16 Effective Ways To Scare Him About Losing You

16 effective ways to make him afraid he might lose you

Relationships can be difficult sometimes, especially when you're with someone who not willing to change his mind for you.

Many women are taken for granted by their long-term partners simply because they are good to them.

< p>Men probably think that a good woman will always be good, but they are so wrong.

Even the best women will eventually explode and give up everything they've fought for.

But before that, they'll probably try to get revenge on those horrible husbands or boyfriends they've taken for granted for so long.

Now you might be wondering , are there any ways to make your husband afraid that he will lose you, right?

Well, there certainly are.

If you want to know how to make him worry about losing you, you can follow some of these tips.

They can help you succeed in your plan and show your husband what he will lose if he continues to act the way he is doing now.

1. Make him afraid that by being unavailable he will lose you

If you want to indirectly show your man that if he continues to be himself, he will lose you misbehaved, you can pretend not to be available to him.

Don't be there when he needs you and live your life the way you always dreamed of.

Don't tell him so much about your life and your friends and let him talk about it think about what you have been doing in your free time.

If you behave like this for a long time, he will realize that something is wrong and he will try to make you happy to do.

This way you will make him think about you more and he will definitely try to make your life better.

2. Talk about future plans that don't include him

If you tell your husband that you and your friends are going somewhere interesting for the weekend, it will he'll be wondering what you're going to do with them.

Add some spice to the whole story by telling him that both guys and gals come home from work and that you are planning to have a barbecue near a river.

He'll wonder why he's not invited and he'll keep wondering if any of these guys are going to try something with you.

He knows there's a lot of alcohol at parties like this so he will be worried that you will cheat on him.

This will be his wake up call and it will show him that you have your life and your friends and that your happiness is not depends on him.

3. Don't answer his texts right away

Guys get sick of clingy and needy girlfriends very quickly.

Well, if you want to scare him to lose you, don't answer his calls or texts right away.

Make him wait a bit because he will respect you more after you do that.

He will see that you are not available every time he thinks of you and that he has to make an effort if he wants to keep you in his life.

If you do this, you will see your relationship improve.

And remember that once you change your attitude, things in your life will change for the better have.

4. Surprise him with new sex moves

Here's the deal: If you want to know how to make him worry about losing you, try to make some changes in the bedroom.

If you do, he'll think, “Where did she learn all that?” And at the same time, he'll be surprised at how well you do it.

And then you'll make him think of something he doesn't want to share in no time.

If you ask him why he's so absent, he'll just deny it and change the subject.

But actually, he'll wonder if you're doing all those moves with learned from another man and this feeling will eat him up inside.

Congratulations for just getting him to think about you and his behavior lately.

And when he realizes he made a mistake and that he wants you neglected, he will try to change his behavior and make you a happy and fulfilled woman.

5. Pamper yourself

To scare him into losing you, do some good things for yourself.

If you've gained a few pounds, go to the gym to feel better.< /p>

He'll wonder why you suddenly want to look good again and once you're done looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel when you're done with your workout, that'll make him want to never his Averting eyes from you.

He will feel bad for taking you for granted and he will try to be a better man for you.

Make sure you don't do that do as soon as you see that your relationship is not the same as it used to be.

If you wait too long to show him that he should change and that he will lose you, if he doesn’t, it may be too late.

6. Flirt in front of him

If you want to scare your man that he's going to lose you, do a few naughty things to show him you have other options.

If a handsome guy walks past you, look look him deep in the eyes and look at him, but make sure your partner sees that.

It will make him jealous and he will think that another man is a threat to him is.

Even better would be if a random guy walks up to you and offers to buy you a drink because that will blow your boyfriend up, but that's a lesson he needs to learn in order to treat you like you deserve it.

It will be enough to do it just once, because afterwards he will not think that he owns you anymore.

He will realize that a other man would treat you better and that he should make an effort if he wants to keep you in his life.

7. Stop being so clingy

If you are super clingy and needy, your man will never miss you.

He will take you for granted and he will think that you will always be there for him will.

So, if you want to scare him into losing you, don't be needy and don't constantly demand his attention.

Show him you can have fun without him&sz; can have and that you don't need it to be complete.

If you do this, your boyfriend will see that you are not the woman you used to be and that there is a chance that if he doesn't treat you right, you will leave him.

By do so, you will get what you want and your husband will see that you are stronger than he thought.

8. Try to create more distance

Who says love can't be a little mean? If something helps you achieve your goal, then do it.

If you see your man behaving rudely or that he is no longer interested in you, try some tricks that will make him change his mind.

