4 brutally honest reasons he takes you for granted

4 brutally honest reasons he takes you for granted

Being taken for granted is one of the most embarrassing and painful things one can experience .

It's especially difficult when your significant other treats you like this.

This is exactly the situation you're in right now.

Deep down you are aware that your boyfriend or husband firmly believes that there is nothing they can do that will make you stop loving them.

You can see that he takes advantage of your good heart.

You can see that he enjoys your presence just because he likes having someone who loves him so much.

And you know very well that you are at the bottom of his list of priorities.

But why does this happen at all? How do I know someone that another person is a suitable victim for something like this?

To be specific, why does your friend take you for granted?

Why does he use you out if that's the last thing a woman like you deserves?

1. Because he can

The first reason someone might treat you the way they do is actually pretty simple.

He just can. You allow him to behave this way and he doesn't feel guilty about his behavior.

And your friend is probably no exception.

Although I'm not saying that it's all your fault that he takes you for granted (after all, he's the one who hurts you emotionally without even thinking about the consequences), maybe it's time to move on to think the whole thing through and ask yourself if you're the one who gave him permission to behave like this.

Let's get one thing straight. If a guy is an asshole, he'll probably try to hide his negative personality traits at first and show them over time.

That means your boyfriend isn't such a big guy to begin with Bitch was.

Instead, he started with small things. And just like that, he got away with it every time.

After a while, he realized that you gave him the green light for his behavior.

He realized that he doesn’t need to show you appreciation and you will still be there for him or do him favors, so he started to take you for granted.

< h2>2. He doesn’t give a damn about you

I hate to burst your dream bubble, but here is the hardest and most sincere truth: When a man accuses you of being self-confident; Finally he stops, it's probably because he doesn't love you anymore.

At least not important enough to think about your feelings and to be careful not to break your heart.

He might like you enough to spend time with you, but it is he doesn't give a damn if he hurts you.

He couldn't care less if you felt insignificant or hurt.

This guy is obviously a selfish idiot who only thinks about his own needs and could never put you first despite everything you've done for him.

Think about it one thing: if a man treats you like he doesn't care, you better start believing him too.

Besides, what better proof of his indifference do you need actually?

3. You are too nice

Yes, there is such a thing as being too nice, too kind or too loving.

You are a girl who gives her whole self to a man who will never be able to return it and that is exactly why you feel like you are taken for granted .

You're trying too hard and trying too hard for someone who obviously doesn't deserve it.

Plus, you never get angry . Even if you realize his wrongdoing, you forgive him easily and he knows he will always get away with it.

So why would he bother to change his ways?


As a result, the man you are with is not afraid to lose you.

He knows that no matter what he does, you will stay with him because you have captured him by your love Convinced and showing him how you feel.

Therefore, it is easier for him to sit back and enjoy the attention he is getting from you than to continue to impress you .

4. You don't know how to say ”no” says

When you're taken for granted, your biggest problem is probably the fact that you don't know how to say ”no” says.

You find it difficult to set boundaries and people, including your boyfriend, take advantage of that.

You are someone who is always available; tion and willing to do whatever it takes to please the person you love.

You're always there when he needs a favor, a shoulder to cry on or company, while in his eyes you are far from first place.

To put it simply, you are a professional second chance provider and acceptor of false excuses.

Yourself when you know deep down that someone will never change and doesn't deserve a place in your life, you are violating your principles and always taking them back.


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