4 Destructive Breakup Tactics Used by Abusive Narcissists

4 destructive breakup tactics abusive

Breakups are always difficult. Even if the guy you end the relationship with is the most normal guy you've dated, it still sucks.

It's a big part of life ending, and especially when you leave it can be hard to deal with.

Just like any other major change in your life, it takes time to get used to.

But when the guy breaking up with you is an abusive narcissist, things are even worse and more devastating.

A narcissist doesn't make it easy for anyone.

He needs to be in full control, so no matter what happens, you'll end up on the receiving end of his malicious intentions.

As mentioned before, narcissists can't handle losing control.< /p>

And the moment they realize they've lost even the slightest advantage, they'll resort to drastic measures.

If he senses you're trying to end it or if you start fighting back, he will make sure to end it first.

And not in a friendly way.

It will have his evil plans and it will hurt like hell.

If you feel like a narcissist is about to leave you, be prepared for one of the following 4 scenarios.

Here are his top ways to let you know he's done with you. Be warned!

1. He already has a back-up relationship and will suddenly leave you without any explanation

When a narcissist is sure they are going to end things with you, they make sure that another partner is already waiting for them.

They always need to have options in case things go wrong. And in this case there are no warnings and explanations.

His mood will become quite unpredictable, he will be very irritable and mean to you.

Remember that narcissists don’t have the ability to feel shame and regret, so it really won’t make any difference to him if you make a scene.

He will hit you without any justification Leave it behind and make sure you know that someone else is already there to replace you.

And that will be the end of you and your narcissist.

It will all end as unexpectedly as it began.

2. He will portray you as a villain, verbally abusing you and blaming you

His plan will be so diabolical and devious that you won't know what happened.

First, he will cause minor inconveniences to make you look really shitty .

He will make sure you know how bad his opinion of you is and he will not belittle his words.

Then he will drive you insane by doing things he knows you don’t like and that way he will drive you at least a little crazy and he will use it against you.

He will make you feel insane, unstable, and like a bad girlfriend, pretending to be a poor fellow caught in your web of lies and deceit.

< p>You won't even understand how he does it and he will be long gone by the time he reaches his destination.

You will feel like you did something wrong but the only thing that really happened was he manipulated the shit out of you and left with his head held high.

Just like he always planned.

3. He will give and withhold his affection to the point where he will chase you away

His emotions (the ones he pretends to have) will be omnipresent.

One day he will adore you and shower you with love and the next day he will be mad about the crumbs you left on the kitchen floor.

You will don't know what to do about it as his behavior will escalate drastically and the smallest things will make him livid.

And that's exactly what he wants you to think.

He'll make you do all the work for him, making you look like an angry lunatic and making you finish everything like it's just your idea.< /p>

This is going to be an extremely toxic atmosphere and you won't be able to endure it for long.

While he's thriving in it, all you have to do is put an end to it and away you go . Just like that, it's over and he didn't have to pull the trigger.

You did it for him.

4. He will use sex as a weapon to demoralize you

Sex will become a powerful weapon in his arsenal. He will use it against you wherever he can.

And if you have a good sex life, it will be especially difficult.

He will refuse you sex if he sees that you are horny.

And when he sees that you are too tired, he will ask you if you feel like it (even though he knows that you are not).

He'll make you beg him to have sex with you, which you never thought of.

But his behavior won't give you a choice. He might be a toxic waste of breath, but he sure can fuck you in bed.

And damn you want it one last time. And that's how he'll get you.

Your ego will scream every time he says "No" says take a big hit and he will enjoy every second of it.

And when he starts having fun. is done, he will break up with you and you will deal with the consequences of his behavior.

And it will suck. Pronounced shit.

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