20 definite signs your ex is going to get back

20 Clear Signs Your Ex Is Coming Back

If you're looking for signs your ex is coming back, you've come to the right place!

Since you're here reading this article, chances are you're still attached to your ex in one way or another, and you're still hoping that your ex will come back someday.

First of all, you should know that you are not the only one in this situation.

I went through the same thing last year and I totally understand the complexity of your feelings and the stress of not being in the is able to find a way out of this "maze" to find.

No matter the reason the two of you broke up, there is always a part of you that secretly hopes that something will change and that sooner or later you will get back together will.

And that's completely normal.

When two people break up, they don't automatically let go of their feelings or erase every single memory from their memory because it's just impossible .

And that's when you start hoping and looking for signs that your ex is coming back!

You start questioning your past and desperately looking for solutions and answers as to why everything happened the way it did, which is completely normal.

Not all relationships are over after a breakup!

I'm sure you know the saying that not all relationships last forever, but based on my past experiences I feel the need to invent a new one: Not all relationships end after a breakup!

In some relationships, all you have to do is hit pause and then it's back to normal.

The biggest proof that this is true is the fact that after Looking for signs that your ex is coming back.

It means you are not ready to let him go because you subconsciously think you guys still belong together.

< p>And it's also possible that your ex thinks the same thing, but is just too proud to admit it.

You know, men and women experience breakups very differently.

While men are taught to be tough and not show emotion or regret, women are the complete opposite of what one is is why women get over a breakup sooner. That's why they often come back when you've already forgotten them. 

Men are doomed to keep all their emotions to themselves, so to speak, and are forced to find other coping mechanisms, whereas women are fine with crying, screaming and whatever else they do to express the chaotic feelings inside. 

But there is one thing that men and women who still have feelings for their ex have in common: both men as well as women subconsciously show signs that they are still attached to their ex and that they will eventually get back to them.

“Actions speak louder than words”.

Although your ex may not tell you what he really thinks about your breakup, he will certainly show it with his behavior.

So if you're dying to get back with him and want to know if he feels the same way, look out for these 20 definite signs your ex is going to get back!

Table of ContentsShow 1 1. He's already in a new (gapback) relationship 2 2. His new girlfriend is your polar opposite 3 3. He's not dating anyone 4 4. He won't give you your stuff back ;ck 5 5. He stalks you on social media 6 6. You broke up on good terms 7 7. You both still have plans 8 8. He texts you often 9 9. He calls you when he's drunk 10 10. He's still in touch with your friends 11 11. He says he's unhappy since the breakup 12 12. He's always making up excuses to see you 13 13. You broke up because of the distance 14 14. His mother calls you and says he misses you 15 15. His answer is longer than the message you sent him 16 16. His friends are still talking about you 17 17. He treats you really good 18 18. He answers right away when you call him 19 19. He doesn't change 20 20. He tells you about his dreams umlumen, goals and his future plans

1. He's already in a new (stack-up) relationship

Don't get confused if your ex is already in a new relationship.

It doesn't necessarily mean that he got over you and has now found someone else that he's happier with.

In most cases, when someone jumps into a new relationship right after a breakup, it means they're trying to fill the void left by the breakup.

If yours Ex stuck in a streaky relationship means he is trying to find you a replacement, someone who will put him out of his misery temporarily.

In In reality, your ex still has feelings for you, but they chose the wrong way to deal with it, or maybe they do it on purpose just to make you jealous!

2. His new girlfriend is your exact opposite

If he's dating someone who seems like your polar opposite, he's subconsciously doing so because he's trying to forget you.

He still loves you and white I don't know how to get rid of those feelings, so he finds someone else who is your total opposite in hopes of getting over you.

But this only works for a short time. The more he suppresses his feelings for you and forces himself to be with someone new, the longer he will be unhappy.

After a while he will realize that the only solution is to come back to you instead of chasing fake happiness.

3. He's not dating anyone

This is more obvious than the previous two signs.

If your ex doesn’t see anyone after the breakup, it means he can’t move on and just not be with anyone else right now, no matter how much he wants to make you jealous.

It means that he is solely focused on your past and thinking about how to get you back or hoping that you will be the initiator for it.

Or maybe he's too depressed to go out and just not in the mood to meet new people because he's still hoping you two get back together.

4. He won't give you back your stuff

After a breakup, when two people are 100% sure it's over, the first thing they think of is getting rid of all the stuff they accumulated over the time they spent together.

And if your ex didn't, there are two possible reasons.

Either he's too attached to every single thing and gift he got from you and he just can't give it back to you, or he's sure you'll be back together after a while, like that that there is no reason to give you back your stuff yet.

5. He Stalks You on Social Media

This is one of the clearest signs your ex is about to get back to you.

If he's constantly commenting on your posts, liking every one of your posts, and following your every step on social media, you can be sure he's still crazy about you.

He stalks you on social media because he obviously misses you a lot and can't help but follow your every move and impatiently await your next post.

If that's the case with your ex, you can you can be sure that you will be together again soon (if that is what you want, of course).

6. You broke up on good terms

You didn't cheat on each other or play mind games while you were together.

If you If you broke up on good terms, that means nothing is really broken yet.

Your relationship is still intact and it's probably only a matter of time before your ex gets back to you. And that's the main reason you and your ex are still in touch.

You don’t feel the need to go into lockdown because you’re not mad at each other and don’t have anything against each other.

You still get along well, but for now you are separated.

7. You both still have plans

If you've remained friends and your ex is constantly reminding you of an upcoming event that you both should go to (perhaps along with the rest of your closest friends), then that's one of the clearest signs that your ex is dating again wants and will come back to you.

He's doing it because he can't think of anyone else to go to that particular event with.

