5 cute things to make your man long for you

5 Sweet Things to Make Your Man Crave You

Human beings are the simplest creatures in the universe. I'm not insulting- that's actually a good thing.

Let's look at it from the women's point of view. We always tend to overcomplicate things that can lead us into a huge mess.

But men don't do that. You solve one thing at a time—and it works.

But there's one thing women do that men don't understand.

We use our feminine wisdom to get her to think or do something we want.

You can deny it all you want, but there isn't a woman on this planet who doesn't has done to at least one man.

So, if you see some trouble on the horizon- if your man should distance himself for whatever reason, use a little magic and “trick him” into making him look after you yearns.

1. Wear a signature scent

The trick to making someone miss you madly is to make them remember your scent.

Choose the scent of a quality shampoo or perfume that best suits your personality. Likeness fits.

He will think of you every time he smells something similar-you will have a signature scent.

Every time he leaves, he will become yours have scent on his body.

Believe me, he will crave your body and your touch just because he can't get you out of his head.

2. Keep some things to yourself

Don't reveal everything about yourself at the beginning. Tell him things in bits and pieces so he keeps asking for more.

Guys aren't that attracted to girls who completely expose themselves right away.

They prefer to date mysterious girls.

Come on, who can resist a little guesswork? That way they will wonder what's behind your outside.

3. Don’t be available all the time

How can he miss you and long for you when you are there all the time? So, at least give him a chance to crave your body and touch.

If you're present all the time, you might provoke the opposite effect–he might be annoyed that you are there all the time.

What's important is that you're cultivating your social life and your relationship-but both at different times.

Once he sees your limited presence, he'll pine and miss you more than ever.


4. Dress in style

Stylish but sexy. Don't show everything- let his imagination run wild.

Your job is to lure him in – make him wonder what's under that beautiful dress.

Your dress must leave an attractive and incredible image of yourself in his eyes—even when you're gone.

5. Don't answer his calls right away

Never take a last-minute call for a date.

This will give the impression that he can call anytime and that he doesn't have to respect your time.

Show him you have a life other than the fact that you are dating him.

Therefore is a good way to make someone miss you not to respond positively and immediately to last minute calls.

If he is persistent, tell him you will try and then after some time just show up.

You'll see how happy he'll be because you surprised him.

If all these tips don't help , then you'll have to give up and find someone new.

This guy obviously isn't worth it—find someone who is.

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