143 messages that will make him want and miss you even more

143 messages that will make him want and miss you even more

Are you having trouble writing messages that make him want you even more? 

Do you think your love life is suffering because you just don't know the right formula to rock the writing and make him want and miss you?

You're wondering What can I text him to wrap him around my finger? What nice things can I write him? What could a magic text message be for him? How do I get him to check in? 

Believe me, it's not that big of a science.

Men are really simple creatures and there are some tips on how to captivate them and make them yours.

They all fall for the same things.

They all catch the eye Confidence and dynamic texting that sparks their imaginations.

You don't even have to talk dirty or do anything else you're uncomfortable with.

There are much easier ways to get his attention such as writing messages that will drive him crazy.

Men love the feeling of the chase and by sending ambiguous messages that get their imaginations running wild, you're giving them exactly what they want.

This will hook them to you and they will Don't leave until they get you and that's exactly what you want, right? 

Sending sexy messages that drive him crazy is even more perfect when you're in a long-distance relationship .

He's far away from you and the truth is it's so hard to keep the spark alive.

No matter how hard you try to be a part of his life, there's a chance that he's going even further away because you're not around. 

Instead of sending thought-provoking messages, sending naughty and perverted messages is easy perfect for this situation. Send them every day.

Use this time to remind him why he's crazy about you and believe me he'll picture himself touching and kissing every inch of your body like you're there; rst.

Of course, these messages don't just apply to people who are in a relationship.

They also apply to people who have just started dating or to pursue each other – you know, that first phase of exciting tension where you haven't done anything physical yet, but it suggests it.

You're wondering now: But what could I write to him? How can I drive a man crazy via WhatsApp? How do I get him to text me? 

Before we get started, here are some tips on what to do when sending messages that get him to text to desire you:

1. Don't write too much

Have you ever heard of the one thing: “Less is more”? Write what you can.

Don't write essays because you'll bore him and he'll just lose interest in you.

Keep your sexy texts short!

A guy you just started dating, going out or who you are considering dating is not interested in your life story.

He is only interested in you at this moment.

Also, you should write ambiguous messages that leave him plenty of room to ask questions, because as long as he asks questions, the conversation will last.

If he runs out of questions to ask, your texting is over.

2. You have to be confident

That stupid rule that you have to wait for him to text you first isn't going to work.

Who says that men don’t like it when women show a little initiative?

Well it does, so tearß Get together and find the courage to be the first to text him in a flirtatious and charming way.

The important thing is that you must flatter him in your first message.

Write something that will catch his attention and make him see you in a different and more confident light.

3. You need to know when to end the conversation

Don't force it, it will be awkward for both of you.

If you see him responding with shorter lines or if it takes a while for him to respond, he's probably had enough.

Don't force the conversation to continue, it's just pointless .

And a tip for ending the conversation: Again, keep it simple and end the conversation in a way that leaves him wanting more.

Leave him curious be on what you will say next.

4. Don't be the first to ask him out

I know I said that you have to show confidence and sometimes make the first move, but that's only for the news part.

Don't do it if you want to date him.< /p>

If he likes you, he will make the first move, especially if you already texted him first.

If you ask him out right away, you can seem pushy, huh might even put him off.

Besides, if your texting is going in the right direction, it's only a matter of time before he asks you out. Just be patient!

5. You should compliment him

Men love to be flattered, even though they will never admit it.

They love Compliments just as much as women do.

I mean, who wouldn't like to hear someone honestly acknowledge the effort you put into your outfit or something similar want?

Remind him how attractive he is or how strong his arms are.

But you have to be careful not to overdo it or he'll think you're not being honest.

Even a small compliment can lead you in the direction of flirting, and then you're on your way right way to make him want you.

6. You have to be true to yourself

Don't pretend to be something you are not because he will find out sooner or later.

No one can pretend to be something they are not for long.

Sooner or later the masks will come off and then it is questionable whether he will like the real you.

Well, the best and safest way is to just be yourself be. If he doesn't like it, then you really have nothing to do with him.

Don't waste your time trying to change his mind because that's not going to happen.

Instead, you should use this time to show the right guy the way to you.

Okay, now that you've learned the basic rules of how to conduct yourself while texting someone you want to intrigue and seduce, let's move on to real messages that will make them want you want. 

You don’t have to be extremely naughty or kinky to get his attention. WhatsApp messages that drive him crazy can be cute, funny and sexy.

But to be fair, we're going to cover all of these points so you're ready for any situation.

Messages that will blow his mind… 

1. I love it when my roommate isn't around because I never have to get dressed.

2. I want to show you how much I love you.

3. All I've been thinking about all day is your lips.

4. I've always wanted to go rock climbing! Now that I know an expert, would you like to be my teacher?

5. I find it incredibly sexy that you've been patient with me to take things slow. Trust me, I'm worth the wait!

6. Congratulations. You managed. I won't hold back the next time I see you. Get ready!

7. I'm dirty and I'm going to take a shower. And when I come back I want you to get me dirty again.

8. “I'm only going to wear heels tonight.”

