15 Signs You're In An Extremely Unhappy Relationship

15 signs that you are in an extremely unhappy relationship

What are the signs of an unhappy relationship and what can you do about it?< /p>

When you've just started dating, or when you're just beginning a new relationship, everything seems idyllic and almost perfect.

Of course you want to make an effort, you respect each other's differences, you enjoy romantic rendezvous and pay attention to details.

When you're having a bad day, you know that yours is lover will be there for you because he is your best friend and lover rolled into one.

And then, over time, something changes, because when you since you've been together for a long time, there are no more barriers between you and everyone is who they really are in front of the other.

However, if everything gets too loose, you risk getting stuck in a rut.< /p>

If you loosen up and stop making an effort in a romantic relationship, the relationship loses more and more respect and esteem.

The partnership gets into a crisis, and what was initially happy; happy relationship turns into unhealthy relationship.

Being in an unhappy relationship is like slowly drowning in a swamp.

You feel like something is pulling you down and you can't breathe, but you don't really know why you feel this way and what the real reason is.< /em>

Either you misinterpret the warning signs somehow, or you overlook them and think that if you just do something, it will pass and everything will be fine have patience.

Or you convince yourself that it's normal to feel this way in a relationship because long-term relationships change over time and lose their initial passion and attractiveness.

Since you don't want to end up with a broken heart, you subconsciously choose to ignore any potential red flag and pretend you're happy in front of your friends and family.

You don't want to believe that what was once a beautiful thing has turned into a potentially toxic relationship. But that's what you have to do.

To get out of an unhappy relationship, you first have to accept the fact that you're in one, that nothing is the same anymore it used to be and that you deserve to be happy.

If you are not really sure if your relationship has reached the stage of chronic dissatisfaction, here is a list of signs that clearly prove that you are in an extremely unhappy relationship without realizing it ;to be conscious at all!

1. You spend more time with your friends and family than you do with your partner

The first and most important sign of an unhappy relationship is the time you spend with your partner.

If you've noticed that you're spending more time with your friends and family than with your significant other, you must realize that something is very, very wrong.

Just think back to the early stages of your relationship withü ck and compare it to the current relationship situation.

Do you notice that you used to spend a lot of time together because you really enjoyed every second of your togetherness and that you don't anymore because Has anything changed in you?

You no longer find being with your partner to be pleasant, but rather a kind of agony because you are not relaxed, because you are constantly arguing, or because he is not the same man you used to know.< /p>

He's no longer the kind of person who can make you happy, so you're no longer attracted to him.

Instead, you prefer to spend time with other people, those close to you, or alone.

2. There are no conflicts in the relationship

I know what you're thinking; how on earth can the fact that there is no conflict in a relationship be interpreted as something negative?

Shouldn't a happy relationship be conflict-free and light-hearted, without any arguments?

Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but she shouldn't.

In every healthy relationship there is some conflict and argument.

While constant fighting isn't healthy, neither is fighting at all in a relationship.

So if you've noticed that you're not fighting about anything anymore, that's a huge red flag that you are dissatisfied with the relationship you are in.

And why?

Because you are arguing with your partner to show them that you don't agree with something and you are trying to work together to find a solution because the relationship is important to you.

However, by avoiding any kind of argument, you're subtly telling each other that you don't give a damn about what's happening in the relationship and that you don't want to change anything.

That's what happens when you're not attached to each other anymore and feel like there's no point in arguing because you don't really care about the outcome and you just want your peace, even if you're passive in getting one -have to create an aggressive atmosphere.

3. Date nights are a thing of the past

How important it is to have regular date nights in a relationship (regardless of the length of the relationship) is emphasized by many dating coaches, relationship experts, and psychotherapists.

Once things have loosened up, partners often just forget to enjoy date nights and still make an effort to be with each other Surprise.

Or they don’t forget it, they just don’t care anymore because they have more important things to do and focus on other things.

So if you If you can't remember the last time you two went on a date, you can be sure that something is wrong.

Date nights don't exist without a reason. They help you strengthen your relationship with each other, they increase passion and intimacy, and they make you feel special (especially if one of you is starting the other with a date night ü surprised).

