19 Signs He Wants To Marry You One Day And Wants A Future With You

19 signs he wants to marry you one day and have a future with you

If you really love a man, you can you only think about your future together.

You hope that you both end up getting married and you can't wait for him to finally ask you the question. You've even dreamed about it!

But even though everything seems perfect, he has never clearly told you that he wants you to be his future wife.

So you can't be sure if he intends to ask for your hand and you couldn't seem to read between the lines.

Here are 19 signs a man will show if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and if he wants to marry you one day.

1. He makes you a part of his life

If a man really wants you to be in his life, he will make you a part of it.

That means you'll always know everything about him – you will know what he is up to, what his plans are, what is bothering him, etc.

If he plans to marry you, he will not go through life like a bachelor and he will making sure you always feel included.

That doesn't mean he has to spend every second of his day with you, but the point is that he will never make you feel like a stranger.

2. He talks about the future

One of the surefire signs that a man has big plans for you and wants to marry you is the fact that that he includes you in his future plans and sees you in his future.

He doesn't necessarily need to talk to you directly about the marriage, but he will indicate that he plans to stay with you for a long time.

This guy uses the word ”we” instead of " I “when he talks about the future because he sees you both as a team and as partners.

He just can't imagine living his life without you by his side, and he has no short or long term plans that don't include you.

This man just assumes that the two of you will spend weekends and major holidays together because he has no intention of letting you out of his life.

3. He remembers the little things

If a man hopes that one day you will be his wife, he will want to get to know you. This means that this guy is watching over you and everything you have to say.

That's why he will never forget your birthday or anniversary or any other date or thing you commemorate relevant.

This man will notice the slightest change in the way you look and act.

He considers you to be one of the most important people in his life and that's why he means everything , important to you.

4. He gives you the keys to his apartment

Most men like to have their personal space just for themselves and expect to that their limitations are respected.

No matter how madly a man is in love with you, he will probably want a place for himself where he can relax.

So if your boyfriend gave you the keys to his apartment, it is undeniably a good sign that he is planning to marry you soon.

He feels that your coexistence and marriage is a matter of time and a matter of pure formality.

This shows that he is more than willing to take your relationship to the next level and he is considering settling down with you.

5. He asks for your opinion

Men are known to have sensitive egos, which leads them to claim that they are always right.

< p>But if your friend asks for your opinion, it means he values ​​it.

And not only that -; he values ​​you as a person, he thinks your attitudes are good and doesn't mind taking advice from you.

This man obviously plans to marry you, so he wants to see , where you stand on various topics.

He hopes that the two of you will spend the rest of your life together, so he knows; he that there will be numerous joint decisions that you both will make.

6. He wants a pet

One of the first signs that a man wants to marry you and that he is planning to start a family is the fact that he has the idea of ​​having a pet together.

First once it is a living being that the two of you would take care of together and something that will bond you for the rest of its life.

Even having any kind of pet requires a lot of responsibility and he wants to see how you two would get along if you shared that kind of responsibility.

Having a pet is good preparation for a future life together and family, and while you might think of it as not that big; actually it's a big step forward for both of you, because it can be a big test for your relationship.

This means that he assumes that you both will stay together for a long time.

7. He is a protector

It is in every man's nature to protect the woman he loves. It's the same with your boyfriend.

He considers you not only his girlfriend but also his family and he feels it is his duty to make sure that you do going well.

This man considers you his partner and he has no intention of letting anything bad happen to you.

That doesn't mean he thinks you can't take care of yourself, he just wants you to know that he has your back no matter what.

He will love you above all and defending everyone and never doing anything to harm you and these are signs that you are a big part of his life and he wants it to stay that way for a long time.

8. He cares about you

If a person really loves you and wants a future with you, they will care about you and your needs.

This means he will be concerned about your physical health as well as your emotions.

This guy will never see your problems as stupid. Instead, he will always try to help you solve them.

It will be important to him whether you have eaten, slept enough, whether something is bothering you and if you have everything you need.

Also, he would never do anything that could make you feel bad because your happiness is vital to him.

9 . He introduces you to his family and friends

One of the most important signs that he wants to marry you one day is the fact that this guy introduces you to his family and his introduced his friends.

He sees you as a big part of his life and wants everyone who is important to him to get to know you too.

It's important to him that you get along with all of them because those are the people he loves besides you.

He invites you to all his family gatherings and to hang out with his friends because he hopes that you will bond with them.

Over time, these people have started to see the two of you as a whole and assume that you will get together.

He is also interested in spending time with your friends and family and he also wants to get to know them better because he sees them as part of who you are.

This man is trying really hard impressing them and delighting them and that is a big sign of his future plans for you.

He hopes that one day you will all become one big family and he knows ;that it is important for you all to get along well.

