4 things that will happen when you cut ties with a narcissist

4 things that will happen if you cut ties with a narcissist

It's extremely difficult to even cut ties with a narcissist and maintain it.

That's because we all know how manipulative they are and how many tactics they use just to draw you into their vicious cycle.

You read what to do is when he comes back, how to break contact, how to act.

You know that you have to ignore him and give him no reason to talk to you and you practically know that you have to be dead bored for him to lose interest and leave.

Remember, it is not your choice to sever all ties with a narcissist.

You might want to, but he won't leave you alone unless he's out of options.

It's so excruciating living in fear of what your narcissist might do next. You've been in similar situations with him before.

You thought it was all over and you were rid of him forever, but you were wrong. He came back and did even crazier things than before.

So even after you have no contact with him you still live in fear that he will come back and try to to suck you again and hurt you again.

As soon as you no longer have contact, you will feel even worse than before. You will feel like a heroin addict going cold turkey.

You will want to go back to him because you are addicted to the emotions you feel when you are near it.

It is a simple chemical process. So you just have to accept what happened to you.

Treat it like trauma because it is one and go to 'narcissistic withdrawal'.

Get sober, get sober and then think twice or even thrice about taking any action because your actions are probably not safe and you are not thinking clearly.

Well the catch is, while you are going through this painful healing process, your narcissist comes back and destroys all the efforts things you've done to make you feel better.

He will make you feel bad and manipulate you to come back to him so he can hurt you again.

You just have to cut off all contact with them. You can't ask yourself if he misses you or loves you.

You can't stalk them on social media or ask your friends to see what they're up to. Don't drive past their houses hoping you can see them.

Neither of these situations are healthy for you and your healing process.

Even if you realize this and shut him and everything else about him out of your life, you are still not safe. Here are some things he could do even if you are not in contact:

1. He announces that he was the one who ended the relationship

You might find out about this from his Facebook status or the fact that he has deleted all pictures of you from social media.

He can even share it with your friends, so you will find out from them.

Anyway, this could cause a lot of trauma for you because you were the one that needed saving and not him.

He will seem defenseless and naive and in that state of mind you are tempted to take him back and hold on to him even more than before.

Your fear of loss may arise, but the only solution to this situation is to withdraw and not have conversations with him.

Find someone who will love you loves and cares for you – your family or your friends – and talk to them.

The feeling of abandonment and unloving will go away over time, especially if you have support.

2. He will contact you about trivia

He'll do whatever it takes just to check if you're still attached to him.

He'll ask you unimportant things just to check a little more ;sent to be. You see, narcissists don't like to lose, and they won't just settle for the fact that you're leaving them.

They won't give up their narcissistic supply easily.

You have to stay strong in these situations because he will come back and ask questions or state that he is with someone else when he is not.

He will do this to see whether you will respond to it and whether you will react.

If you do, then you knowß him that you are still addicted to him and that he has an easy way back into your life. You must not respond to these provocations.

Don't stand up or keep in touch because if you do you will seek answers, try to get him to take responsibility and the result of all this will hurt you again.

3. He will pretend to take responsibility and promise to change himself

He will do just about anything to get you into the relationship with the man. Bring back.

He will accept to make up and he will have a long and deep conversation with you to find out what went wrong in his life to get him to behave like him it does.

Don't fall for these narcissistic tactics and lies.

He's just saying that to make you think he's turned the tide and will do it again wants to try, but this time as a new guy, completely changed.

If he can't contact you, he will send you messages saying he's really sorry and that's where the problem starts.

It's so hard to resist that because you think he's changed. Finally he realized all the things you've been saying for so long.

Then history repeats itself and you go back to him. It will be nice at first until his ego wakes up and when that happens the abuse will be even worse than you have experienced so far.

He will punish you for bringing him to you crawling back that you made him vulnerable to get you back.

What you must do to avoid this is to continue your healing process and find love within yourself.

Be your own source of happiness and you will not need anyone to fill that void that you feel.

You are not responsible for others, only for yourself. You must understand this and learn to live like this and no one will be able to touch you. not even him.

4. He will use you and make you feel bad for helping him

He will come up with all sorts of horrible things that happened to him.

He will lie that he lost his job or that his mother is ill and he is unwell.

He knows that you are a compassionate person and that you want to help those who need your help.

That's one of the reasons empaths are attracted to narcissists, due to their energy and willingness to help others. Narcissists take advantage of this.

He will try to evoke sympathy and thus bring you back. So what happens next?

It's hard to resist not helping someone you once loved, even if that person treated you badly.

If you're that kind of person, it's very easy for you to fall back into his trap and god knows how you'll get out of it.

What you have to do is give him this crap not to buy! There is nothing for you but more pain and abuse.

You must confront yourself and realize that you are not responsible for healing every single person who is broken.< /p>

If he really needs help he will find someone to provide it and whether that is true or not you should stay away from him as you heal, get better and get on with your life want to continue.

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