When all of that is gone in a relationship, you no longer have a chance to be one with your partner and to strengthen the relationship through the joy of spending time together. The relationship becomes numb and lifeless.

4. You criticize each other all the time

When you're new together, the tolerance for your partner's habits and behavior is at a very high level, but that changes over time.

The longer you've been together , the more you realize what's bothering you, and if you can't help but constantly criticize each other about it, then it's clear that you're in an unhappy relationship.

It's one thing to tell your partner every now and then that something about them is bothering you, but being constantly on the lookout for every single awkwardness and bad habit is a sign that the root of the problem is much more serious, than you thought.

It's a sign that you're not happy with your partner anymore and that's why you get irritated so easily by everything they do.

You don't perceive him as you used to and subconsciously look for ways to express your dissatisfaction with the current situation.

By constantly criticizing you are essentially communicating with your partner that you don't accept him and that no matter what he does, how he acts or what he says to you, you will never find him good enough for you.

You will him never feel good enough for you because mutual attractiveness, appreciation and respect have been lost.

5. Lack of intimacy

The lack of intimacy is definitely one of the most important signs of any unhappy relationship.

Being intimate means connecting with each other, building trust and strengthening the relationship.

< p>So if you suddenly notice a lack of intimacy, there is a reason.

If you keep making up excuses, such as that you have a constant headache (if you're a woman) and other excuses if you're a man, to justify your unwillingness to be intimate with your partner then you need to know that you have a serious problem in the relationship.

If you don't even mention intimacy and show no sign of wanting it, you need to be aware that the relationship has ended and turned into an unhappy relationship.

The reasons why this happens are a lack of attractiveness or mutual respect, passive-aggressive behavior, being controlling and the like.

In general, everything that goes on in the relationship’ same happened, reflected the situation in bed, and so whiteß you also know if you have reached a dead end or if there is still hope that by joining forces you can put everything back in order.

6. Lack of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe because when you are grateful you attract more positive things in life.

Showing your partner that you are grateful for everything that what he does for you, and vice versa, you motivate each other to keep going.

However, if there is a lack of gratitude in the relationship, there is also a lack of happiness.

If you don’t appreciate the big or small things you do for each other, then you don’t appreciate each other anymore as people, or as someone you once fell in love with.

Where there is no gratitude, there is no effort, for effort comes from a willingness to appreciate, respect and accept.

< p>And where there is no effort, there is no harmony either, because a relationship cannot survive without effort.

All of this creates a tremendous gap between partners and can even destroy the relationship forever.

7. You feel lonely in the relationship

A relationship should be a partnership between two people who are in love with each other and when you feel lonely in the relationship , it means you are in an unhappy relationship.

It is perfectly normal to feel lonely when there is a lack of important elements such as reciprocity, respect and mutual effort that make a happy relationship.

This is the main reason why you suddenly feel isolated.

You feel lonely because you don't have anyone to listen to you, you don't feel safe and you feel like your partner doesn't understand you at all.

And when that happens, you withdraw and immerse yourself in a maze of thoughts and daydreams ;um of something nicer – another person who is the exact opposite of your partner.

That's why you're often attracted to strangers very quickly just because they listen to you, compliment you, make you feel safe and they're there for you.

Once you start comparing your relationship to strangers who are just being polite to you, you must realize that you have been unhappy for a long time.

8. You punish each other with silence

Silence is the silent killer of any relationship and one of the most telling signs of any unhappy relationship.

Punishing someone with silence is ignoring their wants, needs, and thoughts.

The difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple is in the way they deal with their conflicts.

A happy couple never punishes each other with silence, but strives to sort everything out and find a common solution to a problem.

A couple in an unhappy relationship doesn’t really care about finding common solutions and instead punishes each other with silence.

If you ignore your partner, you indirectly kill your relationship or that , what's left of her.

If you ignore it, it means you are building a wall between you and your partner and are not willing to rebuild or reconstruct it.

And if you build a wall, then you are building misfortune up with all the unspoken words floating around in your head.

