14 Signs He Really Misses You

14 Signs He Really Misses You

How many times have you stayed up at night wondering if he thinks about you as much as you do about him?

How many nights have you wondered if he was honest when he said he missed you?

How many times have you wished it was true, and somehow wanted to find out if he actually misses you?

We're all a bit curious and want to know what happened to the people we were once really close with and we wish we did , we could go back and do a few things differently.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who still has a chance to right the wrongs done in the past, and maybe the true answer to your question, does he miss you, is YES!

< p>To see if he really misses you, here is a list of 14 characters that will serve as an answer to all your doubts, so read on!

1. He really misses you when he asks you to send him a picture of you

I don't mean the pictures, you know, the ones you almost always regretted. I mean those cute selfies or pics of you in your pajamas or in his old hoodie or anything that shows him the real you.

Actually he's just asking for those pics so he can get the whole something to stare at.

Something to remind him of the time you were together or maybe to rekindle the illusion that you still care about him like he used to .

2. He really misses you when he replies to your texts right away

When he initiates most of your conversations, and when he keeps texting you after you reply , it's a clear sign that he misses you.

But you'll be able to tell just how much he really misses you by the time it takes him to respond to your message to answer.

He probably won't want to look desperate and might try to wait a bit before texting back, but if he misses you that much he probably won't be able to bear it and text you back right away.

3 . He really misses you if he video chats with you instead of just calling you

Just hearing your voice won't quench his thirst for you and that's why he'll want to video chat instead .

He'll want to see you and hear you at the same time, and if not in person then at least over the phone.

He'll probably have a few jokes ready just to make you smile can see and maybe remind you how nice it was when you were together and everything was fine.

4. He really misses you when he likes your old photos

Do you know that feeling when you dig deep into someone's Instagram for a year or two and pray, that you're not double-clicking on an old photo?

Well, he's not ashamed to push the said button. He might even like your old photos on purpose so you know he's scrolling through your profile thinking of you.

5. He really misses you when he gets angry for no reason

Maybe you remembered him as a quiet guy and now he's suddenly there, throwing tantrums and gets angry for no real reason.

Funny thing is he has no right to be mad at you but he is. What you need to understand is the fact that he's not just that angry or because he's projecting his work frustration or anything else onto you; he's actually mad at himself for really missing you.

He's mad because he's probably getting negative feedback from you and there's nothing he can do about his burning emotions. 

6. He really misses you when he posts songs that remind him of you

Maybe you had ”your” song or there are songs that he has often dedicated to you or that have been played at one of your special occasions.

If he posts such songs and knows for a fact that you can see them, is this is a clear sign that he misses you and the time you had together.

It's his way of expressing his feelings and maybe showing that he's a little nostalgic when he thinks back to the good old days.

7. He really misses you if he calls you repeatedly

Maybe while you two were still together he didn't bother to call for a while and now suddenly he doesn't mind calling a few times in a row if you don't answer the phone.

And then, when you finally pick up the phone, he'll come at you with a very casual question like, “Hey, what's up?”.

You might even get mad at him for calling you so often called, but he'll probably come up with some silly excuse or even be brave enough to invite you out for a cup of coffee.

The thing is, he's been unable to think straight for a long time and he won't even realize it that he did something wrong.

8. He really misses you when he still has all your presents

I don't know about you, but a lot of people want to throw away anything that reminds them of their loved ones or the bad times they went through.

So if he still has your gifts and if he's still wearing the sweater you gave him when things were still good between you two, that's an obvious sign that he misses you and that he's secretly reminiscing about those times ;Wishes you.

9. He really misses you when he's not as social as he used to be

You know, when it comes to relationships, men need a little more time to process certain things,  and maybe it won't be long before reality catches up with him and he sees what actually happened between the two of you.

This could result in him not being as social as he used to be, or he may prefer spending time alone rather than going out or snapchatting to the world.

If he misses you, he will This is sure to affect his social life and he will want to be alone with his memories.

10. He really misses you when he's trying to look better

He'll also make you see that he looks better.

He really wants to step it up and if you see him working on himself (although he didn't really pay attention to his looks when you were together) it can be a sign that he's on to something is aware of what he did wrong and is now trying to fix.

This could also be a sign that he is preparing to come back into your life.

11. He really misses you if he keeps showing up at your old places

If he's never been a particularly sentimental guy and if he's never been tied to a single place, and you now see him visiting the old places where you used to hang out together, that'll be a clear sign of that. It could be that he misses you.

It can mean one of two things- he's either reliving old memories or he's secretly hoping to meet you there.

What whatever it is, it clearly shows how much he misses you.

12. He really misses you when he's trying to remind you of the good old days

He won't mention all the times you guys fought or the ugly times when he got things wrong but whenever you two start chatting again he will love to mention how much fun’ you had to do this or that.

He will try to slowly awaken in you all the emotions he is feeling now in the hope that you will get back together.

13. He really misses you when he tries to flirt with you

Maybe it's not just that he misses you, but that he's even thinking of a reconciliation?

If that's true, then he'll use the same old tactics to get you, but this time, maybe an improved version.

He will flirt with you, compliment you and take every opportunity, even the silliest, to talk to you.

14. He really misses you when he says it out loud

If he worked up the courage to say it out loud that he misses you and that he misses the times you are together wait, then you have to know that it took a lot of courage, and that he wouldn't be trying so hard if he didn't really mean it.

Besides , if he combines his words with all of the above signs, then you can be absolutely sure that he is telling the truth.

You know, when a man misses you, he won't back down. hold back Instead, he will do everything in his power to show you how he feels about you.

Your choice is whether you want to welcome him back into your life. Just make sure you analyze your own feelings first and be true to yourself when checking whether you miss him or not.

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