9. I dreamed all day…. you and me naked, moaning and sweaty… do you have anything to add to this vision?

10. I hope you're rested because you're going to need every ounce of energy you can find tonight.

11. You have no idea how much I want you right now…let alone how I want you…and where I want you.

12. Everything about you turns me on, you're all I can think about!

13. Tell me 3 things that excite you the most….I'll make sure you get at least 2 out of 3…Deal?

14. Confession: I was naughty today and I probably deserve a slap on the butt. If only there was someone to do it…

15. I'm dying to find out if you're as good in real life as you are in my fantasies.

16. I know you're not a magician, but I think your mouth is pretty magical. I can think of a few places I'd like to have him now. Wait, maybe you're a magician.

17. You look great today. How do I know I the? Because you look good every day.

18. I would invite you to come over this weekend, but I'm not sure I can keep my hands to myself.

19. I just read that caffeine can increase a woman's sexual desire. Is that why you keep inviting me for coffee?

20. I just wanted to write that I'm lying naked on the bed and thinking about you.

21. I had a dream last night where we are both moaning and sweating with pleasure. I just wanted to ask if you could stay in my bedroom tonight to make my dream come true!

22. Tonight I want you to slowly undress me with your muscular touch, biting every inch of my body without leaving an inch untouched.

23 . I love the touch of your lips when we kiss. I love the rubbing of your sexy hips when we rub. I love the warmth of your breath on my neck when we hug.

24. Can you send me the details of what you will do to me tonight if you sleep next to me? The excitement and anticipation of spending the night with you is driving me wild and crazy.

25. Could you please come over to my house and take my bra off for me?

26. I just wanted to say that my new red lingerie feels really good and sexy against my skin. I would show you if you were here now.

27. All my girlfriends told me that they wish to have a guy like you.

28. I'm on cloud nine when I'm with you.

29. I know not how you manage to take all my madness but thanks.

30. Someone told me they saw me with a sexy strong man the other day. Do you happen to know who that was? 🙂

31. I need cuddles and kisses, you're the only one who can.

32. I'm just wondering if you even exist. I mean, can someone like you be real?

33. Look, I don't like it, you're too far away. If I could, I would be in your arms right now.

34. Why don't you come by later, I bought a new bra. I need someone's second opinion.

35. When you come home you better be prepared for me.

36. I can't stop thinking about that one day/night.

37. Would you be mad if I made out with a girl?

38. What should I wear to bed tonight?

39. What would you say if I suggested we stay in bed all Saturday?

40. I'm hungry. I want to enjoy every inch of you until I'm full.

41. You and me, naked, sweaty and moaning. Anything else to add?

42. Just saw something really hot and thought of you.

43. I just had the naughtiest thought of you. Too naughty to write a message – I'll tell you later.

44. I just had a fun idea of ​​what we can do tonight.

45. I'm really craving some time with you right now.

46. Work is stressful today. Can we blow off some steam tonight?

47. Don't worry about wearing a nice outfit tonight. You won't need it.

48. All I want is for you to sit back and relax tonight. I've got plans.

49. Just thinking about you makes my whole body feel good.

50. I miss the way your arms feel when they wrap around me.

51. Do you think my boobs are too big not to wear a bra?

52. Just so you know, I'm usually a lot better behaved.

53. Have I ever told you about this weird fantasy I have?

54. Sorry you've had a rough week. Come over and I'll give you a massage. After that, who knows?

55. I wouldn't mind giving you a bite of love today.

56. My favorite place to sit is on your face and……

57. I sit on the counter and think of you between my legs.

58. I looked at sex toys today.

59. Right now I'm writing to you with just one hand because the other is busy with something else. Can you guess what it is?

60. I imagine your hands on my body… your mouth on my body… and finally your body on mine.

61. My knees go weak whenever your name appears on my screen.

62. Kissing burns calories. I can help you burn them all off your body.

63. Who gave you the right to be so sexy?

64. I can't help but think of an intimate encounter with you when I hear this song. Do you want to make it happen?

65. Just FYI you are hot, you are attractive and have a good body and now you can have me.

66. I had so many dirty thoughts today… guess who inspired them all?

67. Every time I close my eyes… I see you naked… just so you know…

I'd rather see you naked with your eyes open.

68. All I can think about right now is that I can't wait to see my clothes on the floor next to yours.

69. All I can think about right now is, “Damn, I'm a lucky woman”.

70. I know what you want, but I want you to beg for it… think you got it?

71. All I can think about is stripping you naked and covering you with kisses…very slowly at first…then with an appetite.

72. I can't wait to feel you in the right places in the right way.

73. I love the feel of your lips on mine when we kiss…. the best part is knowing that the rest of you will touch me at the same time!

74. I get so turned on when you say my name… especially if… well, you know “when”, don't you?

75. The moment I see you, I want your clothes gone!

76. Tell me how much you love it when I touch you….tell me exactly what you like best…I will make sure I do it exactly as you describe – so don't forget the details.

77. The next time we sleep together, you can only say one word…. my name! I want to hear it over and over again! Do you think you can do that for me…. hmmmm?

78. Obviously you know I think you're sexy…. but do you know how much?

79. Quick question: What do you do when there's someone you can't stop fantasizing about but have no idea how to tell them?

