we met were pushed aside. My LIFE became a low priority.

I lost track of things that were important to me due to his selfishness and egocentricity. Don't ever let that happen to you. Learn from my mistakes.

5. It made me physically ill

I was so stressed at all times that it was affecting my physical health. I've never really been ill.

I rarely had any health problems, and when I started having inexplicable headaches, stomach aches and seemingly unexplained dizzy spells – all while dating my toxic boyfriend – it all made sense.

My mental health suffered so much from being exposed to his bullshit on a daily basis that it had affected my physical health.

I wasn't more tight and the guy was right out of my life when I started to get these things.

He really wasn't worth any of the hardships, and if I could turn back time, I would ;I would choose never to meet him.

Nothing good could have come of our relationship and thank God I came to my senses. Now I feel better set up for a normal guy and have never been better mentally.

I thrive and have no tolerance for any toxic guys that come my way. might come across. I'm finally done with that.

Nothing and nobody is worth losing yourself.

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