15 signs of an emotionally unavailable woman

15 signs of an emotionally unavailable woman

It's so difficult to be a woman, don't you think? You have inner turmoil all the time and sometimes you don't know what you're feeling.

Just thinking about my PMS and this constant feeling of sadness and depression, OMG it is sucks!

And not to mention all the drama of arguing with my boyfriend and then walking over to my girlfriend's house to cry on her shoulder and say I'll never have a boyfriend in my life again.

< p>It is true that men have so many problems in relationships with women because we are so complex. There is a saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

I think that's true because we definitely don't have the same mindset and we don't express our feelings in the same way either. Sometimes it's just so obvious that we're from two different planets.

If we're talking about emotions, I bet women have PhDs in that field.

Women are known to be emotional and very sweet. and being cute, while men always pretend to be alpha males. That's how it is.

But (and there's always a but…) have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an emotionally unavailable woman? Interesting question, right? And a difficult one, I have to admit.

Is it even possible to be a completely emotionless woman? What kind of shit has to happen in your life to make you go numb to emotions?

One thing is for sure – Emotionally unavailable women have definitely been through a lot in their lives and there are good reasons why they feel this way. A woman like this has been through so much shit it is hard to imagine.

She has hit rock bottom but all the bad things that have happened to her have made her stronger and transformed her into the person she is now.

Also she won't put up with any crap because she knows people very well and will never let anyone treat her the way she does not earned.

If you're not entirely sure about the signs of an emotionally unavailable woman, I suggest you read on.

I bring you some of the most obvious signs that every emotionally unavailable woman exhibits.


So, let's get started, but please be patient because the list is pretty damn long!

1. She is not interested in getting to know you

With or without you, it will be the same for her. So what's the point of being with her?

If she didn't want you to meet her friends and family and didn't insist on meeting yours, then I have to disappoint you and tell you that you are both a FAIL.

There are many fish in the sea, but you were so unlucky to end up with someone who is emotionally unavailable. And dude, that sucks!

Before you fall head over heels for her, leave her because she is only good for herself and you will never be really happy with her!

If you really think that If you can have a future with her, make sure to set a few relationship rules from the start so you don't get irritated by your partner's behavior.

Acknowledge to yourself that she doesn't man needs to complete himself and that no matter what happens in her life, she will be fine on her own.

2. She's easy going when it comes to relationships

You all probably know that women are control freaks when it comes to romance and relationships. But with this type of woman, it's the other way around.

I would say that she acts like a guy. She has sex with you and then disappears for a few days.

If you try to reach her on her cell phone, you can be sure that she will be unavailable.

< p>If you try to text her, she will never reply to you, and if you try to find her at her house, she will not be there.

You have to understand that she is giving up her freedom on the loves the most and if you just try to catch her she will run away and never look back.

Dude you should understand that she is totally fucked up and frankly knows she knows; she doesn't know what to expect from her life.

It's much better to let her go so she can find her meaning in life.

If you're meant to be together, she'll come back, this time being the best version of herself!

3. She is available when she wants to


Taking care of your feelings is not her thing. Maybe it's that you-don't-care-attitude that draws you to her so much. Maybe she's doing it for a reason.

Maybe she's a control freak and she only wants you when it's convenient for her.

Maybe she was hurt in the past and now she doesn't want to commit easily.

If you recognize these signs, you can be sure that your girlfriend is an emotionally unavailable woman.

And I have to admit that a woman like that is not easy to take.

If you really love her, tell her honestly how you feel. Tell her that her behavior is hurting you and that you didn't expect this from love.

If your emotionally unstable wife loves you, she will understand you and try to get better.

If she's acting like a drama queen, just finish your glass of wine and get out!

4. She is always asking for attention

If you look at your best friend while you are talking about something, she will use all possible and impossible tricks , so you take care of them.

What's going on here is that if she's not the center of attention, she's not happy.

And that's not fair to other people. She's acting like a spoiled child and you can be sure she's incapable of love.

She thinks it's just not fair that you don't love her all the time looking at you while you're talking about something, even if there are a few other people sitting next to you. She's emotionally unavailable, but that's her choice.

And no matter how much you want to change her, you won't be able to because she doesn't want to be changed.

She will if she is ready, so don't be pushy, otherwise you will lose her.

So don't bother to explain everything to her. If she cares enough about you, she will do anything to keep you by her side.

If she doesn't love you, it's better to end this relationship as soon as possible.


5. She's against any kind of engagement

You two walk down the street and see some kids and you just tell her how great it would be, yours having kids of her own and she's freaking out. Does that sound familiar?

You can be sure that she is an emotionally unavailable woman, because normally women are known for loving children and relationships.

Just remember that you two don't have the same outlook on life and that it will be extremely difficult for you to find a middle ground.

With such an initial reaction, you can be sure that a woman like she is not a good potential wife and that you will suffer a lot if you try to date her.

Bottom line is that she is still not ready for any kind of commitment and therefore will have to wait a little longer.

You can wait for that to happen if you want, but be aware of the fact that it can take ages for her to let go of her feelings.

That's why I'm asking you: is it Worth the wait?

6. She is dominant

Some guys really like dominant women, but if you feel like a jerk every day because she makes all life decisions instead of you, you will eventually explode. So please don't let that happen.

Be aware of the fact that she is emotionally cold and has no feelings for others.

She will always want to be the one who rules everything and makes all important decisions without asking you, if you agree with them.

Do you know why she is doing this? Because she doesn't know any other way of working things out and that's the best she can do.

You should be asking yourself why she's with you in the first place.

< p>It looks like a joke to me; first she wants you and then she avoids you completely. A little bit cold and a little bit hot.

If you like that, then that's okay, but if not, you should have a serious conversation with her about your future.

I know some men are tolerant, but dude, that's exceptionally selfish!

