12 signs he's only playing with you and the ultimate strategy on how to solve the problem

12 signs he only plays with you and the ultimate strategy how to solve the problem

There are ways to detect a player. In fact, he doesn't even try to hide his true colors.

He's so sure you won't leave him that he doesn't even care if you know he's fooling you.

Well, not anymore, because if you're already here, you obviously have a suspicion that something is wrong in the relationship.

Fortunately, I'm here to help you figure out if that's true and how to fix it can put things in order.

1. He says he'll call you, but he doesn't

You wait for his call, but it doesn't ring. He says he'll call you later to make you do something, but he doesn't.

When he doesn't remember to call you, when he keeps forgetting to, or when he just does not want to talk to you at a certain time, it definitely means that you are not a priority in his life at the moment.

2. He's always late and doesn't even call to let you know

The fact that he doesn’t respect your time is a clear sign that he doesn’t care about your well-being.

There can be many reasons why someone is late, the can't be checked, but if he's always late and doesn't even let you know so you can reorganize your time, then he obviously doesn't care enough about you.

3. He doesn't show up at all (nor does he call) when you're on a date

You're on a date with him and he just doesn't show up. He doesn't even call to let you know that something happened that made him unable to come.

This is absolutely unforgivable unless he has an incredibly good reason (e.g. he's in the hospitalized or unconscious).

4. There are rules about when you can meet

If he can only see you at certain times, there is something fishy going on. His weekly schedule might be quite consistent, so he might have more free time on Wednesdays or weekends.

However, if you only meet on one particular day, his time is definitely for something/someone else reserved.

This is a clear indication that he is still playing with you and has nothing serious to do with you.

5. You know far less about him than he does about you

Sure, some guys just don't talk that much, but if you don't know anything about his job, his family, his childhood, his hobbies… then he's definitely hiding something from you or just doesn't want to get too close.

If he gives you vague answers on these topics, he doesn't have anything too serious to do with you, so watch out. He lets you talk about yourself because that's his strategy and not his genuine desire to get to know you.

6. …or you know a lot more about him than you do

The good thing is that this guy isn't exactly a player, although he does definitely not interested in anyone but himself.

When he can't stop talking about his own life and doesn't give you time to tell him something about you tell it yourself, then there you have your warning signal. He doesn't mean to hurt you, but he will.

7. His friends don't seem to know he has a girlfriend

If he doesn't invite you to hang out with his friends from time to time, that's a big sign that he's not so sure about his relationship with you.

There's an even worse scenario though: he might not mind you meeting his friends and going to parties with him, but he never specifically introduces you as his girlfriend. Ouch.

8. Meeting family is out of the question

Of course, getting to know someone's family is a big thing. This isn't a red flag if you've only recently started dating someone.

But if you've been dating for a few months and he hasn't even mentioned that you're meeting his family, then you're in for a treat discuss.

But ask him first. Maybe there's a good reason he doesn't want you to meet her – maybe there is something going on in his family.

Ask him to be honest with you. Otherwise it's a mighty big red flag.

9. You never know where he is

You never know where he is, who he is with or when he will be back. If he doesn't want to let you know what he's up to, it means he's not serious about you and the relationship.

If he keeps you in the dark, that's another red flag that lets you know he's keeping his options open. This is definitely not the right path to a healthy relationship.

10. He never talks about future plans that include you

If he has never, really never mentioned any plans with you, then he just doesn't see you in his future. People who are in love and serious about it make plans to spend time together on weekends, holidays, etc.

If there is absolutely none of that in your relationship, it's not the right one and doesn't want it nor be it.

11. He has many girlfriends

Sure, a man can have a girlfriend, but… If he has a lot of girlfriends and spends a lot of time with them, that's a warning sign that he's playing with you.

Honestly, you don't see a truly platonic friendship between a man and a woman that often, and it's almost impossible to be platonic with many women.

Men have problems in committed relationships when it comes to that to find enough time for her friends and her partner – why would he want to spend this little time with another woman (or women)?

12. You feel like the relationship is not working because you are too needy

This is the biggest warning sign of all. If you've fallen into the psycho trap and think it's all your fault, you're in for a horrible trip through hell with him.

When you start to think that you're just asking too much and not like that If you are in need, it is time for you to take a closer look at the relationship.

In healthy relationships there is no room for thoughts like ”If only I had more patience he would be better” or ”If only I asked for less, he wouldn’t feel so smothered”.

So what are you supposed to do with a guy who is fooling you?

This is the simplest and most effective strategy you can use.

Step 1: Don't blame yourself .

Step 2: Don't change.

Step 3: Leave him and get on with your life.

Step 4: Never think you could have changed it.

Step 5: Apply no contact because once you give him a taste of his own medicine, he may realize that losing you was a mistake and try to crawl back into your life.

Well, you know what? He made a mistake and there's no way you're going to get back together with him because you know he'll only hurt you again!

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