13 Reasons Good Girls Leave

13 reasons why good ones Girls go

Good girls are the ultimate relationship material. They are the ones who still believe in love and romance.

They love the idea of ​​love and they are the world's biggest advocates for love.

We're talking about the girls who stay with the people they love no matter what, of those who don't leave when the going gets tough, who always put others before them and who fight for those who do they love.

Those who find hope in places no one else would look and who stay long after others are gone.

The catch with good girls is that they have limits too. Sometimes, even if it's something they don't want to do, they leave too.

Sometimes, no matter how much they want to stay, they have to leave.

Even if they hate giving up; to save themselves they sometimes have to do what no one would expect them to do…sometimes good girls go too.

1. Good girls leave when they are taken for granted.

They are expected to be always available and put their lives on hold for someone.

But that can be exhausting at times.

< p>Especially when everything they do is taken for granted.

When no one appreciates what they do, but still gets angry when they try,’no’ accept; then it becomes hard to be good.

Since they hate arguments and can't really come out victorious in an argument with toxic people, they just go and show what it's like to be left without them.

2. Good girls leave when they realize they are being used.

When they're constantly being taken for granted, when they're doing all these things for others and there's no one there for them when they need someone, the lightbulbs are on above their heads up and they finally realize that they are only needed for other people’s needs.

This is something that hurts them the most and instead of hurting and using themselves further by others decide to leave.

3. Good girls leave when they feel they are being manipulated.

There are people just waiting for prey to fall into their arms, and when once you have it, don't let it go.

Once good girls stray into the lives of toxic people, those toxic people will use them as much as possible.

But the worst thing is they will manipulate them to get whatever they want.

And although it takes good girls some time to realize that they are being manipulated and used to satisfy other people's needs, they pack up and leave .

4. Good girls leave when they realize they are at the bottom of someone’s priority list.

It is true that good girls’ staying closer than anyone else and fighting for love to the last atom of their strength; but as soon as they realize they are fighting for the wrong person, they will leave too.

You will not put someone on the priority list if they are always at the bottom of everyone else's list .

When they see the difference in priorities, you will only see their rear view when they leave.

5. Good girls leave when they hate fighting for attention all the time.

They are not the ones who are the focus of your attention all the time want to stand out.

They won't throw tantrums and they'll never be so selfish that they ask you to forget the world and just focus on them.

But they eventually get tired when it's standing still ;constantly fighting for your attention.

If they have to beg you to notice them, then you're not worth it, and once they figure that out, they're gone too .

6. Good girls leave when they feel unimportant.

If you show them with your actions that they don't matter, but keep talking about how important they are to you, eventually they will start looking at what you do, not what you say.< /p>

When good girls feel like they don't matter, they won't fight to prove you wrong, they will go and give their time to someone who thinks that they matter.

It's that simple.

7. Good girls leave when they realize they are the only ones trying.

What's the point of giving everything to someone who doesn't bother to lift a finger for you?

Well, to say the least- there isn't one.< /p>

When good girls see that they're the only ones trying, it won't be long before they find out that it's better to go and try someone who actually can ;chlich wants to help build a healthy relationship.

8. Good girls leave when they see you have no future.

Any normal person would leave when they see what you two didn't really work, or that there's no future.

If you don't give them a place in your life, if they have to keep asking themselves where they stand with you, it means that you have no plans to share your future with them.

And why should they fight for a place in your future when there is someone who will be more than thrilled to make room for them without being asked first?

9 . Good girls leave when their efforts are not appreciated.

They will try too hard and for too long. Even though others might be long gone, good girls stay and fight.

They redouble their efforts and they try harder, but when they see their efforts go unappreciated; when they see everything they've done going unnoticed and underappreciated, that's their red rag telling them it's time for them to go.

And them leave knowing that they did everything they could, but it just wasn't meant to be.

10. Good girls leave when they don't get the love they deserve.

The biggest battle they fight is whether they are the ones who to love them.

Because sometimes people who love her don't love her. And sometimes they don't get the love they deserve.

People who are loved by good girls often just take their love without ever giving it back, and once good girls every Atom of their love and still haven't gotten anything in return, the only thing they can do is leave.

11. Good girls leave when they hurt too much.

Sometimes they give all their love to the wrong people. Sometimes all their hopes and dreams are shattered when they see that all the love they give is just a two-way street.

When that happens, they shatter.

< p>If the person you love only causes pain, if you are constantly being stabbed, if the love you are feeling hurts too much, pack your bags, take your love and leave.

12. Good girls leave when they feel like they're not good enough.

In most cases, good girls are worth their salt deliberately. They know what they deserve and they know that they are good to others.

But often people treat them as if they don't deserve to be loved.< /p>

A lot of times people make them feel like they aren't good enough and that they don't deserve to be either loved or treated right.

And when their mind is screaming one thing and you keep telling them say they are not good enough, they will leave to save their sanity.

13. Good girls leave when they've had enough.

It's true that good girls fight the hardest.

It is true that they stay the longest and that they defy all norms and standards of how much pain anyone can endure.

But it is also they who see the red flags loud and clear and act accordingly.

Regardless of their love; if they are used, manipulated, abused, taken for granted or underestimated, they will leave.

And while it may hurt like hell to leave, they will never regret it, because they will know that they did everything they could’but for the wrong people, the best of good girls just isn’t enough.

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