14 tips on how to show him that he needs you

14 tips on how to make him know he needs you

Sometimes relationships get to a point where people forget that they need to fight for each other , because they are so sure of their feelings.

We have all become used to having a person by our side who is a part of us.

We think it's impossible to lose this person.

But a healthy relationship requires that both sides continue to maintain the relationship and work together to make it all work.

We all need to feel valued and loved and wanted.

Ignorance and neglect are the most painful feelings one can experience in a relationship, especially when we really care about our better half.

They say the worst loneliness is how we feel about someone we love.

So what should we do?

Are you feeling lonely in your relationship? Do you feel like you are being taken for granted?

Or have you just started the relationship and really want to show him that you are the right one for him?< /p>

Wondering how to make him realize he needs you?

I have put together a few methods and ways that can make him realize that you are the woman he needs and is worth fighting for.

They are Different ways that will show him that he can lose you too and that it's time he made an effort if he wants to keep you.

1. Show him that you are more than just a nice cover

You are not someone who keeps his bed warm or just his bedmate.

You have feelings and needs just like him. Show him that you are more than just an object. Tell him that you feel the need to talk to him about your problems and feelings instead of just rolling around in the sheets.

Show him that you are both best friends, lovers and significant other and not just two people having an affair.

Men tend to forget certain benefits of having an amazing woman by their side because they are so distracted by their fast paced lifestyle.

But if you remind men of these things again , then they will surely slow down and enjoy the moment.

Sit down with him and ask him to talk to you and listen to you.

Show him that he makes you feel good and that you need his hugs.

Tell him that you feel lonely and that you feel like he takes you for granted and that this is not love.

Show him that he has a relationship with you too can have a great time. Bring him a beer and turn on his favorite movie or game and watch it with him.

Put on some music that reminds you of your time getting to know each other and just enjoy it with him.


Take him on a memory journey that will remind him that you two were best friends before you became romantic partners and lovers.

Remind him of the woman he fell in love with and that the way he used to treat you.

If he still takes you for granted then you might need to raise the skewer. turn over.

2. Show him you trust him

One of the reasons a man withdraws is a lack of trust or a lack of emotion, which may be within the relationship prevails.

Maybe he feels bad about going alone on a business trip without you because he's worried that you're mad.

Maybe he can't enjoy the moment because he's annoying ;always feels like you're jealous.

Show him that he has your trust. Show him that you trust him completely, with your body, your fears and your feelings.

There is no stronger connection than fear and hope. When you share your love, your deepest feelings and your fears with him, then no man in the world can ignore it.

Suggest that you two spend a weekend after work alone together.

Or the two of you can both turn off your phones and enjoy the time you've managed to get together.

Spend the entire weekend cooking together, to dance and make love.

Do you remember the times when you lay in bed together for hours and talked to each other? When was the last time you did something like this?

When was the last time you opened up to each other like that? Use your weekend to reconnect and strengthen that bond.

3. Make time for each other – not just you for him

Maybe he's so used to you being with him all the time that he's forgotten that he actually has to try to keep things that way.

If he calls you next time, don't answer. Find a new hobby, meet new people.

Show him that now he has to fight to spend time with you and that you're not a puppy who obeys immediately.< /p>

You are a person who needs to feel wanted. Once he shows interest in the fact that he has to fight for you, work on compromises slowly.

Sometimes there is no easy way to show him that he is about to have you lose.

If he suggests meeting you and you already have a date, don't cancel it because of him.

Show him that you have a life of your own and that you have people in your life that you care about and that he's not the only one.

Instead, suggest that you push the date back to another day or a few hours.

If you keep making time for him but he only does it when it's convenient for him, then you will he continues to take you for granted.

4. Show your appreciation

Just like him, you need to feel valued and loved.

But instead of showering him with the compliments you usually give him, use a different strategy this time.

Tell him you never doubted that he will be successful with the project at work.

Tell him you love the way he makes you feel safe.

Tell him that you can't wait to spend some time with him so you can enjoy his amazing body.

That you need it, that he is close to you and that you long to fall asleep in his strong arms because you are feeling sad.

