4 core principles every relationship should be built on

4 core principles, every relationship should be built on

Contrary to popular belief and pessimism, there are numerous happy couples all around us.

Couples who have succeeded is to build their relationship the right way and who enjoy their life together with the person they love. Couples who stay together despite the time they live in.

Although everyone is different and therefore everyone has a different established relationship dynamic, there are some commonalities in each of these partnerships.

There are some core principles that the relationship is built on from the beginning.


1. Unconditional support for each other

You are not a magician, and in fact no one expects you to be. That's why you don't have a magic wand that can solve all your partner's problems no matter how hard you try.

You can do your best, but there are times when you just aren't able to help him.

He has to fight and win some fights alone without you helping him assisting in any way.

But sometimes just being there and holding hands is more than enough.

Right from this one Unconditional caring for one another is one of the first principles on which every relationship should be built.

This means you never let each other down no matter what, stick together and just say everything will be fine.

You know, there is nothing worse, what you can do to your loved one other than letting them feel your absence during hard times; than making him feel alone when he needs you most.

2. The categorical imperative

Immanuel Kant said: ”Act only on that maxim by which you can at the same time want it to become a general law.”

Put simply, this means that you do not treat anyone that way shouldn't be treated like you would like to be treated yourself.

Instead, behave towards others the way you would want them to behave.

Even though you should stick to this principle in all your relationships, it plays an especially important role in romantic relationships.

Basically, every time you want to say something or do something to your partner, put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine how you would feel if it were the other way around and you switched roles.

By following this principle, you develop an incredible empathy for your loved one. You have more understanding for him and it makes your relationship much better.

3. Self-Love

Any relationship guide will tell you that unconditional love between partners is a must if you want the relationship to work.

Although it is is absolutely right, there is a kind of love that is even more important – the ones you feel about yourself.

When you first read something like this, you think it's pretty selfish. But you can't make anyone happy if you don't make yourself happy, right?

Well, you can't be happy until you learn to be yourself to love without putting others at risk.

Only when you have a healthy relationship with yourself can you have a healthy relationship with someone else.

Which I basically do What I mean to say is that it is not your duty to make your partner happy.

In reality, you both have only one task: to find inner peace and inner happiness that does not depend on your relationship.

What can happen when two satisfied and find happy people who love themselves?

Is it even possible for such a couple to end up in a toxic relationship?

4. Absolute freedom

The number one mistake people make in romantic relationships is that they want to chain their partner to them at all costs.

Well, let me tell you something: you can't lose someone who really belongs to you.

So what's the point of it all? What good is fear, jealousy or possessive behavior?

An important basic principle of every relationship should be absolute freedom. This means that both partners have complete freedom to do practically anything they want.

No, I'm not saying you should have an open relationship. You should work together to determine what is acceptable and what you cannot tolerate in the relationship.

But that's where your work is done. The last thing you want to do is waste your energy trying to control your better half.

What I'm basically trying to tell you is, don't let anyone of this dissuaded from leaving or cheating on you. If he wants it, he will find a way.

And if you lock him up, he will just feel trapped and suffocated. Consequently, this only increases your chances of losing him.

So please leave each other alone. You'll get a feel for what's right and wrong.

Instead of forcing each other to stay in the relationship, you wouldn't be happier if you knew , that he voluntarily decided to stay, although nobody is forcing him to?

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