35 Micro Tactics Narcissists Use to Control Their Victims

35 Micro-tactics used by narcissists to control their victims

1. A narcissist threatens you to intimidate you. He wants you to stop thinking for yourself and blindly listen to him.

2. They are willing to attack you for enduring someone's abuse, while at the same time they disrespect you on a daily basis without thinking it's their problem. It can never be their problem. It's always someone else's.

3. They give suspicious compliments, which in most cases are intended to sound more like an insult than praise.

4. They sabotage you because they can't stand your success. In their world they are the best, the brightest and the most beautiful; all others are worthless.

5. They create a perfect appearance of themselves. To a complete stranger they look flawless and successful.

6. They will use any means possible just to keep alive the image they have built. If that means they have to destroy someone to get there, they won't think twice.

7. You will never initiate anything. They kindly let you tackle the problem and after you solve it they will convince you that you did a lousy job and they could have done it so much better.

8. They don't even consider you a person, an independent individual. They see you as an extension of themselves.

9. Fear is their main weapon. With the help of fear they have full control over you.

10. Whenever something is wrong, they blame you and tell you that you are too emotional to handle life.

11. Vulnerability is not a plus but a weakness in a narcissist's eyes because they are wired differently.

12. Your confidence is not fake. They really think they're the best you can get.

13. They will overstate an event from the past and convince you that it happened exactly as they told you, only you forgot because you were ”too emotional” were.

14. They intentionally set traps for you to act as your "rescue" can appear when you fall.

15. They will intentionally hurt you so they can use their carefully thought out plan to ”apologize” – in other words, to win you over.

16. They never miss an opportunity to publicly humiliate you.

17. They threaten to throw away or take away your belongings.

18. They humiliate you every chance they get, yet they ask you why your confidence is so low.

19. You can't control your emotions because you're not in touch with them.

20. They always threaten to leave you because they want you to beg them to stay. They need to hear that you need them and can't live without them.

21. One way to ensure they have full control over you is to make you think you're unlovable. You must have such a bad opinion of yourself and thank God for having it in your life. Because according to your narcissist, you're lucky someone loves you at all.

22. They insult you every time you don't do what they ask of you.

23. Your entire relationship is about control. Narcissists need to be in control. If they don't, they're willing to emotionally destroy you to the point where you can no longer recognize yourself just for you to endure their every whim.

24. If at any point in the relationship you come to your senses and try to find a way out of the situation, they will not allow you to oppose them. Right after your rebellion they will punish you.

25. They catch you in their web and make it almost impossible to free yourself.

26. When it suits them, they show emotion and give love, but when it doesn't, they take it away, which is heartbreaking for anyone who isn't a sociopath.

27. You are responsible for the finances.

28. They always investigate behind your back because they need to know everything that's going on around them.

29. Every decision you make will be questioned by them. It's not because they don't trust you, it's because they want you to doubt yourself after a series of remarks like “Your incompetence”.

30 . They make it unacceptable to be yourself. They want to change you and destroy your self-esteem so that you start believing that you need to change because what you really are isn't good enough.

31. They constantly emphasize your mistakes and tell you straight to your face that you need to change what they don't like.

32. Any mistake you make will be used against you. It's like you can't make a mistake while on the other hand their mistakes don't count because they will never admit they make them.

33. If you try the silent treatment, they will do whatever they can to provoke you and get you talking so they can turn things around again.

34. They will never leave you alone because they need this relationship way more than you do. You are their narcissistic source, something they cannot live without. So they will suck you dry while urging you to leave and trying to keep you close.

35. Unfortunately, the good person ends up getting emotionally beaten up while the bad guy moves on to the next victim and looks perfect in the eyes of a stranger.

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