21 rules for couples that should never be broken

21 Rules for couples that should never be broken

1. Always make time for each other

Life can be hectic, but amidst all the work and chaos, you always need to make time for each other.< /p>

And remember, it's not about how much time you spend together, it's about quality, so make every moment count.

2. Respect. Trust. Appreciate

These are the cornerstones of any normal, healthy, and loving relationship.

They must harmonize and coexist. A relationship isn't worth much without the three.

3. Share your food

”Sharing is Caring” and couples who eat together stay together. So, break your bar of chocolate in half.

If you ordered fries and he eats them with his eyes, offer him some. It's the little things that make a relationship good.

4. Never go to sleep angry

Always settle all your disputes within the same day if possible.

You must understand that you two against the world and all the difficulties, problems and misunderstandings along the way. It's never one against the other.

5. Always kiss at night

You can kiss in the morning, during the day and whenever you want, but kisses goodnight should be mandatory.

They make dreams more beautiful. They give you happiness no matter where you've had to go through during the day.

6. Say, “I love you” every time you feel like it.

Life is too short to leave anything unsaid. You don’t have to say it all the time every day, but whenever you think about it.

7. Play with

If the other person exaggerates a bit while retelling a story, support what they say.

If they are trying to escape a party or dinner because they are uncomfortable, will he'll probably make up a lie. let’ don't bust him &nd; play with. That's what partners do.

8. Stay Loyal

Sure, there are many other attractive men and women around you and some might catch your eye. The important thing is that you know where you stand and you would not recklessly jeopardize what you have.

You have the one person you are connected and committed to and no matter who you meet on your way, you will always remain loyal to them.

9. Say you like the homemade food, even if it's not that good

What if the soup is too salty this time – so what? The other eats them too and tastes the salt.

Next time he will do better. Don't discourage him. You must at least appreciate his effort.

10. Avoid mentioning your ex

The conversation about exes needs to happen at some point. But it is a one-time thing and there is no reason to continue talking about them.

They belong to the past, leave them there and focus on your present and future together.


11. Never badmouth someone else's family

You wouldn’t let anyone put your family down either, would you? Talking badly about another person's family is never a good idea.

12. Compliment each other

Acknowledge each other's efforts. Notice the small, lovely things they do as well as the big ones and don't forget to thank them.

Your partner is doing their best to make you happy and you must be appreciate.

13. Never involve others in your arguments

Your arguments and disagreements are only between the two of you.

There is no need to involve other people or letting her interfere.

You put her in an awkward and strange situation and forget that the relationship is two people.

14. Meet in the middle

Be yourself – this is important. But let’ your boundaries also be flexible. Make compromises. Listen to music you both like on the way to work.

Look’ watch a series that you don't think is great but that your partner really likes. He will do the same for you.

15. Love one another, but never forget to love yourself

Love yourself is the beginning of everything – don't forget that Just because you're a couple shouldn't diminish your self-love; on the contrary, it will make your partner love you even more.

16. Breathe

Give each other space. Don't be too clingy. The key to a successful relationship is that you both have your own life and the special, loving and committed life that you have together.

17. Remember you are a team

Although you have your own issues, remember to discuss all the important decisions and life-changing choices with your partner.

Because the choices will, directly or indirectly, affect the relationship.

18. Know your sweet tooth

This is the ultimate secret weapon to cheer up your partner. Bring him his favorite chocolate.

Invite him to his favorite ice cream shop. Makes pancakes with his favorite filling. We're already better just from reading.

19. Knows the important dates

But don't overdo it; you don’t need to remember your monthly anniversaries or the day of your first kiss.

But you should know each other’s date of birth. And you both should know your anniversary. Other dates are not so important.

20. Don't spend too much time without sex

Sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship, but it's as important as anything else.

Regularly ;Sex makes you feel more connected and deepens your intimacy. It also helps with stress and brings you closer.

21. Do not do to another that you would not wish to do to yourself

This is the most important rule. And it's all the wisdom you need to do well in a relationship, no exceptions.

Don't do anything that you will regret or that would hurt your partner.

< p> Appreciate and love one another. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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