80. I just wanted to tell you that I find you very attractive. And hot. And sweet. And I want to put my lips to your lips.

81. As it has been said that it will be hot today; I decided to wear a thong and a low-cut top and just stay in bed. What are you up to?

82. My girlfriends keep getting mad that I talk about you too much. I can't help it when you're the sexiest man who has ever walked the earth and I think about you all the time.

83. What are you doing for dinner tonight? I was thinking about getting a reservation for my bedroom but wanted to make sure you were available.

84. Let me do all the work tonight. We're gonna take this slow and you're gonna scream.

85. Do you have any fantasies?

86. My hands. My hips. My lips. Your body. Tonight.

87. I have something to show you. It's a surprise and you'll have to undress me to find it.

88. You might want to cancel your appointments for tomorrow morning because I plan to stay up late with you tonight. Very long.

89. Just to be clear: when I see you later, I will undress you button by button. I will open your pants and take them off leg by leg. I'll take off your boxers and throw them against the wall. What happens next is entirely up to you.

90. If you could do anything to me, what would you do?

91. I invite you on one condition: you must not keep your hands on you. Actually, you have to tell me exactly where you're going to put them.

92. I'm currently bragging about my amazing husband.

93. Are you even real? Because someone like you cannot exist.

94. I usually don't like scary movies, but if you're with me, I know; me that I will be safe.

95. Nobody understands me like you do.

96. I don't think I've ever met anyone whose smile I liked more than yours.

97. If there's one thing I could change about you, it would be your current location… so you can be with me.

98. You make me blush and you're not even here!

99. I feel so dirty right now. Let's take a shower.

100. You get three wishes that I will gladly fulfill you tonight in bed. So, shootß Go!

101. Come home so I can show you what I just read in Cosmo.

102. I bought something fun for us. You'll see.

103. I just noticed that the panties I wore today are see-through. I know you won't miss this.

104. I love how you kiss me goodbye… but it always leaves me wanting more.

105. Iron your blue shirt, baby. I'll go eat oysters with you. And yes, they are an aphrodisiac. The rules? You can't touch me until we get home.

106. Would you ever want to have sex in public?

107. If you could do it anywhere in the world, where would you like to do it?

108. I've just come out of a steamy shower. I'm so wet right now.

109. What are you wearing right now? I hope you don't say anything.

110. I want to feel those sweet lips all over me, and I mean ALL over me….one condition…I can guide you with my hands…I guide… you are following….Agreed?

111. I love it when you roll your tongue around my nipples and then slowly exhale with your hot wet breath… this makes me tremble inside.

112. Your wish is my command. How many wishes can you think of?

113. Are you ready to make me scream soon, or should I do it myself without you?

114. I was thinking of trying something new and erotic…any suggestions?

115. I'm sooo hungry right now….the thing is…not for food.

116. Imagine….you come home…I take off your shoes for you, take off your clothes for you, scrub your back in the shower for you…and once you are clean…let's see how dirty we can get.

117. I need some kisses….special kisses…do you have any left?

118. I was just daydreaming about us… do you have any idea how wet i am right now thinking about you?

119. Mmmmmmm…. I love it when I feel your pulse racing wherever I touch you.

120. I love hearing you moan my name! What do I have to do to make you scream him?

121. All I can think about is the way you make my whole body spasm….and the way my body temperature rises so incredibly high and my heart sleeps so fast ;gt.

122. Here's a riddle for you: What is sweet? and nice and sometimes really hard?

123. I have a bachelor's degree in communications, so I think I'm pretty qualified to take your breath away tonight.

124. I wanna fuck you I want you. No tricks. Don't be late. See you then.

125. Did you know that today is International Donut Day? I thought we could celebrate in my bedroom. I'll bring the sugar.

126. If I told you that you have a beautiful body, would you face me? But seriously. You are hot. I want to touch your shoulders now while you take off my pants.

127. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk past again?

128. So, I'm out. I don't carry two essential pieces of clothing, but nobody sends the cops after me. Can you guess what's missing? And it's not my shoes.

129. 100 things I like about you: 1. You are hot. 2. You are hot. 3. You are hot. You get the point.

130. Tonight is a polite conversation followed by rude bedroom arrangements.

131. Hey, I was just wondering…. what is your favorite sex fantasy?

132. I get so turned on when I cover you from head to toe. may move out.

133. Do you know that you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met?

134. The countdown is on. I can't wait for you to get your hands on me!

135. I make the first move when it comes to texting, so I expect you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.

136. I can't even remember the last time we spoke. We need to change that.

137. Do you find it sexy when women make the first move or should I wait for you to do it yourself?

138. I was going to wait a day or two to message you, but I can't wait that long to talk to you.

139. I could have sworn I saw you at the mall today, but it turned out to be another incredibly attractive blonde.

140. Stop sending me mixed signals and start sending me memes.

141. How could you go so long without texting me? I'm so adorable.

142. I had a dream where we were sexting, so I woke up and decided to make it come true.

143. If we have enough time to ”like” each other's Instagram pics, we also have time to write.


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