Show him that you value him and that there is more than one reason you chose him.

How much you admire his work ethic and his mind.

That he will give you a makes you feel good and that you want both of you to be happy. Tell him “thank you” every once in a while.

We get so used to the things other people do for us that we take them for granted.

Maybe he feels like he takes them for granted ;finally viewed. Maybe that's why he's withdrawing?

Just show him that you recognize his efforts and that you appreciate them.

5. Go out without him

You used to date all the time, but lately you've been spending all your evenings at home watching Netflix and sometimes (rarely actually) having sex.

If you want more when you're not with me If you're happy with this lifestyle, but if you're not ready to tell him that openly and honestly, then show him. Go out without him.

Have you been wanting to see this movie but he doesn't want to? Go to the cinema alone, go with your friends, but don't choose to stay at home with him.

You feel like dancing but he doesn't? Come on then, you were already dancing before you met him.

Just show him that he doesn't have to accompany you everywhere and show him your independence.

Genius ; live your life to the fullest and remember that you don't need him to do it.

Yes, it's great when he's with you, when he's around, when you're happy but if he ignores your invitations, get him to approach you.

If he doesn't feel like leaving the house but is perfectly fine with going out alone with friends, show him you can play this game too.

If he's always If he doesn’t react to it yet, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

He is either under pressure or sad, but he knows; not how he can talk to you about it.

Or he has another wife. The most important thing is that you know that you deserve to be happy, even if it means breaking up with him.

6. Show him your confidence

Confidence doesn't come naturally to us, and it's typically easier to lose than gain.

But if you're confident and if you're working hard on your confidence then show it!

You love how your body looks in that tight dress but are you worried that he might be jealous?

Wear it anyway and if he doubts you, if if he doesn't trust you then you have a whole different problem.

But if he's sure of your love then what could go wrong if you remind him what a great woman he has by his side?

What could go wrong with showing him that you are still the strong and independent woman he fell in love with?

You have the opportunity to further advance your career, but you are worried that he might feel threatened by your salary and your success?

My dear, when you are up to the challenges If you can handle it under your nose, you can handle it too. Believe in yourself, trust your gut feeling.

If it feels right then do it. He'll learn to believe in you too, and it may even teach him how to believe in himself.

He'll see the way you see yourself and he'll settle into fall in love with you in a whole different way.

When he decides that this is all too much for him and he feels threatened, then you really need that negativity ;t in your life?

7. Let him take care of himself sometimes

Do not rush to him when he is sick or when he has problems at work. If he said he could do it but he just needed to talk to you about it, then let him.

You're not his mother.

Leave his shirts behind him and do your own ironing and tell him to make you something to eat because he's so good at it.

Sometimes small successes can lead to very big successes.

It is important to remind him that you are not a dishwasher, cleaning lady or cook serving him.

We tend to do too much to please our loved ones and to make our husbands happy.

But sometimes we forget that it's important to be happy too .

Our happiness is just as important as that of others. Why shouldn't he take care of himself every now and then? And take care of you?

It's important that you show him that you trust him and don't make him feel guilty or angry because men tend to be a bit sensitive about the issue of ”irresponsibility” to react.

If you want to show him that you are independent, why not give him the opportunity?

8. Integrate into his social circle

You and his mother get along well and his father thinks you're a godsend?

Awesome, half the job is already done. Plan a weekend visit to his parents to remind him that they love him and that they think you two are a great match.

His friends think you are the best woman for him and that he can be really happy to have you by his side? Make sure he knows that.

Tell them they can watch the game at your house and bring them snacks, but don't stay too long.

For your part, plan a girls' night out and enjoy it to the fullest.

Show his friends that you have a life outside of relationships – this is something all men admire: Women who aren't needy and clingy.

If his people think you're great but he's still withdrawing, then there could be a serious problem, because he really needs a whole being a special idiot for not realizing how awesome you are.

If he hasn't responded to the tactics you've used, then it's time to address the issue.

Neither of you are happy with the situation and you both need something together change it.

