12 great tips for teasing a guy via text message

12 Great Tips for Teasing a Guy via Text Message

Whether you two have been dating for a long time or just met, flirty texts can be so hot; be. Things like that take your relationship to a whole other level and can spice up long-term relationships.

The thing is, all girls would love to text their boyfriend some seductive texts, but she does not quite sure how.

Some are just shy and can't imagine doing it.

But the most important thing is that you feel prepared because you think you two have been through a lot already and you don't want your man to think you're just a simple girl.

Girls, don't be naive. Boys love to get a hot text message from their girls.

If you send him a dirty text, he won't think badly of you. He'll just think you're brave enough to try something new.

And believe me, he won't think of anyone else if you're stealing his attention like that – he will be all yours. And that's the ultimate goal of any relationship.

For all of you out there that want to try this type of game but aren't sure how, here are some great ones Tips to please your man.

These lines will build sexual tension, so don't be surprised if your husband leaves work and shows up at your office for a quickie with you!

stay’ turn on, it's getting hot!

1. “What are you wearing right now?”

The good ol' flirtatious news – and guess what? It always works.

If you send him a message like this, your man will instantly picture you wearing nothing but heels and perfume.

You will captivate him immediately and he will want to be with you at that moment. He'll think of wild nights he spent with you and he'll want you right away.

It's only a matter of time before he shows up in your office and I bet you can imagine what happens next, right?

2. “I'm in the bath thinking about you right now,”

This text will turn him on instantly. He will picture you naked in the bubble bath masturbating while you think about him.

The sad thing is that he can't be there and can make your bathroom a bit hotter. believe’ me, this feeling will drive him crazy.

He will curse fate for not being around to show you what it's like when a man despairs of you needs.

He will think of things he would do to you if he were around and he will find a way to visit you. Will you be a good girl and invite him?

3. “I had a hot dream last night. Guess who the main character was?”

When a man gets a message like this, it is sure to put a smile on his face. He'll think you're funny and easygoing and that teasing him is just one of your hobbies.

If he really likes you, he will do anything to make your dream come true. Any man would love to read a text message like this from his lady and she will really turn him on.

So don't be surprised if he shows up uninvited and shows you that he wants you as much as he does you him. I think someone will be happy tonight!

4. “Just got out of the shower and can't decide what to wear. Can you come over and help me?”

Oh man, if I were a man I would come right over.

But when a man gets this message, he'll lose his mind in seconds and rush to catch you while you're still naked.

This is one of the best ways to turn him on.


He won't be able to believe that he has someone who calls him so easily; like you and he will want to spend all his time with you.

There is no denying that he will want you even more and he won't be able to stop thinking about you. Look what you did to him, you bad girl!

5. ”You have no idea what naughty things I am going to do to you tonight”

Warning! high voltage! Such messages can make a man crawl in front of you and give you a body and whatever you want.

You should be careful when you send him these text messages because if your man is busy car for ;there will be a serious accident.

Sometimes they like to feel submissive when they realize their lady knows what she's doing.

So, you know what you're doing?

6. “I get so wet just thinking about you.”

This is one of the best ways to tease a guy over text.

Me this message you show him everything you have and now it's up to him if he accepts this sexy and fun game.

And like most men, he will embrace this type of game and want you to tell him more that turns you on.

If he gets a message like this, you can bet that he feels incredibly powerful because, hey, he's the reason your panties are wet! Oh yeah!

7. “Tonight: lights on or off?”

Oh man, that's good! The news will definitely leave him speechless.

Especially if you've only recently started dating and you propose something like this to him, he'll want you by his side forever.

It's just a hint of what's to come , if he stays with you longer.

It will show him that he never gets bored with you and that it's fun in your bedroom when you meet.

< p>Let's be honest – he has no good reason to leave you because you are a fairy who makes all his dreams come true.

8. “I can't stop thinking about what you did to me last night.”

Bingo! You just mastered sending teasing messages.

This will drive your guy crazy about you and he'll probably say he can't stop thinking about you either.

It will remind him of that hot night you two had and he'll want to do it again right away. What you had last night was a really good party. And yes, he wants an after party too!

9. “This lollipop tastes so sweetüß – but not cuter than you”

You should be careful when sending such a message as it can cause a real heart attack in your husband.

It's well known that men like oral sex, so when he receives a message like this, he'll immediately imagine you blowing him off.

Don't be surprised if he tells you he can't take it anymore and is already on his way to your place to make wild love.

If this isn't a turn-on, you know; neither do I!

10.”I love to feel you inside me”

When a man receives a sexy message like this ;lt means that he has successfully satisfied his wife.

Many, many times! And now she wants him to turn her world upside down again! It will boost his ego so much that he will feel like a god.

Don't worry, he will accept your invitation and come to you faster than you think. Because the question is:

”Are you ready for a replay?”

11.” If you were here right now I couldn't keep my hands off you”

This flirtatious message will turn his world upside down. Honestly, he'll be so caught up in the moment that he'll call you to tell you how hot it is; he's into you.

He won't be able to stop thinking about you, so don't be surprised if he prepares an exciting surprise for you tonight!


He will do everything you want and will give everything.

He will be all yours! Oh, this will be your happy hour! Enjoy!

12.”Tonight I'll do all the work. And you? You'll just moan!

If this isn't an invitation for sex! If you send a teasing message like this, your man will be so overwhelmed that all he can think about is you!

He'll be imagining all the dirty things you're about to do to him and he will suffer because he is not around to rip your clothes off and take you as only he can.

Now the question is: < em>”Can you handle that much testosterone?”

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