12 tricks to get a man to marry you

12 tricks to get a man to marry you

One thing is to conquer a man and knock him off his feet, but what should you do to make him do it get married?

In other words, how do you get a man to marry you? What tricks will make this possible?

Usually a man becomes more relaxed at a certain stage in the relationship.

And what's funny but frustrating at the same time is that this stage for ;when the woman is actually boring.

This phase is exactly what you want to avoid.

What happens is that he becomes more relaxed and you're super excited as you want to take the relationship to the next level – on a more serious level.

In other words, you're waiting for him to propose to you, but it seems like he's gotten comfortable at exactly the level you're both at now is.

What should you do if he freaks out as soon as you consider marriage? mention?

You must indeed play the game. You will not manipulate him and you will not play unfairly.

You will play smart.

You will not lie to him. You will only show him who you are and convince him that he needs you – actually you won't have to convince him, but show him all this through your actions.

That's how men are.

They think they're hard to understand, but in reality it's very easy to see through them – it doesn’t sound nice to say manipulate – but let's just say it's easy to get them to believe they did something on their own, when in fact you had a big part in deciding.

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How do you get a man to marry you?

You might think that you've done everything you can, but there are certainly things you haven't tried yet, maybe some that you think are trifles.

1. Love yourself

I know it sounds cliche and the saying is ubiquitous, but that's only because it's true.

If you don't love yourself, you can't love anyone else.

If you're unhappy with the way you look or behave, no one will ever be enough for you.

And I'm speaking from experience.

Try to solve every problem that comes up in your life by working on yourself first.

When you solve all your problems, accept yourself as you are and forgive yourself for everything you've ever blamed yourself for, only then will you be able to move forward.

< p>Love yourself. Figure out what you don't like about yourself and make changes.

You will succeed if you really want it.

2. Get him to spend time with your married friends

Do you know that people who spend time together sometimes start to resemble each other?

They talk in the same way and in extreme cases they also start to look alike.

Well, this phenomenon is called mirroring. It is a pattern of behavior where one person unconsciously mirrors the other, namely: their body language, attitude or speech pattern.

This happens in everyday communication and neither the person mirroring nor those being mirrored are aware of it.

Why am I telling you all this? So if you get him to spend more time with your married friends and if he likes them, then he will notice their behaviors and start mirroring them.

That's how he imagines marriage seem a lot sexier with you than before.

Your married friends will show him that there are ups and downs in marriage, but that in the end your love for each other wins.

< p>Some men are more cautious than others when it comes to marriage as they come from broken families. They were only taught how to fight and disrespect one's partner.

As a result, marriage has a negative connotation for them. Make an effort to convince him otherwise.

3. Always keep the communication flowing

Once you stop communicating, you will face major challenges. No damage is irreparable as long as you talk to your partner.

A conversation can solve any conflict.

Even if you don't have any negative emotions towards your partner, you have to talk to him.

If you are in a good mood and If he did something commendable, let him know that he did a good job.

In short, you should trust each other with everything.

Communication is essential at the beginning of a relationship and throughout the marriage.

It is not easy to live with a person until the end of your life, even if you love them deeply.

Therefore, you should not suppress any feelings or thoughts.

If if you concentrate on making the communication work, he will surely marry you.

4. Make him need you

If you want to be with him forever, you're going to want to be his everything.

If he needs a friend, you will be that friend, if he wants to watch the game with someone, that person will be you.

You must be his lover, his girlfriend, his support and his leisure partner – all in one.

This is a difficult task – as you will find out.

It might seem like a lot of work, but when you love someone, you already do it all for them.

If you love him in your want to have life, you should give it everything it needs.

Make him need you by making the time you spend together priceless.

You laugh and create fond memories when you are together. He wouldn’t leave something like that.

Reduce the drama as best you can and enjoy life with your lover.

Another essential thing to appreciate is when you leave him alone for a while. Every man needs that and you need the same to be honest.

You need to give him space, time to think and work through his own problems.

It doesn't matter what he does when he's alone. Only one thing matters – that he respects that you gave him his space.

This shows him that you have enough confidence to let him walk away. It shows him that you trust him.

He will realize that he can be with you without losing his freedom.

He will realize that nothing will change except the fact that he will have constant support.

5. Stay beautiful naturally

You don't need silicone breasts or lips to be attractive.

Sexual attraction is final not the only type of attraction and it wears off over time which is why most relationships fail.

Attraction comes from within; it comes from your being and no plastic surgery beats that.

You need to show your partner your true self. When you get up in the morning you are without make-up.

You will not hide your clean face if you sleep next to the man you love.

He doesn't want that either you do something like that. He doesn't want you to hide yourself.

So I guarantee you, he'd rather like you without makeup than with a facade on your face.