9. Put yourself first and show him why you need it

There is no viable way of maintaining a relationship if you neglect yourself , just to make the partner happy and satisfied.

He has gotten so used to you being around him, that you care about him, that he doesn't have to care about himself or your relationship because he still thinks that you will do this.

Show him that you will not do this. Put yourself first.

Instead of going to his parents' house for the third time in a row, go somewhere you've always wanted to go, whether alone or with friends.

< p>Stop respecting his wishes when he doesn’t respect yours.

If he shows you that he’s hurt, don’t pour oil on the fire.


Try to calmly make him understand that you really need this weekend together, that you really need some time for yourself and that you really need to feel needed.

And right now you just don't have that feeling.

10. Give him his space

There are certain things guys like to do alone or with their friends, like watch games, go to a bar or go fishing (resp . drinking beer and talking about their miserable life).

That doesn't mean he doesn't love you or that he doesn't appreciate your presence – it's just like shopping or spas for us.

This is his time and he wants to enjoy it without worrying that you might get bored or that his friends might say something that would hurt or upset you.< /p>

But just as you love him and want to spend time with him, it's just as important that you give him his space.

If you spend every free minute together, you'll end up getting on each other's nerves and fighting over unnecessary things because neither of you has had time to yourself to blow off some steam.

And trust me, time to yourself is just as important to you as it is to him, which leads us to tip #11.

11. Enjoy life outside of your relationship

It is important for him to see that you are not dependent on him and that you are fine without him .

This will make him curious about your time and the life you lead outside of your relationship.

Find a new hobby and make new friends unrelated to your life who don't know your partner yet.

It will be a great opportunity for you, your life even more to enjoy and talk about other things than the ones you are constantly discussing with your friends.

You will have something new in your life and that could be the passion and rekindle the fire in your relationship.

12. No More Excuses

If you make excuses for him every time he messes up or hurt you, it will only lead to that he thinks he can take you for granted.

Stop tolerating his stupid behavior because it won't get any better if you pretend it isn't available.

Show him that you have feelings too and that he needs to try harder with you. If you're upset that he won't help you around the house or with the kids, tell him.

If you're upset because he takes your troubles for granted, tell him . He won't think about it himself until it's too late.

We all want to make our husbands happy and we often forgive too many things out of love. But remember, it's okay to love yourself, too.

That it's okay to leave if it's too much for you. That it's more than okay to demand the respect you deserve.

He will either show you respect and appreciate your being by his side more, or he will leave you . Either way, it will all end well.

You will get the man you deserve or get rid of the one who doesn't deserve you.

13. Show initiative in the bedroom

Sex is important- not as important as the rest of things on the Stuff, but still.

Be seductive and drive him crazy, tease him and make him not want enough of you gets.

If you've been doing it the same way for months, do something about it. Climb on top of him and show him who's boss.

Make him almost orgasm and stop just before he begs you to continue.

Or deny him the act itself but send him such dirty messages that he loses his mind.

Seduce him and play with him until he can hardly take it anymore. Show him what he's missing and trust me, he'll definitely go out of his way to please you.

Play different games with him: leave your clothes in the hallway to the bedroom so he's white ;, what is waiting for him when he enters the room.

Or leave him a message that you are hiding somewhere naked from him and that he can do whatever he wants with you if he finds you.

Send him pictures with lacy underwear and ask his opinion, what to wear when he comes home and when he comes home don't wear anything.

Tease him in public, send him sexy messages when he's at a store; ft dinner or at family gatherings.

Show him you want him here and now and dare him to take you.

14. Don't let him always have his way

We don't live in the 16th century anymore.

We bought hard for things; we have today and damn we still fight like crazy for it.

Long are the days when a man's word was the ultimate law in a relationship past. Show him that your relationship doesn't work that way.

He wants to go to the game with you, but you don't want to? If he demands that you go along and tries to pressure you to give in, stop that behavior immediately.

You have your own will and needs. Tell him what you want from him. If you want him to help you with the kids, tell him so.

If you want him in the bed underneath you, push him down. He's not a special person who can always get his way.

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