15 things a sapiosexual finds attractive

15 things that a Finds sapiosexual attractive

Being sapiosexual means being sexually attracted to the intelligence of others.

If you have an amazing conversation with someone about quantum physics lead or just longingly watch someone read a philosophy book as if it were a romance novel, then you know that you are a sapiophile (aka sapiosexual).

There are many other signs that indicate you are sapiosexual, but we won't delve too deeply into them.

We're going to list all of the things that are sexually attractive to a sapiosexual here because sometimes these things can be a little strange.

Of course it all depends on the person and every sapiosexual has their own preferences.

1 . A sapiosexual will be delighted if you have a library

A sapiosexual may be attracted to someone who has a library.

It sounds strange, but to think about someone who has read quite a lot of books, that their vocabulary is good and that he can say a complex sentence without stuttering or thinking too much about it is really hot.

As long as your library contains at least one classic, a sapiosexual will be attracted to you ;learn.

2. Long, intimate, and insightful conversations

Communication is the best thing you can use to impress and turn on a sapiosexual.

Long and intimate conversations that open their eyes to new horizons are crucial in their relationships.

You can talk about philosophy, art, science, the universe and computer science , about anything that can help the sapiosexual learn something new and expand their knowledge.

And don't be afraid that the sapiosexual will get bored – as long as you have interesting topics to discuss, the length of the conversation doesn't matter.

3. Photographic Memory

Some sapiosexuals find unusual things like photographic memory extremely sexy. Why?

Well, it means the person knows a lot. and that she will also remember everything she was told.

Although a photographic memory can be a burden at times and can be very annoying at times, it is actually very attractive.

A photographic memory is really the same as looking at a picture; a person with such a memory finds that moment in his memory and considers it as a clear picture and can examine every little detail in that picture by zooming in on different places and so on. Sounds sexy doesn't it?

4. Debate

If a woman can win a debate with a sapiosexual, he will be absolutely smitten with her!

If you have the skill , to win a debate with arguments for any scientific discussion, you can be sure that you will attract the attention of a sapiosexual man.

If you're knowledgeable on the subject, if you're genuinely interested in what he has to say without being arrogant, he'll be so attracted to you!

It's incredibly hot ; seeing someone debating you and knowing what they are talking about.

5. Curiosity

When someone is curious about the world around them and how it works, they are extremely attractive in the eyes of a sapiosexual.

For a sapiosexual, knowing that there is someone out there researching day and night just to find out about a certain topic means they are not alone.

Intelligent People just have a need to constantly expand their knowledge and experiment with different things to make sure they don't miss important information.

6. Education

Education is not a requirement for someone to be confident in their own intelligence, but education gives us access to many new topics and the literature that can help us become a better version of ourselves.

For the same reason, sapiosexuals love to have someone by their side who is educated. Being informed about everything and everyone is hot as hell; and it is a great attraction for a sapiosexual.

7. Open-mindedness

While it is extremely important to have your own opinions on certain topics, sometimes an open mind is even more appealing.

Knowing that you have someone by your side who will listen to your theory and will agree with you because you have shown him a different aspect, means he is open-minded.

Open-mindedness means a greater understanding of the world around around and who wouldn't want to partner with someone like that?

After further research and speaking to my sapiosexual friends, during which they told me that there are many more things that they find attractive than just this general list, let's delve deeper into what is truly attractive to a sapiosexual is!

8. If anyone knows it's not sweet is pretending to be stupid

Believe it or not, I've seen so many young women out there who are ashamed of their brains and think it only makes bad relationships and stuff like that.

How many girls have you seen playing dumb just to make someone else think they're cute or funny?

Well, all I can tell you is that I've measured the IQ of every woman in Ask a question who thinks that hiding their intelligence will bring them more popularity.

9. Stand by your own sapiosexuality

Sapiosexuals are attracted to people like them. When a woman accepts her interests, wants and needs, when she accepts the fact that she is attracted to an amazing mind instead of a six pack abs, to a sapiosexual man that is the most attractive thing in the world World.

For this reason, ladies around the world, do not hide that you are smart and do not hide the sapiosexual in you.

Don't be afraid of what you love in other people, because that is what makes you who you are; it's really attractive to men who love the intelligence in others just like you do.

10. Perfect Spelling

Every sapiosexual I've ever spoken to (and I do too) loves it when someone doesn't make any spelling mistakes and generally doesn't make any mistakes when writing.

Reading a text or a letter that doesn't need spelling corrections is a blessing for a sapiosexual! That's a real turn-on!

11. When someone admits they don't know anything about a certain topic but want to learn more about it

When you meet someone who is new and starting out, Talking about a certain topic and he admits he's interested but never got around to researching it himself?

Well, all I can tell you is that this is something extremely hot! At that moment, the sapiosexual you're talking to is really excited because they get to talk to you about something they care about and that you're really interested in.

And you're asking questions? Instant stand!

12. Uncover your strange interests

If you're talking to a sapiosexual about something odd, something you like to explore, if you have something very special that intrigues you, then you'd better tell him! That's what they want to know more about.

If you have an odd interest, don't hide it! Tell him you love alligators and would like to learn more about them, or about the universe, or paranormal experiences!

These things are what makes you and a sapiosexual on a high level. her level.

13. Use conversations as foreplay

If you're setting the mood after dinner with candles and wine instead of kissing each other and talking about your disrespectful ex-boyfriends, try turning the sapiosexual on by reading them a chapter of your favorite book or Talking about a recent study that caught your eye.

I can guarantee that your passionate conversation and atmosphere will make a sapiosexual go crazy for you.

14. Uniqueness

A sapiosexual will never settle for someone who closely follows all trends and does their best to fit in.

You want someone who has their own perspectives and will not give up their own preferences , just because something is trending.

By staying true to yourself and cultivating your taste in music, movies, food or whatever, you send him the message that you are someone interesting and special are &nd; and that's all he wants.

15. The heart is just as important as the mind

Emotional intelligence is just as important as raw intelligence. Being well-read and having admirable knowledge means nothing if you are not in touch with your feelings.

Although he will admire your knowledge, if you do, he will lacking emotional intelligence, feeling cold as every human being needs warmth and understanding more than anything else; even a sapiosexual.

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