Distance will always help because he will wonder who else might be on your mind besides him.

If he asks you if you are ok, just tell him that everything is okay and keep doing what you're doing.

This will show him that you are not as interested in him as you used to be and that he will have to work hard to win your love back.

9. Don't always please him

If you get your man used to the fact that everything will be fine for you as long as he is there, he will eventually love you take for granted.

So, whatever you do, please don't make it easy for him by giving him anything he wants.

You also have the right to enjoy your life and to do things that make you happy.

Don't put him first because he's not worth it. If he were, he wouldn't have done this to you.

You have to know that men will take advantage of you if you let them and the better you are to them, the worse they will be to you. You teach them how to treat you. 

So, be a bitch for a change and show him your limits. After you do that, he will see that you are not joking around and that you mean business.

This will make him change his mind and he will do his best to please you pampering for a change.

10. Have your own friends

Date out with friends who are only yours. You don't have to share everything with him because you already share a lot.

If you're out with your friends while he stays at home, he'll start thinking about if you're having a great time with them, which will make him worry that he might lose you and he will change his mind and behavior as well.

What is the most important thing here?

You have to make moves like this in order not to hurt your husband but hurt him to show that you can live without him.

It will be good for your relationship and it will make you two learn that it takes a lot of sacrifice for good things to happen .

11. Be independent

If you show your man that you are a strong and independent woman, he will look at you differently.

But if you are clingy and helpless all the time, he will pick you up take it for granted anyway.

It will just be a sign to him that no matter what he does, you will always be there.

Well, whatever happens, don't do this and instead try to appear as independent a woman as possible.

Every man loves it when he's dealing with a strong, tough woman and not a woman who needs his approval for everything she does.

Show him that you don't man need to complete you and that you can handle everything on your own.

This attitude will make him think twice about the woman he has next to him and he will want to keep you forever.

12. Be seductive

If you put on some nice and sexy clothes he will probably be scared that you have another man in your life and that you are dressed like that because of him.

It will get him over you as a person and about everything you can offer in a relationship.

Hopefully he will realize that he has been neglecting you all along and that it is time to call it quits ;ren and give you the love you deserve.

You will notice a change in his demeanor once you start playing these types of games and it will definitely make him want you more.

Sometimes you have to be a little angry ;se to get what you want right?

13. Be yourself

Don't let him treat you like you don't deserve and no matter what happens, be yourself. Do whatever you want and regret it never.

He needs to understand that he has no control over your life and that if you want it to be your own way.

If you show him that you are not easy to deal with, he will he will see that he has to make an effort to please you and that you can easily find another man if you want to.

Show him that you have so much to offer a man, of your outward appearance to the way you think and behave.

Show him that he will never find a woman like you, no matter how much he seeks her.

Make him want you even more and feel bad for abusing you.

14. Don't be his second option

If he made plans with his friends and they canceled at the last minute, don't be there for him.

< p>Show him that you respect yourself and that you will not be his second choice.

If you really want to make him afraid of losing you, you have to play this game in a clever and tricky way.

It will make him think about you more, and he will like the woman he is with because you care about yourself.

You just don't want to be there every time he needs you, because you never see how it feels when someone takes care of you.

If you let your man think you're available all the time, he'll definitely take you for granted.

He might not want that, but his demeanor will tell other.

So be persistent in your beliefs and never settle for less than you deserve.

15. Post fun photos with your friends on Facebook

This is a great way to show your friend that you're having a great time, even if he's not around; hey is.

Post lots of photos of you with your friends on your social media profiles to show him that he's not the most important person in your life.

If you want to avoid a fight with him, you can post some photos of you with him, but make sure you post more of the ones with your friends.

This will scare him into losing you because he will think you don't need him to be happy.

If he's an overthinker, he'll think you already have another man in your life and that you don't want to be with him anymore.

Although this trick is easy, make sure that you do all the other things to get him thinking about you more.

If you have a good plan, it will definitely work.

Men don’t think about love and romance as much as we do, so you need to remind them from time to time that if they don’t wake up, they may lose you.

16. Don't be too interested in his stories

If you want to scare him into losing you, show him he's not as interesting as he used to be.

Show him that you don’t enjoy his stories that much and that you have better things to do.

If he tells you something, grab your phone and check it while you look at him from time to time.

He will wonder what is more interesting than him and this feeling will eat him up inside.

He will wonder if he has a has rivals, so he'll want to find out if you have another man in your life.

It's an old trick, but it always works, so go ahead and spice up your relationship a little more!

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