5 Badass Signs You're Over Your Toxic Ex

5 Badass Signs You're Over Your Toxic Ex

When you break up with a toxic man, the consequences are all the things he does to you has done for years.

You can't say you're over him until you've removed everything from him.

If you If you're wondering if you're finally done with your toxic ex or just about to forget them, we'll show you 5 hard-hitting signs you've officially started a new chapter.

1 . You don't need to contact him

When you've just broken up with someone, you still have feelings for that person, at first you seek contact with them. Maybe you just want to tell him how much you miss him or start a fight or just see what he's up to.

You want to pick up the phone and call him, just plain to hear his voice or stand in front of his front door and hope that he will take you back.

You, however, refrain from doing all of this. You know it's a bad idea and his potential rebuff could only break your heart all over again. You'd like to, but you won't.

Do you know when you can be really sure that you're over someone? When you no longer have to hold yourself back from contacting that person. This is exactly what is happening to you.

You haven't felt the need for him lately. You no longer feel the urge to call him or to see him all the time. And that's one of the surest signs that you're really over him.

2. You don't want to answer him when he answers

What most asshole exes have in common is that they only realize what they've lost and regret it after they've lost you to have. Your ex is no exception.

When he noticed that you are slowly getting over him, he already crawled back to you. Suddenly he was looking for contact with you and every contact came from him.

And just like that, you didn't feel the need to answer him. You are not happy even though he came back to you, yet you don't care if he still loves you or misses you.

No, you're not just ignoring him so he'll run after you. You're not doing this to teach him a lesson or to heal your broken ego. You don't respond to his texts and calls simply because you don't want to and don't need to.

You only see him as a part of the past and you have no intention of doing so change. It's over with you and it will stay that way no matter what he does.

3. You stopped looking for a degree

When a relationship falls apart and your heart breaks, it's perfectly natural to seek explanations. You want to know why things happened the way they are and you want to draw a line under it.

A sign that you're officially over your ex is that you've stopped looking for reasons for your breakup. You have accepted that some things you will never understand and frankly, you don't even want to understand them.

You stopped fast-forwarding and rewinding your relationship in your head and to think of what you two could have done differently. You stopped looking for reasons why things happened the way they are and wondering if you could have prevented them.

You stop trying Find out why your ex treated you the way he did and you no longer justify him.

Most importantly, stop thinking about what ifs and what could have become of the two of you. You just accepted that your relationship was over and that you just weren't made for each other.

4. You concentrate fully on yourself

When you miss and hurt someone, you waste all your energy on that person, even though they are no longer physically present in our lives. You do everything you can to mend your broken heart and you don't care about yourself at all.

However, if you focus on yourself again now, it means that you are moving away from freed you from the pain that consumed you. When you start working on yourself again and making yourself happy, it means you really have put the past behind you.

5. You love and value yourself

After spending years with a toxic person who took every opportunity to put you down and make you feel bad, eventually you start believing that too. Despite your struggles, eventually this person will convince you that you are no good and that they are the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Therefore is one of the most important Signs that you've got your life back on track is the fact that you're starting to love yourself again. You got your ex's voice out of the back of your head telling you that you're no good and never will be.

Luckily you got rid of that man, which helped you realize your worth . It helped you appreciate and love yourself and that is a clear sign that he failed to break you.

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