15 stages empaths go through in a relationship with a narcissist

15 stages empaths go through in a relationship with a narcissist

Is it impossible for you to give yourself a cold and brutal “human” To imagine a being (referred to as a human because unfortunately there is no other official word to identify this species) in a relationship with a lovable, sensitive, and loving empath?

Just by the sound of it, I get Chills, but I'm afraid it's not impossible at all.

One would think that such opposites could never cross each other's paths , but somehow they almost always end up together and the result is devastating.

The only thing this relationship can produce is a hurt and devastated victim scratching the surface of the glass prison to get out – and tried and failed from one day to the next.

You know, everyone out there thinks that an empath trapped in a relationship with a narcissist is free, because that is the overall picture.

Actually, it is the narcissistic main program – to torment and manipulate, while appearing completely innocent himself.

Therefore, the victim is held in a glass prison. It looks like it's free, but it's actually trapped.

If you're wondering how it feels to be a narcissist's prisoner, read the stages that every empath goes through in a relationship with a narcissist.

1. A man sees a woman. Their eyes meet and the love story begins.

The woman thinks she's found the love of her life – the man of her dreams.

The truth is, she didn't find the man of her dreams, but the man of her worst nightmare.

2. The narcissist convinces the empath that she is the person they have been waiting for.

He gives the empath everything she ever dreamed of.

He lies and pretends to be something he is not to gain the empath's trust – to make her believe everything he says, which isn't too unusual either, since his behavior at the beginning manifests itself in a sweet and almost unrealistic way.

3 . After phases 1 and 2 are over, the narcissist enters the most important phase of manipulation and control.

Over a long period of time, they work to improve self-esteem. hl and destroying the empath’s self-love.

Through a variety of tactics, he succeeds in carrying out his plan.

He will take on the role of the decision maker in the relationship and ensure that the empath has no say in it.

4. The empath will never be able to oppose the narcissist at this point in their relationship.

The empath will withdraw and reluctantly accept the labels the narcissist puts on them, which will gradually cause them to really start believing that they are incompetent and unworthy of love and the is respectful.

5. The empath will put their heart and soul into the relationship.

Their intentions are pure and their love is selfless. After all, you can't choose who you fall in love with.

Unfortunately, sometimes you fall in love with evil and your heart gets crushed, bringing you to the bottom of your life.


Nobody can count on it. No one can predict it or avoid it.

Empaths often fall into this trap because they are unselfish. You are a giver – just what every narcissist needs.

6. Gradually, the empath realizes that the relationship they are in is not healthy.

She begins to realize that the narcissist cannot love anyone but themselves .

Unfortunately, it's too hard to just run away at this point.

The empath is still under a lot of stress and she is under a lot of anxiety because she knows what the narcissist is capable of.

So she keeps luxuriating in his every need just to cause problems avoid.

7. As long as the empath does everything the narcissist wants, there will be no problems in the relationship.

And the more love and devotion the empath puts into them, the more fü the narcissist feels confirmed in his role.

Narcissists know that as long as empaths struggle to keep their relationship alive, they are in control.

Once the empath begins breaking the unhealthy bond, the narcissist begins to break to feel threatened.

8. Eventually, the empath takes action.

She eventually accepts that she was abused and doesn't want to be in that type of relationship.

She needs more; she needs true and selfless love and she is not getting it.

The narcissist does not like this realization. Actually, he feels threatened, and that makes him even more dangerous.

9. What actually happens is that the empath realizes that the narcissist can't get enough attention.

And none of their actions, nor the fulfillment of desires of the narcissist will ever satisfy their insatiable hunger for attention.

10. Desperate, the narcissist switches to manipulation mode.

Their next step is to convince the empath that everything bad that happened in their relationship is her fault.

He will convince her that she is too needy and demanding.

11. Then the empath will stop and worry.

Since her self-esteem has still not been restored and she is still quite sensitive, she will believe his crap and start seriously doubting themselves and their behavior.

This is exactly the narcissist's goal.

12. The problem is that the empath doesn't understand that she has been manipulated.

After the narcissist gets into her head and puts a little more into her head, will the empath will return to him and open up.

She will tell him how she really feels and how much she is suffering.

Unfortunately, these emotions won't get through to the narcissist, who will instead blame them again without feeling bad about it.

Empaths will openly admit that they feel that they go insane.

Nothing makes a narcissist happier than hearing this, because then the empath becomes easily controllable again.

13. This is where the empath makes the biggest mistake.

She believes in the lies the narcissist tells her.

Instead of accepting the pain and understanding that it's normal how she feels now because she was hurt, she usually blames herself and thinks she did something wrong.

14. Believe me, after a long struggle, the empath will find a way to escape from the narcissist!

Despite the misfortune that has befallen her, the empath will find a way to calm down, take a step back to reassess the situation and attempt to resolve the mess she is in.  ;

15. Empaths need to understand that not all people are worthy of their love and attention.

You need to assume that unfortunately there are evil people out there, people who only look out for themselves without any fear of crushing anyone who gets in their way.

Empaths need to realize that not everyone is like them.

The story ends with the empath trying to get back on his feet, feeling defeated, embarrassed, and broken.

Meanwhile, the narcissist carries on as is with no regrets nothing ever happens as if the empath never existed.

That's the sad truth.

You put your heart and soul into something and get hurt while the "man" goes on to destroy someone else's life.

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