4 Phrases Toxic Men Say to Make You Feel Trapped

4 phrases toxic men say to make you feel trapped

When an outsider sees a victim, despite what is being done to them, stays with his toxic tormentor for years, the first logical question to ask is: ”Why?”

Why would anyone in their right mind stay a minute longer with someone who is making their life miserable?

Well, most people don't realize that toxic wastes are harmful. They use a variety of strategies to keep their victims around for as long as possible.

These strategies usually include a few typical phrases they use to keep you in the feel trapped in a relationship.

1. ”I will change”

The first and most common lie every toxic man tells is that he will change.

But you won't get rid of him that easily. On the contrary, he tricks you into staying in this harmful relationship by making you countless false promises.

He says he treated you badly the last time. It is said that he has finally realized his mistakes and is ready to make a change.

You believe that his love for you is so strong that he would be ready to to change because of you.

Basically, you want to believe him because he means so much to you.

You're more than willing to give him another chance. After a while, however, you realize that you gave him countless second chances.

Despite your expectations, the reality is that your toxic type has never changed.

The worst part is that he never really intended to either.

It was all just part of a larger plan. Part of his plan to keep you around as long as possible.

Of course, after a while you'll realize what he's up to. But by then you're already so deep into his manipulations that you don't see a way out.

2. ”Without you I would be lost”

Some women have an unconscious need to protect everyone around them. If you're one of them, you probably think you're some kind of superwoman.

You think you have the ability to open a man's heart to love and turning his life upside down.

Well, I'll just tell you one thing: Toxic men feel this.

They choose their victims carefully, and this man knew you were an empath who would fall for his sad life story.

This is exactly why he manages to keep you by simply telling you that he would be completely lost without you.

Every time he says something like that, he's blackmailing you emotionally You can't leave him because you think he needs you.

In his words, you are the only bright spot in his life. If you leave him, darkness will surround him and his life will be ruined.

3. “You need me”

On the other hand, there's also a whole different breed of toxic people who focus on you needing them and not the other way around.

When you're with a man like that, he does everything in his power Standing to convince you that you could never make it without him.

He will do everything in his power to take care of you financially and emotionally to make dependent.

This guy will brainwash you into believing that you have no one but him.

Even if he doesn't care about you at all, he'll tell you that no other man would ever love you like he does.

After a while, this toxic man convinces you that you just can't be loved. So you end up staying with him because you think you have no other option.

4. “You are too sensitive”

”You’re exaggerating”, ”You’re too sensitive”, ”That wasn’t a big deal” – This is what you usually hear from narcissists.

These words are used by your toxic partner to downplay your pain.

He's trying to play the gameß and turn the situation in his favor.

If you ask him, he's not to blame for the hell you're going through because of him.

< p>He is not your tormentor and you are not his victim – you're just being overly emotional and taking everything too personally.

This is a form of gaslighting, by the way. As you go through all this, you slowly start to question your own sanity.

At some point you start to wonder if he really is right. Are you really exaggerating?

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