No man wants his partner to hide who she is all her life.

6. Break the routine

Men relax quickly, and when it does, it creates a routine that's hard to break.

Your guy For example, is used to the fact that you are at home every time he comes home from work, or that you both watch Netflix on Fridays and don't go out.

It has always been like this. He's used to you always being there. So be smart and let the puppets dance.

When he gets home from work, don't be home. Go partying with your friends on Friday night. Do something he didn’t expect from you.

In a way, you show him that the relationship isn't your whole life and that your life doesn't necessarily revolve around him.

Breaked the routine and shook it up a bit. He'll see that you won't wait for him forever.

7. Stay sexy

We've already discussed the aspect of sexual attraction. We can all agree that he doesn't matter that much in the long run.

While that's true, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be sexy anymore, or stop trying .

There are women who completely let themselves go in lasting, serious relationships.

I know not sure why this is happening, but I suspect – they become too relaxed and loose; they are confident that their partner is there for them and will not leave them.

So lack of effort is the number one relationship killer. You're stuck in a routine and you can't put an end to it.

The relationship gets boring with each passing day and you find yourself miserable in the relationship that used to work ;hlst.

Keep love fresh and don't be boring and transparent. He not only wants to marry a girlfriend but also his lover.

8. Give him little hints that you might leave him

You can do that if all else fails.

If you've tried played smart and fair and it didn't work, then it's time to use the big guns and really play the game.

It's time for a little manipulation.


If you find that the relationship is stagnating, there is simply something you need to do to get things going and wake up your partner.

Really mention that you are really considering moving to another city for a job offer.

Or just tell him you're bored with life and want to do something new and exciting.

But don't let the words just evaporate. Make a whole plan and pretend that you will carry it out.

It should be realistic and believable. Even though you don't have one, convince him otherwise.

Do absolutely whatever it takes to amaze him a bit and get him to realize that he needs you and wants to spend his whole life with you.

Sometimes men need a little nudge.

9. Be emotionally stable

No one wants their partner to make drama out of everyone and everything. Too much passion and too much of anything is not good.

Thou shalt find the golden mean – don't be too cold or too emotional.

Men like emotionally stable women who don't keep losing their minds and don't make a big deal out of little things.

If you think about it – why wouldn't you want a nice, emotionally stable woman with you?

You as a woman also want a stable man who will support you throughout your life, right?

Keeping calm and serene is not easy as life is hectic and there sta’ There is always a lot going on.

Life presents us with challenges and problems are around every corner and not everyone can keep a clear head while dealing with them.

If you find yourself making a big deal out of the little things, or you're the only one who cares about the little things, then you should probably seek help.

Talk to a professional who can help you will help deal with problems without making a fuss.

10. Keep dating fun the way it should be

Don't bring up anything until the time comes. You will ruin everything.

The most important thing to do if you want to marry a man is not to pressure him. You shouldn't even joke about marriage.

Men take commitment very seriously and will not commit if they are not ready.

If you pressure a man, he will just back off and leave you.< /p>

You have to let it all take its natural course.

While you're just dating, you're just dating. If he sees you as someone to spend his life with, then he will commit.

Only then can you talk about the future, although he will likely be the first to mention it.

You will begin to see signs that he will soon be asking the question of questions.


11. Romance is a two-way street

You can't expect him to be the romantic alone. You have to try too.

Isn't it nice when your partner surprises you with dinner or a nice present when he has no special reason other than the fact that he really loves you?

You might not believe it, but it would be nice if you did the same. He is not made of stone; he has feelings too.

If you want to be treated as an equal, you should show him that you care about him and that you can be romantic too.

Give him a reason to stay. Don't expect him to keep giving without getting anything in return.

If you want to have such a relationship, he will never marry you.

12. Think about how you're going to have the conversation

If you feel like you're not on the same wavelength when it comes to the relationship If you're not, think about how you're going to approach the subject, because he doesn't necessarily feel exactly like you.

Instead of addressing him in a serious tone, try to be casual and positive stay.

Act like you want to find a solution and not break up. You don't even have to say a word; your body language says it all.

Be light-hearted and optimistic. This is the mood you want to get him in.

Tell him that you want to marry someone in the future and that you want to be with someone who shares the same values ​​as you do.


Then ask him if he agrees and if he might see himself with you one day.

As you know, honesty is always key. But all the art is in the way you say what you think.

If you want to say something but immediately get a bad feeling and think it won't end well, then you allow that vibe to spread to those around you.

But when you address your loved one in a happy and positive manner, the same conversation can go in a completely different direction .

That's why I say you have to play smart. Be the woman you are and take this game to a higher level, the only one you can play on.

Show him how you are and he will understand what he is needs to do and what would be best for him.

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