10. He enjoys spending time with you

If you marry someone, it means that the two of you will spend a lot of time together for the rest of your life.

So if your boyfriend enjoys spending his free time with you and it like that looks like you never get bored of him, that's definitely one of the signs he wants to marry you one day.

It is likely that you both enjoy similar things in life, so compromising your relationship in terms of activities and places to go is not a problem for him.

This man obviously finds you interesting and wants to know everything about you and that means he won't find it difficult to be with you forever.

11. He tells you everything

Normally men are reluctant to share their personal information with just about anyone.

But it's different when it is about the woman you want to spend your life with.

This guy is so sure you're the one, so he has no trouble opening up and getting that level of intimacy with you.

You know everything About his past and he doesn't hide anything from you.

You know his deepest fears, hopes and dreams and he certainly wouldn't reveal so much about himself if he didn't would think of keeping you in his life.

This man obviously sees the two of you as one and he doesn't need to pretend to be someone he's not just to make you like him more.

He's sure of your love and knows that you love him for who he really is and he's not afraid to show you his true colors.

He hopes that there will come a time when the two of you will have a life together, so he thinks the pretending and lying doesn't make sense at this point because his real colors will be revealed sometime soon anyway to be revealed.

12. He wants to move in with you

One of the most important signs that he wants to marry you one day is the fact that he proposes that you two move in together.

Even though he doesn't speak directly about marriage, it's obvious that he wants to spend his life with you.

Moving in together is a huge deal – it can ruin a relationship or it can show you that the two of you are truly meant to be together.

Either way, it's something you don't just do with everyone, and it is Proof of how serious his intentions are.

If you move in together, you're practically married, just without any legal documentation.

This guy loves you so much that he wants to spend every day of his life with you.

Also, if he thinks you two are compatible enough to live together, it's obvious that he thinks you might get married in the future.

Remember, if a man is at wants to move in with you, the closest you can expect him to get on his knees and ask the question.

13. He supports you

When a man has serious plans for you, he will do his best to see you through thick and thin.

If he is planning to marry you, he sees you both as a team and he is willing to hold your hand and walk through life with you shoulder to shoulder.

That's why he will always help you with all your problems and help matters and he will endeavor to show you his support whenever you need it.

He wants you to know that he is there for you will be and that he won't let you down when the going gets tough, and that's something a man would do.

14. You two are seeing his married friends

No matter what anyone tells you, everyone's surroundings are very important.

If your boyfriend is dating bachelors and players, it is likely that he will not have any serious future plans with you.

But if most of his friends are happily married couples, it is natural that he also thinks about it.

He sees that marriage is nothing to be afraid of and that it should also be the next step in his life.

And every time his friends are with their wives, he invites you to come along.

This means that he considers you his plus one and his partner and that you are no less to him than his friends' wives are to him ;r her.

15. He talks about having children

If you keep hearing your boyfriend talk about children and how he wants them in the future, it's obvious that his biological clock is ticking and that he wants to start a family soon.

He doesn’t tell you directly that he wants to have children with you, but he loosely hints at it or even jokes about how nice it would be.

He talks often about possible names for the children and what they would look like.

This man sees you as mother material and he loves and respects you so much that he hopes you will be the mother of his children.

Also, when he sees a child, it runs he goes off to play with him and shows you his fatherly qualities.

He mentions all this because he wants to know what you think about the subject.

He is interested in knowing if you want to have children and he wants to talk to you about raising his potential children.

16. He makes you feel like the only woman in the world

If your boyfriend sees marriage as something serious and long-term, he will want her lasts a lifetime.

So one of the signs that this guy wants to marry you someday is the fact that he makes you feel like the only woman in the world.

Because there really is no one else for him. He only has eyes for you and is not afraid to show it.

You never feel like you have to compete with another woman for his attention and love because you know you have him all to yourself.

All of that means that he obviously takes your relationship seriously and that he has no problem spending the rest of his life with just one woman as long as that woman is you.

17. He saves money

If a man is planning to propose to you, he will be extra careful with the money.

He will save as much money as possible before the wedding day because he knows he needs it will.

You may think that your friend has suddenly become stingy, but it is more likely that he is actually planning to ask the big question and that is why. r why he reduced his budget.

18. He has no problem showing affection in front of other people

If a man wants to marry you, he will never hide you from others.

Instead, he will be proud to be with you and he will want everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and future boyfriend ;you're a sweet woman.

This guy will never be afraid to express his feelings for you, and he won't find it difficult to do so, in public and around showing affection for other people.

19. You have common property

One of the most obvious signs that he wants to marry you is the fact that you both have common property.

It doesn't matter whether you bought a house, bought a car, or have a joint bank account – the point is that you started living as a team and as a married couple.

Your money is his money and vice versa and so it will be when you get married.

This man is planning obvious to spend his life with you if he's willing to share his property.

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