12 ways you can avoid being a bed story

12 ways you can avoid being a bed story

Bed stories are light and fun-as long as that's what you want.

But most of all we want to be something more than just a bed story.

We hope that somehow this bed story will turn into a real relationship.

We hope that he will meet this amazing woman looks that he has right in front of him, but sometimes (to be honest) the boys need help.

So to avoid him being a bed story and help him see what he really has , we show you ways to say no to a bed story.

1. Don't make it so easy

Don't give out your number to everyone and don't answer if you're not into it.

We all love sex and casual stories, but if you're interested in more with this one guy, don't expect him to that will bind to you.

Unfortunately, most of them just take what they need and leave.

But teasing him and making him crazy about you should bring success.

2. Know your worth

Never think that you have to give up your body just to be loved and respected.

You are much more than your vagina and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

< p>Being a bed story is great if that's all you want, but being a bed story hoping to be his girlfriend is mostly hurtful.

Never let that someone takes away your worth just because you care about them. Take care of yourself first.

3. You need to know who you're dealing with

Most of the pullers are pretty obvious: he shows signs of commitment and is an idiot.

If you see the signs right at the start, then there's no escaping the bed story.

Avoid the ripper– avoid the bed story- avoid the broken heart.

4. Don't engage in sexting

Admittedly, sexting is funß and such, but if that's all you do, how can you expect him to get to know you?

How can you expect him to be interested in anything other than your body?

Subtly change the subject to something other than sex and see if it works.

If he's still just asking for sexting, he's not worth it. No man who doesn't want to meet you is worth it.

5. Become aware of your expectations and tell him

Don't keep these things to yourself because you're afraid he'll leave if you tell him you're ready to be something more than just a bed story.

Tell him. Tell him you're looking for something different, that you're looking for more. Tell him you deserve more than just being a bedtime story.

It was all for fun, but you're ready to move on.

You've got nothing to gain if you keep it to yourself, but if you share your expectations with him, you might get a great boyfriend.

Or lose a hideous asshole. It's actually a win-win situation.

6. Don't take calls after midnight

You two had no plans but suddenly he longs for you, he needs to see you.

He is so sweet and lovely, but only after midnight. It's just a way for him to say “I'm horny”.

Just don't answer the phone, block yourself from him and answer in the morning.

Guys tend to fall for girls who are hard to get, so what's the worst what could happen?

That he'd get mad? That he's looking for someone else?

I don't see how that can be bad. If a man doesn't see my worth and doesn't respect me when I say ”no” say I don't want anything to do with him.

7. Demand respect

The moment a guy invites you to have sex, you know he doesn't respect you.

Especially when you already have feelings for him, when you shared more than just sex messages and hot dates.

Demand respect, it's more than okay to say ”no” to say.

You are not obligated to follow his commands, but he is obligated to respect you.

Know your worth, demand respect. If you are not respected, leave.

8. Goes on dates together – without sex

Show him that there are other things you can both do that don't involve sex. Go out to eat, go to the park, see a show.

Go to a movie or a picnic. Show him how awesome, smart and funny you are.

Show him that there are so many things he can do with you besides sex. Show him you're worth committing to.

9. Watch what he does and says

There's a good chance he's already telling you what he thinks about the whole thing and what he really wants.

When he says he wants a relationship but his actions are everything other than saying that, he's just a manipulative puller in disguise.

To avoid being his bed story, look for any red flags that he isn't is serious about you two.

And as much as it hurts, it's easier to leave than to stay and have your heart broken every day hoping it will change.

Because a big one ;there's a chance he doesn't.

10. Meet People in His Life

Guys don't like it when their bedtime stories hit their friends and family because girls might think things are about to get serious ;nne and that makes distance maintenance harder.

If he introduces you to his friends, you're more than a one-night stand.

But to make sure you're more than one, introduce yourself.

If you know ;t that he's having a guys night, stop by his place and bring them some chicken wings and pizza.

Randomly walk into whichever bar they are at and come stopped by to say hello and act like you had no idea he was having a guys night out.

11. Be direct

If you don't like his messages, tell him. If you don't feel like rolling in the sheets, tell him.

Show him you know your worth. Show him that you deserve to be respected not only for your female genitals.

Be honest about your needs and expectations and don't let him make excuses.

< p>Show him that you know better than just being his bedtime story.

If that doesn't make him think about it and actually do something about it, then it will bring nothing to it.

12. Go

You did all this but he's still an idiot?

You demanded respect but he just got it with another &ldquo ;Lol girl you are crazy. Do you want to meet up?” dismissed. Just go.

If he is not able to see the amazing woman standing in front of him, if he is not able to love this woman, he is not worth it.


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