If both of you are equally crazy about a band that not many people know about, then there's a good chance he only wants to have this experience with you because you guys still complete each other and he doesn't want to be with anyone else want.

8. He texts you often

You get messages in the morning when you wake up, during the day and before bed.

Your ex still texts you very often and you feel like you are still with him and himself hasn't changed anything.

Well, maybe you're right! If he texts you regularly, it means he can't stop thinking about you no matter what he does.

He has to think about you all the time and can't help but tell you about the funny incident at work or something else just to see your reaction or to make you laugh.

And of course also to constantly remind you of yourself, so that you think of him as often as he thinks of you!

9. He calls you when he's drunk

Has your ex ever called you when you're completely drunk?

If so, it's because he couldn’t stop thinking about you, even after drinking liters of alcohol and his favorite beverages.

That's because he needs to think about you all the time, and only when when he's drunk he'll find the courage to do something and call you.

This is typical of any ex who is going through a tough time and is struggling to find the courage to come back and see you ;to win back.

Pay attention to what he tells you when he calls you and I'm sure you'll put two and two together.

10. He's still in touch with your friends

He not only contacts you, but also your friends.

You could say that he tries very hard with yours Keeping in touch with friends, although you don't know exactly why.

But I do.

The only reason he wants to keep in touch with your friends is because is that they are his go-betweens when he wants to talk to you or find out something about you (that he can't ask you personally).

Also, he does it because he wants to make a good impression on your friends so he has a better chance of getting back together with you.

11. He says he's been unhappy since the breakup

Few exes will admit they're unhappy after a breakup, and when he does that, you can be sure it's true.

Some people (especially men who are taught to pretend nothing happened after a breakup) will do anything to prove how extremely happy and content they are just to please themselves

When your ex tells you, or more likely your friends, how unhappy and miserable he's been feeling since you broke up, he subconsciously hopes your friends will tell you that become.

He indirectly sends you the message that he really wants you back in his life.

12. He always makes up excuses to see you

Is your ex always looking for reasons to see you?

Or do you Feel like he's always in the same place as you even though you haven't told him where you'll be?

When someone wants to see you so badly, they can imagine the most complicated situations and Lü make up that he needs something from you just to feel you close and finally see you.

If you suspect your ex is doing this, he is making a real effort to still be a part of your life and will not stop making excuses until you two finally get back together.

13. You broke up because of distance

Some relationships are doomed just because of distance.

If that's why you two broke up, you may well get back together sooner than you might think.

It's really hard to maintain long-distance relationships because you like the closeness of your loved one and never fully understand them.

As a result, many of these relationships end before they even really begin, and after a while the partners get back together because it there were no major problems or reasons for the breakup at all.

The only problem was the distance – and this can easily be solved in the future.

14. His mother calls you and says he misses you

No one is more intuitive than our dear mothers when it comes to our pain of separation.

So if his mom calls you just to tell you that her son misses you, believe her!

She's probably only doing this for your ex because she sees that he doesn't care about you comes up and she just wants to help him.

15. His reply is longer than the message you sent

Did you notice any interesting writing patterns in his messages?

If not , pay attention to his writing style the next time you text him.

If you write two to three words or less and your ex responds with a whole novel, it means he wants to , your conversation lasts longer.

Another sign of how desperate he is to talk to you is if he keeps asking you questions.

By doing so, he is intentionally prolonging the conversation, no matter how pushy he is comes across.

He's persistent no matter what, and you can feel it for yourself.

16. His friends are still talking about you

If your ex comes up with new information about you after every meeting with his friends, it means he just can't stop thinking about you and talking about you.

You are his main subject. He could also use his friends as an excuse to talk to you more often.

This is also one of the clearest signs that your ex is going to get back to you.


The fact that his friends are still interested in you means that they would love to see you both back together and that they think it's a good idea.

< p>Just like his mother, his friends are mediators between the two of you.

17. He treats you really well

You can't find a single fault when it comes to his behavior towards you and that makes you think about it too pondering why the two of you broke up in the first place.

He's very careful about his words and behavior when you're together.

He goes out of his way to make you feel special because that's his way of showing you that he still wants you very much.

Especially when If there were issues of lack of attention in your relationship, now he's going to great lengths to make up for it and prove that he's still the one for you.

You think so too ? Do you want your ex back? 

18. He answers immediately when you call him

When you call him, you don't wait hours for him to answer his cell phone.

On the contrary, as soon as you dial his number, he answers it immediately.

That's it because most of the time he's literally waiting by his cell phone hoping you'll call him.

And when you call him, he can't help but answer it as soon as possible , just to hear your voice and relax a little.

If he wasn't crazy about you, your call wouldn't mean so much to him.

So don't forget to pay attention to this little detail that can tell a lot about his feelings. hle betrayed for you.

19. He Doesn't Change

In most cases, after a breakup, exes undergo tremendous physical and mental transformations to become new people, who erase their entire past and everything related to their ex.

But if you've noticed that your ex hasn't changed much, then he doesn't really want to forget you.

He's not really trying to move on.

Quite the opposite , he's probably still living in the past, waiting for you two to get back together and pick up where you left off.

20. He tells you about his dreams, goals and plans for the future

The only reason your ex would tell you about their dreams, goals and future plans is because they still want you to be a part of their life.

He wants you to know about everything that is going on in his life and also about his future plans.

He does this, because he just can't imagine life without you, and he takes every opportunity to let you know (but not directly).

You can be sure that he's already imagining his future with you , and now it's only a matter of time before he realizes his dream.

Would you like to know what drives him now?

Katharina Hansen

She is a trained psychologist and talented author. For her, every person matters and every life story is unique. That's why her advice comes not only from her knowledge, but also from her heart.

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