9. You live separate lives

While it's not really healthy to spend too much time together and do everything together, it's also not healthy to live separate lives in a relationship lead.

You lead a separated life when you have no idea what's really going on in your partner's life (job, family, friends or hobbies) and when you don't bother to talk about your own life either to tell.

Living separate lives means being like two strangers in a relationship where there is no common point where your lives intersect.

It means stopping seeing mutual friends, not bothering to tell your partner about that important incident at work, and not looking to your partner for comfort and understanding.' /p>

The less you know about each other's lives, the less connected you are.

And the less connected you are, the less happy you are in the relationship.< /p>

10. There are no meaningful conversations

It's clear you're in an unhappy relationship if you can't remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your partner.

About your feelings, talking about the meaning of life or other unconventional topics is another way to build a stronger relationship with your partner.

On the other hand, constant small talk is a real wrecker of any relationship because you don’t bother to say something meaningful, something that will bring the spark back to your eyes and enrich your soul.

And like I said before, if you don't try, you're in an unhappy relationship.

11. Instead of apologizing, you blame each other

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It's perfectly normal to make mistakes and fights from time to time in a relationship, and the difference is in the way you deal with it.

If you and your partner always apologize after you've done something wrong, or if one of you thinks you were wrong, it means you take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.

But when you are blaming each other instead of apologizing and feel the need to blame the other for everything bad that is happening in your relationship, then it is clear that you are in in a toxic relationship.

It's damaging to any relationship to constantly blame someone for the bad instead of dealing with the situation.

Most of the time it's not about the blame, it's about Expressing dissatisfaction with the relationship because you are no longer happy and content.

12. You fight over little things

When something serious happens, it's normal for you or your partner to react aggressively, but if you're constantly fighting over small things, it means you're so annoyed with each other that you're only waiting for each other's next mistake waits.

Arguing over trivial stuff means arguing for no real reason, just to express your dissatisfaction with the overall situation in the relationship and with your partner.

If you suddenly find yourself disgusted by everything your partner does or vice versa, then you need to know that you are in an unhappy relationship and that you should definitely do something.

13. Lack of Respect

As you probably already know, respect is the basis of any happy relationship.

Respecting your partner means making choices to respect his personality, his thoughts and any differences between the two of you.

Respect also means making compromises and understanding different situations.

If there is a lack of respect in a relationship, the basis for building a healthy relationship is missing.

Disrespect means underestimating each other, criticizing each other, not caring about how the other is feeling and so on.

You no longer bother to make your partner feel special, you just focus on yourself and your own needs and desires.

14 . You no longer show affection

In a relationship, affection is like water to flowers.

For a relationship to flourish properly, both partners need to constantly try and surprise each other, make each other feel special, compliment each other, and show their affection for each other in different ways and show wisdom.

A simple hug every day is very important to both your partner's wellbeing and your relationship.

When you can't remember , when was the last time you and your partner showed some affection for each other (be it verbally or physically), you need to know that you are in an unhappy relationship.

15. You dream of being single again

And finally, when you've been in an unhappy relationship for a while, you start having dreams about being single again, but for some reason you can't find the courage to do something about it things to do.

And that's why you sink into your dream world and dream of being single again.

When you think about it and imagine being single again, dating someone else, or meeting someone through online dating, you feel free and even momentarily happy because you knows that you are no longer happy in the current relationship and you are subconsciously looking for a way out.

If you have just realized that you are in an unhappy relationship plug…

If all or most of the above signs indicate that you are in an unhappy relationship, there are two things you can do: You can move on from it all, or fight for it if you believe there is still hope there.

But remember that the fighting and the efforts must be mutual.

If you still love your partner and feel the same that you belong together is reason enough to fight for what you have or, better said, for what is left of your relationship.

< p>But if you only want to fight for the relationship because you are afraid of being alone, you have to realize that this is not a good reason to stay, neither for you nor for your partner .

It would be best to take some time to think about the overall situation before making any irrational n Make decisions, talk to your partner about it, and exercise patience no matter what you do.

All the best!

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