4 differences between a man who really wants you and a guy who just wants to have fun

4 differences between a man who really wants you and a guy who just wants to have fun

You hate that you also hear, unfortunately it is true that not every man that comes into your life will be your love for life.

To be precise, some of them are only interested in’ temporary for you, whereas few want to love you until the end of time.

But how can you tell the difference between these two types?

I will explain to you 4 points that distinguish a man who really wants you from a man who is just having fun. wants to have.

1. The present vs. the future

The first difference between these two types is the time frame that is assumed for your relationship.

A type the only joke want to have, think only of the present. He wants to have fun here and now and doesn't care about anything else.

At first you are happy that you finally met someone who is so easygoing and easygoing.

You are lucky because you have found a man who enjoys every single breath and his life to the fullest.

But once you meet a grown man who really wants you, you will you realize that the first guy was never serious about you.

He lived in the here and now, but only because he didn't see a future together for the two of you.


Unlike him, this man has plans that include you.

He can see himself growing old with you and he considers you his permanent partner and lifelong companion.

2. He's there when everything goes right vs. he's always there for you

Being with someone who has a good life is a Child's play.

After all, everyone enjoys being around happy and optimistic people who have a good and positive attitude.

When you're doing great and you meet a guy who sticks with you, you think you've finally found the right one.

But if that guy is only interested in a passing romance, he'll probably turn his back on you when the going gets tough.

He doesn't have the patience or time to listen to your crap. He doesn’t care about your problems and doesn’t see it as his duty to help you.

Well, that's the difference between someone who really wants you. This man won't only be by your side in the good times.

He will love you just as much on your best days as on your worst.

As the classic vows say, he will being there for you in good times and bad, in health and sickness.

3. He wants to change you vs. he accepts you

Another sign that you're dealing with a guy who just wants to have fun. What he wants is the fact that he wants to label you.

This guy has fallen in love with your potential and throughout your relationship he will try to change the real you .

But when love is real, your partner doesn't love you in spite of your flaws.

On the contrary, he loves you for those flaws because he knows that yours Imperfections are also part of the woman you are today.

He accepts you as you really are, without any conditions and without wanting to change anything about your appearance or personality.

4. He loves your body vs. he wants the full package

Let's face it – the first thing a man notices about you is your looks.

There's no way he can tell what a good heart or wonderful soul you have.< /p>

However, if you're dealing with a guy who just wants to have fun&sz; he doesn’t care about what lies beneath your facade.

He’s just happy to have a beautiful woman by his side and he’s totally fine with the rest no matter. This guy basically just loves your body.

Unlike him, a real man wants the whole package.

Sure, he finds you visually attractive too, but he knows that there are far more important things to love about you.

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