12 Undeniable Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship

12 Undeniable Signs You Are In A Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is something nobody wants, but the truth is that most people experience this type of relationship at least once have experienced in their lives.

This type of relationship is nothing but a life lesson learned the hard way because the partners are not equals.

One is always the controlling and manipulative partner while the other puts extra effort into making things work.

I know sometimes it's hard to tell if you are in such a relationship or have just met your soulmate.

Here are some pointers that can help you tell the difference.

Signs of a karmic relationship


1. Your partner controls you

One of the most common signs of a karmic relationship is that your partner controls all aspects of your life.

If he wants to know where you are and who you are with every second, could you both have problems.

Relationships are about mutual trust and mutual support. If you're not getting what you need, maybe it's time to move on.

2. Your partner is suffocating you

I know many women who forgive their partner for this kind of behavior, but it's something you shouldn't ignore if you want to be in a healthy relationship.

If you feel like it , your partner choking you and telling you what you can and can't do, chances are you'll never get what you need.

Both partners should have their free time and spend it with their family and friends, but someone who keeps you from that is not worth being a part of your life.

3. Your partner changes you, even though you don't want it

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your husband is only telling you what is best for you is?

Do you catch him making decisions for you, telling you that he is doing it for your good?

If your answers are positive, you should start to worry as this is a toxic relationship that can do you more harm than you think.

You are a free will person and you make your own choices Above all else in your life.

You are nobody's puppet to be used as someone wants.

You are a person who stands up for their rights ;feel and live life the way she wants.

4. Your partner is behaving badly towards you

One of the signs of a karmic relationship is one partner's bad behavior towards the other.

If you see your husband behaving inappropriately, you should think about leaving him.

You don't deserve to be treated like that, especially because you love him and will do everything in your power to show him that you care.

Never settle for someone you don't think is right for you.

Accept all the bad things that have happened to you as a lesson, but never stay with someone who brings out the worst in you.

5. Your partner makes you addicted

In karmic relationships, the dominant partner will control the other and make him dependent.

He will use all the tricks and Use mind games to win this game without ever feeling guilty about it.

These are special people and for them it's the only way to function. If you see these signs, you should leave as soon as possible.

6. Your partner makes you feel like the crazy one

When your partner wins every argument, you know; he probably how he can make you believe things you don't want to believe.

If you feel bad after every fight and feel like you're losing your self-esteem, trust me – You no longer have a reason to be with him.

A person like this is just someone sent to teach you a lesson and help you grow spiritually.

But he's definitely not a person to spend your life with.

7. Your partner is trying to convince you that they are right

If something or someone is right, nobody has to convince you of it.

You would of course feel it, and you would feel the peace within you when you are with him.

But when the man you are with, always tries to convince you that he's the one and at the same time he's making your life miserable, then there's something really wrong.

And you need a man like this as soon as possible to get rid of because later it might be too late.

8. Your partner is driving you insane

If you feel that your relationship is not as good and healthy as it was when it started, chances are you are in what is called a karmic relationship.

This means, that she is not good for you and never will be.

It means you are living and sleeping with someone who brings out the worst in you and doesn't love you enough.


Basically he doesn't love you at all because he does all these bad things to you. So it's up to you whether you accept this or end it immediately.

9. You feel like you've known your partner for ages

If you feel like you've known your partner for ages, that's a proven fact Signs of a karmic relationship.

You feel like you just met your soulmate, your eternal love and that you two are meant to be together.

When he looks at you, you feel like you know those eyes from the past and he's a special person in your life.

But that's just your brain, the one with you Plays games to convince you he's right for you, but unfortunately he's not.

10. You sometimes feel like you want to end the relationship

When you're in this specific relationship, you feel like you want to end it after every argument you have – and I have to tell you that you're going to fight all the time since you're not on the same page.

You both want things that the other person can't give you and that's why you're going to can never find inner peace.

11. Your partner's needs are more important than your own

When your partner acts like they are the most important person in the world and they don't care about you, you are in what is called a karmic relationship.

A real one Relationship is a mixture of meeting the needs of both partners and striving to make both partners equal, but if your man doesn't accept that, you need to move on.

He's not the right one for you ;r you, and he never will be.

12. You get jealous easily

Although you are not naturally a jealous person, in a karmic relationship you will turn into someone you never thought you would , to be able to become.

This happens because your partner will do things that will ruin your self-esteem and make you insecure.

You will constantly feel ;fear that he will leave you for someone better and that you will not be able to meet all his needs.

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