7. She will make you feel bad about everything


Emotionally unavailable women have no sense. Period.

Just think about it. If she blames you for all the problems in the world, what's the use of being with her?

You should feel good and comfortable in a relationship, right?


However, if you feel like shit and down, there is no reason to be with her anymore, because apparently she doesn't give you everything you need.

And I know that all you want is love, affection, and someone who will love you and be with you until you die.

If you don't get what you want, then you have to go after it just look elsewhere.

There are so many women out there yearning for love and your only job is to dig deeper to find one.

< p>And when you find the right one, you'll see what it really means to love someone and get all the love and affection you so desperately needed. Only then will you be a truly happy person.

8. She never counts on you

In my opinion, a man and a woman should be a team in a relationship.

When they are independent wants to be, that's fine, but only to a certain extent.

If she never asks for your opinion, that's not a good sign; a woman in love will always ask for her loved one's approval.

She will show her partner that she loves him by asking him about his ideas that could help her in personal or business life.

Only an emotionally unavailable person will be ’s all the time about acting independently. Trust me, she isn't cut out for a long term relationship and you should tell her that.

If she's offended don't bother because she has treated you like a piece of shit so many times, so why should you bother with her feelings now?

End this once and for all, because even though you tried to help her heal herself, she didn't.

Instead, she continued to act like she was the Rule the world and like you have to listen to everything she says. And that's not how real love and relationships should be.

Remember, everything that comes must go eventually.

9. She wants it all

And she wants it now! I know she sounds like a spoiled child, but that's how emotionally paralyzed women behave. Ic

h really admire all the men out there who can live with a person like that.

Dude, you have to be so phlegmatic if you don't want to that her words make you feel bad.

Women like this don't care that much about other people's emotions. They think that all people are just like them – emotionally broken.

They don't believe that there are people who long for love and affection and this feeling is completely normal for them.

But the most important thing is that this is not normal for you.

Never let anyone treat you like this because it is not love.

It is brutal and you will can only accept if you're fucked up in 50 shades like Mr. Grey.

10. Her career is more important than you

I know that a career is very important to all of us, but we should be able to differentiate between our personal and business lives.

It is a fact that money is the Rules the world, but that shouldn't be a priority for her.

It means she cares less about your life than her business goals and her customers.

Tell her that you both should take some time each for your business life, but on the other hand, you should spend some time taking care of things that are happening in your love life.

Explain to her that relationships are all about love and support and that you can't give her everything if she doesn't want to give the same back to you.

You really do share your bed with such a woman? No! I didn't think so either!

We all deserve to be spoiled in relationships and you won't get that when you're with an emotionally unavailable woman. So, let her go – the sooner the better!

11. She expresses love in a weird way

The fact is that while she has feelings, when it comes to expressing her feelings, she is a total idiot.

If that makes you feel bad, you can only imagine how it is for her.

Some women do this on purpose to get men to respect them.

I would say this is a proven tactic for a happy relationship.< /p>

On the other hand, emotionally unavailable women can't influence the way they feel.

I mean, they can fake something, but everything has an expiry date.

You will always feel a little strange around her and you will never know if she is pretending to be happy with you or if she really is.

12. She prefers to listen

A woman who listens more than she talks is sure to be emotionally distressed. For some reason she feels better when you are the one to talk.

Sometimes she wants your opinion so talk as long as you can because this type of woman is very moody .

This means that one moment she will let you talk and then the next she will say she has a headache and just needs to go.

That's who she is though, so you can either accept all her imperfections , or just leave them. Your decision.

13. She thinks you're not worthy to be with

Even if you try like crazy by buying her expensive gifts, taking her out to romantic dinners and wearing your heart on your sleeve the whole time, that's not enough for her.

However, she would reject any guy who approaches her and that's a fact.

That means you can work your ass off, she still will not be satisfied. I just wonder why emotionally unavailable women have this kind of attitude.

Is it because of their genes or did they experience trauma in their childhood?

Because honestly, I can't find any other good reason for this kind of behavior.

You should know that no matter how hard you try, you'll never be good enough for her.

A woman like this will always be unreachable until she solves her inner problems.

It's not you – it's her and no, that's not a cliché.

It's a fact, so get out of this toxic relationship and stay single until you find the one who truly deserves you!

< h2>14. She is a perfectionist

Let's be honest, I'm a perfectionist too, but I'm not as cold as an ice cube.

I have feelings for others and sometimes I care more about her happiness than my own.

The thing is, this is one of the most common signs of an emotionally unavailable woman.

If you are her partner you probably have to be a bloody rocket scientist if you want to be.

These women always aim high and never stay in a relationship with an average man.

She is the type of woman who wants to reach her full potential and make the most of life .

She knows what she wants from her life and she will accept nothing less than that!

So if you think you are strong enough for her, then just go for it and take the first step.

15. She is always angry

It's ok if people are angry for any reason, but she has no reason to feel that way.

She'll take offense at waiters and people who do all these clerk jobs doing chores, behaving very badly.

This is also a sign that you are dating a woman who is emotionally abusive.

If you continue to be in stay in a relationship with her, you can be sure that you will not be happy.

So just stop for a second and ask yourself, “Do I really need that kind of woman in my life?”

I'm sure you'll find that very soon, never mind how much you love her, she is definitely not worth being a part of your life.

You will see that in a life with her you will never get as much as you give and that , no matter how hard you try, she'll never be satisfied.

The bottom line is that emotionally unavailable women are very difficult to deal with.

If she's like that at the beginning of your relationship, you can just imagine how brutal she will be after 10 years of marriage.

She might turn into something you wouldn't even want to see in your wildest dreams, and to be honest , it won't be something you'll like.

If you notice any of these signs, think twice before putting a ring on her finger.

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