30 way better things to do than text him

30 Much Better Things You Can Do Than Text Him

1. Stalk someone you hate on Facebook. This should distract you from him.

2. Turn off your cell phone; hide it in some unusual place. Turn on the TV and pour yourself a glass of wine. Forget he exists.

3. Go through your photos and delete the ones you don't like. This will probably take a while.

4. Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath. Turn on your favorite music and just lie down. Do absolutely nothing.

5. Go to the stairwell and ”randomly” to a neighbor. Talk to him to get your mind off texting him, because you know that would be a huge mistake.

6. Write him an email you'll never send. Write them down on a piece of paper and then throw them away. Write down everything you are feeling.

7. Eat a greasy, tasty pizza and don't worry about getting fat.

8. Imagine that there is probably something very wrong with him. Why else wouldn't he text you back?

9. Go to the gym you're always avoiding. Now is the ideal time!

10. Stop watching romantic movies; it will only make you want him more.

11. Read every article written on the subject! Literally anything you can find.

12. Clean out your closet. Give the clothes you no longer want to wear to Caritas.

13. Watch an entire season of your favorite series. stay up all night It's not bad.

14. Date someone on Tinder. Go on the date, kiss him and go. I know ghosting is awful, but it's not like you promised anything at the start of the date.

15. Post on Instagram how much funß you have, but you mean it. If you don't really mean it, it doesn't count. He'll see, don't worry.

16. Don't forget to smile. Smile even when you're sad. This is the best and quickest way to forget. Any problem can be solved with a smile. Just keep going and believe in what you're doing.

17. Dress up and try new makeup styles.

18. Cry if he didn't wish you a happy birthday. Be a complete mess for a few hours. Then wipe away your tears and move on.

19. If self-respect could be bought, you'd need a whole bunch of it. Have some damn self-respect!

20. If you find yourself texting him, just ask yourself one simple question: Why am I texting him?

21. Go for a drink alone… and then hit the bartender.

22. Just chill.

23. Remove Facebook friends you haven't heard from in a while.

24. Throw away the sexy underwear he bought you the first time he told you he loved you. Buy yourself something new. You'll wear it with someone who tells you they love you and means it.

25. Get totally drunk. Bring a friend to watch over you so you don't do anything stupid.

26. Snapchat with everyone you know.

27. Call your grandparents and have a real chat with them.

28. Do your hair, put on some makeup. Wear your sexy lingerie and take photos. Don't send them to anyone.

29. Reorganize your Pinterest boards.

30. Literally do anything instead of texting him.

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