12 Warning Signs He's Emotionally Imbalanced

12 warning signs that he is emotionally imbalanced

1. He hides his emotions

You have to constantly read the signs and decode his mixed signals to see what's going on in his head because he will never say it out loud.

His behavior creates a rift between you. You don't know how to cross it and get closer to him.

He started acting like this because he's afraid of rejection and that's his way of dealing with it.

2. He is either too reachable or completely unreachable

You don't know what his problem is because he has phases when he's always with you and times when you hardly see him and you have to bend over backwards to make time for you.

He can't find an intermediate level in everything he does. His emotions are unbalanced and he goes from one extreme to the other.

3. He thinks he can come and go in your life as he pleases

He knows never how he feels about you. One minute he'll be there and totally high on you and the next he'll be gone.

Of course, after a while he will come back because he will realize that he has a made mistakes and he will repeat this scenario over and over again as long as you let him because he can't handle his feelings.

4. He does everything as he pleases

He is impulsive and you know; never know what he's going to do next. Worst of all, he doesn't know either.

He does things without taking the time to think about it.

He says he's becoming one thing and does the exact opposite. He says he'll be somewhere and never shows up.

He's completely unreliable, and his actions are sometimes downright dangerous.

He doesn't think about it Think about how his behavior will affect you. It's just making a momentary decision, independent of anything else.

5. His mood changes more often than the weather

We all get moody sometimes, and that's okay. But his mood can go from extremely happy to highly depressed in a matter of seconds… or in the worst case, from affectionate to aggressive.

One moment you're cuddling on the couch and he's super cute, and before you know it he's humiliating you and swearing at you.

His emotions aren't just out of whack. He is emotionally unstable and needs professional help, not a girlfriend.

6. He loves to provoke you

Sometimes you get the feeling that he is starting a fight on purpose just to provoke a reaction.

He loves to get into debates and he won't stop until you've admitted defeat, apologized for something you probably didn't, and declared him the winner.

His behavior is very toxic and he is not someone you should be around. The best thing you can do is get away from him as soon as possible.

7. He's acting like he's doing you a favor by being with you

He's acting like he's the best thing that happened to you. He even says that you would be lost without him.

He ruins your emotional stability and he does his best to destroy it.

This is not only a red flag for someone who is emotionally imbalanced, but also for being narcissistic and sociopathic behavior, so be careful.

8. He brags about his accomplishments

He has this inexplicable desire to keep talking about all the things he's proud of.

Every little success he has, he will share on all his social media accounts.

And while there's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself, you'll find out when a man takes it to the extreme and he seeks admiration and approval from the rest of the world.

9. He has very tense relationships with other people

He always has problems with other people. He will say it's not his fault and nobody understands him.

But ask yourself, “Is it possible that so many of his friends and associates have wronged him while he portrays himself as a saint?”

People who are emotionally unbalanced , have poor social skills and are often in conflict with those around them.

10. He cannot take responsibility for his behavior

Another thing that narcissists, sociopaths and emotionally unbalanced men have in common is that they master the art of playing the victim , have mastered.

He will much rather convince you that you did something wrong than admit that he is the one to blame.

Stay away from a man like that. Not being able to take responsibility for one's behavior is only an indicator of much deeper problems.

11. It gets stuck when it hits a bump in the path

Whenever a problem or question arises, he is constantly thinking about it and talking about it.

He can't just solve it or accept that it happened and move on.< /p>

Whenever you two have a problem, he's capable of arguing for days.

Even if he says, “It's all old news,” he becomes the subject a few more times.

He also loves to bring up problems from the past and rub them in your face.

If he does, you'll realize soon enough that he's your biggest problem.

12. He usually can't control his anger

By now it's pretty clear that the emotionally unbalanced man often gets into arguments. He is unable to control his emotions.

He also has a habit of being extremely happy or sad, but his anger is the worst.

He has a very irritable temperament, and therefore he yells and shouts when he is angry. He also has a tendency to be violent.

That doesn't mean he's necessarily physically violent towards someone he's angry at, but he might Breaking walls, breaking dishes and furniture, or slamming doors.

The emotionally unbalanced man is someone to stay away from as much as possible. He can make your life hell.

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