4 Types of Narcissists Every Empath Attracts

4 Types of Narcissists Every Empath Attracts

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There's something insanely compelling about every narcissist , something that sucks you in and consumes you, like a black hole.

They enchant with their perfect demeanor and gestures to die for.

After they cast a spell on you, they are ready to attack.

Only then do they show their true nature Face- when it's too late and too hard for you to escape.

They chew on your emotions and later they just spit them out leaving you completely destroyed. rt and uncertain.

So the question is, why are these two types of people, narcissists and empaths, so attracted to each other?

Perhaps it's because empaths are so sensitive that they target these emotional vampires—they attract them with so much of the positive energy that narcissists feed on.


Maybe it's just the way to restore balance to life.

Empathic people tend to care for and heal others.

You cannot prevent themselves from making right out of wrong.


That's why they're drawn to narcissists—they want to heal and help them.

The catch is, the only thing they achieve is hurt themselves.

The most important thing for any empath to realize is that they can never really heal a narcissist and end their narcissistic mind games.

< p> This can only come from narcissists themselves.

Protect your empathy personality by dodging the bullet from the start.

Instead of meeting up with a narcissist and falling into their trap, watch out for them right from the start.

Learn to identify different types of narcissists to protect yourself in the future.

There are two types of narcissists: vulnerable and invulnerable< /em>

Vulnerable narcissists are very sensitive and fragile deep down.

Their biggest fear is abandonment and rejection, so they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves.

They will put on their masks hoping to become something that they worship. They have no compassion for others.

The only thing that matters to them is themselves. They are unable to show love and affection to others.

Their greatest weapon against you is the games they play.

Just one of those games narcissists play is emotional manipulation.

They will use any means to corner you emotionally.

They will make you believe things that are not true or do not exist.

Invulnerable narcissists represent the traditional image of a narcissist-the image that everyone imagines when they are Word narcissist hears.

That is, a person with extremely high self-confidence who only cares about themselves.

They seek power and fame. They don't worship anyone but themselves.

Their biggest problem is that they think they are godlike figures superior to everyone else.

< p>These two main types of narcissists can be divided into further sub-types: amorous, compensatory, elitist and malignant narcissists.

The amorous narcissists tend to be gold diggers and serious heartthrobs.

They will use you for the things they need and want, and that is Money and sex.

Once they have power over you and you give them what they need, they will soon get bored with you and throw you away like a used mop—without a thought for your feelings. waste.

They're overconfident and usually insanely attractive, but inside they're just an empty shell.

The only thing they want is to please themselves and to get their needs met.

The compensatory narcissists are very good liars. They love to compensate for everything they never achieved, so they lie about their accomplishments and present themselves as much more than they really are.

The problem is that they are such good liars that you can't read them.

They usually target emotionally unstable people who serve as their ego boosters.

< p>These people will be the ones in the relationship who will admire their fake accomplishments.

These types of narcissists can't take criticism, and that's one of the reasons they force emotionally unstable people to do so , their ”support” to be.

Die Elite narcissists believe they are the best around, despite their past achievements claiming otherwise.

They really have no solid reason to think they are better than others, but they do it anyway.

They feel the need to brag and show off their intellect to others, to present themselves as ü Superior to portray, and the worst part of the whole situation is that they are good at it.

The malignant narcissists border on the psychopath.


They have no interest in what is wrong and what is right.

They will do literally anything they want and they will have no regrets.

They are extremely arrogant and suffer from a god complex because they think they are the only ones who matter and that they are superior to everyone else.

These are the types of people that you need to watch out for as an empath.

It's better to be recognized at the beginning than to fall into the vicious cycle that they pull you into once they put you in the F get ginger.

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