13 Reasons She Left

13 reasons why she left

She left because she couldn't anymore.

She couldn't pretend like everything was ok. She couldn’t count on you when you were gone.

She couldn’t be in a relationship with someone who didn’t feel her anymore. She just couldn't sit next to you and feel like she doesn't have you.

She left because you didn't want to know what to do with her.

You couldn't tell when she needed a hug, when she needed you to tell her she was panicking for no reason and that everything will be fine, or when she needed to be left alone.

In the beginning of the relationship there were times when she didn't even have to say what was wrong and you knew it.

Over time you became careless and you let your instincts go. You shouldn't have gotten her used to it if you wanted to stop her after a while.

She left because your love was exhausted.

You just forget that she needed your love and you forget that love slowly grows over time, but it also disappears over time.

You thought everything was fine and you never bothered to see where you are.

You hoped that because she loved you once, she will love you forever. How can you expect her to love you forever if you don't give her anything to love?

She left because she forgot how to be happy.

< p>You made her forget what happiness looks like and she made you do it. She lost her smile and it was replaced by the sadness in her eyes.

She just wasn't the same person because she was worried about both of you. It's not a one man job to take care of the relationship. It always takes two.

She left because you made her feel insecure.

You made her feel like she wasn't good enough. You made her feel like you could leave anytime and never look back.

Sometimes you acted like you didn't care about her and if you could take the time’ If you did, you would erase her from your mind.

She left because you chose her once and never again.

You dragged her into your hurricane and then you left her alone. You only chose her so that she chose you and that's where the story ends.

And it shouldn't be like that. It should have been different. You should have chosen her and her love and everything she has to offer every day and in return she gave you at least as much love as she gave you. But you didn't.

She left because she loved you.

She loved you with all her heart. She wanted everything with you, but she wasn't sure if you wanted the same thing. She didn't want to put you in chains.

She didn't want to make you unhappy. She left because she thought that was what you wanted and that it would make you happy. And all she wanted was to make you happy.

She left because your relationship became just a shell of what it used to be.

That spark you two had was gone. There were no more intimate conversations, there was no more laughter, no more flirting, no more trust.

It all went away with time. She didn't want to remember you as the man who hurt her.

She wanted to remember you as the man she felt loved by and loved with all her heart, it once upon a time.

She left because she needed something new.

She didn't need anyone new, she needed something new-she needed a change. You caught her and aged her even though she was far from old.

You never brought any excitement into the relationship—it was just about where and what you eat or if she wants to go out, but nothing was done with excitement or thrills, the hint that there might be some fun at the end. could happen. You weren't willing to try new things. You made your love boring.

She left because you stopped giving her what she needed.

Every day she got less and less of you. She got less attention from you, she got less time and less love.

And she never signed up for it. She deserved more.

She left because she got tired.

She got tired of trying and you became obsessed. You thought too hard that she would stay with you like this. That wasn't the right way.

She didn't do anything bad, she didn't hate you, and you yelled at her in vain. There was never anyone else.

It was just you from the start, but she was tired of having to prove it to you all the time.

She left because she tried everything.

She tried to distance herself, she tried to love you more than you love her, she tried to talk to you, she cried, she begged, she explained, she tried to remind you, and then she gave up.

She left because you didn't try.

You didn't try to stop her. You never told her how much she means to you or that you want her to stay. You gave her no choice but to leave you. 

You never gave her any reason to stay. You just showed her why she should go, and that's exactly what she did. That's why she left.

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