13 reasons why dating a woman who is used to being alone is such a challenge

13 reasons why dating a woman who is used to being alone is such a challenge

1. She has a strong sense of identity.

She knows who she is and she knows what she wants from her partner.

She is fully aware of what kind of person she would get along with, what kind of person would drive her insane and who she would never leave her shell for.

2. She has a bigger goal in mind that she needs to accomplish first-a goal that love would distract her from.

She believes very much that there are some missions in her life that she has to fulfill first and that she can only achieve when she is alone.

So if she has set herself such goals, then you will have to be on the waiting list for some time.

3. She will settle for nothing less than her soul mate.

If she decides to let someone into her heart, then definitely not an affair.

< p>Therefore, your intentions must be sincere.

Another asshole is not welcome. She's probably been alone for a long time because another man treated her badly.

Someone out there made her feel better off on her own.

4. She doesn't like games.

And she never played any. She wants an honest person who will put all her cards on the table.

She needs to know that you mean business and that you will not play games with her because she sees no point in it.


5. She has high standards.

Just because she's been single for a long time doesn't mean she's going for the next best person.

She expects a lot from herself and that's why she expects a lot from her partner too.< /p>

If you don't try hard and don't meet their expectations, then you're out.

6. She's not sure if she can trust you.

This is a consequence of her past and there's nothing you can do about it.

You will have to pass her test and you will have to prove to her that you will not hurt her.

She sees the world through her eyes and you will have to prove it to her many times before she can trust you again .

7. She probably thinks she doesn't need you.

You will probably hear these sentences a lot. That's because she's used to being alone and has forgotten what it's like to have someone by her side.

That's why you will hear sentences like the one above very often. It's up to you to make her feel good so she will count on you again.

8. She's comfortable being alone.

So many times she's felt good just staying at home alone, lighting candles, having a glass of wine pouring and thinking about the bad things that happened to her while trying to convince herself to forget those things.

Being alone saves her and makes her strong, so don't take that away from her.

9. She is strong.

Because being strong was her only option. When you've been alone for so long there is no one to catch you and if you are not strong enough then there is a great fear that you will end up feeling miserable.

But feeling miserable was never an option for her. That's why she's a hero in her own right.

10. She won't let you into her heart easily.

It's a big step out of her comfort zone to give up her safety and let you into her privacy .

She's one of those rare women who can handle everything on her own.

The moment you get a chance, you'll know what it is great person she is, simply because she doesn’t let everyone get close to her.

11. She acts weird sometimes.

She's very funny and her friends love her.

She's absolutely stunning when she's around you but only until the moment she realizes you want more.

She has forgotten what it's like to have a man by her side and she knows; not quite sure how to act.

Partly because she's forgotten how to act as part of a couple and partly because she's scared of how much she likes you .

If you're not her type, she won't worry too much, but if she likes you, it'll be obvious.

12. She may be trying to escape.

She's pretty good about herself, but she's not so confident about you.

Her feelings scare her – the possibility that you could break her heart scares her and she may try to run away from you and distance herself from you.

Your job is now to dissuade them. It's your job to prove to her that history doesn't repeat itself after all.

13. What you have to offer her must be more than the life she has created for herself.

She doesn't need your money and she certainly doesn't need materialistic ones Things from you.

She was alone and getting everything sorted.

You can't buy them. But you can make her want to be with you.

She probably thinks she doesn't need you and in most cases she doesn't. But if she chooses you, it's because she wants you.

And the only way to make her want you is to make her feel like that she is special.

Spoil her with your love, give her your time and make an effort. Then it will pay you double and triple.

Bonus: She's so worth it.

Since you can't use normal seduction skills on her , you won't get a normal woman with her either.

You'll get something far better. You get an extraordinary woman.

A woman who cares about you, who gives you her time and attention, and who loves you unconditionally once you break her protective barrier have.

What you invest in her will pay you double and triple.

She doesn't play games with you, she doesn't make you jealous scenes and she doesn't expect the impossible from you.

You will get a mature and unique woman. She knows her worth and she knows yours too.

The catch is that your life only adds value when she is by your side.

She likes one It can be a challenge, but it's so worth it.

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