11 Signs He's Keeping His Options Open

11 Signs he's keeping his options open

Not talking about labels has become a trend these days. You might find yourself in the situation where you've been dating someone for months and still don't know if you're a couple or not.

That's where the guesswork starts . You assume that if he's the only one you're dating and you don't need someone else, then he feels the same way about you.

But without ”the conversation” you won't really be able to know if you're the only woman in his life.

Stop assuming anything and get to the bottom of things.

&Uuml Check the characters listed below and see if he's keeping his options open.

Remember that these characters don't mean much individually, but when he does, a majority of the boxes ticks, you're probably not the only woman he's dating:

1. He keeps you at a distance

He still keeps you at a distance. He doesn't seem too eager to open up and let you get closer.

You guys mostly talk about you or other topics that doesn't include him or both of you as a couple; en.

Whatever it is that you have will not advance until he lets you near him.

Being able to share everything and confide in someone is what separates a real relationship from dating.

When you've opened up to him and hoped he'd do the same but that hasn't gotten you anywhere, chances are he's not that serious about you.

2. He only texts

It's easier to text, especially in the early stages of dating when you're still getting to know each other.

But if this behavior persists and just a few messages here and there is all you get, there is something that should arouse your concern.

A man who really cares about you will pick up his phone and call to hear your voice or make a video call to see you from time to time.

It's easier to bond this way and it also deepens it &ndash ; if you want that.

3. He only uses generic terms to describe his plans

Of course he will also have other plans and will not be with you 24 hours a day. But pay attention to how he tells you his whereabouts.

Most of the time you have no idea what he's up to. He has "a family thing", "something at work", "some errands to run", "something a friend needs help with" etc.

Not only is he vague about his whereabouts, he never talks about it later. He never says where he is, what he did or how it went. That makes you wonder, doesn't it?

4. He has a habit of canceling plans at the last minute

Things happen. Life is unpredictable and it is natural that plans sometimes have to be postponed or cancelled.

Sometimes yes, but not most of the time. When he's hooking up with a few women at a time, it can be quite difficult to manage his schedule. That's why he gets lost in everything.

Watch out. If his other behaviors seem a little odd, there's definitely cause for concern.

5. He doesn't add you on his social media accounts

You could find out a lot about the guy by browsing his social media profiles.

So a guy who keeps his options open will try to stop you.

He will tell you a great and compelling story. He could say that he doesn’t usually add people he is dating, that social media complicates things and causes jealousy or something like that.

He's probably trying to match that story as well selling other women, and it's easier to date multiple girls at the same time when they have fewer chances of finding out about each other.

6. He never leaves his phone unattended

His phone is better protected than the Pentagon and you couldn't do anything with it even if you wanted to.

Nevertheless, he never left his phone near you and left the room .

He never reads his texts or answers the phone in your company either.

He doesn't want you to see or hear anything that you don't see or hear ;ren should.

He's also not too eager to give you his phone if you need to use it for some reason.

A guy with nothing to hide wouldn't behave in such a suspicious manner in these situations .

You don't necessarily need to know the password for his cell phone, but he should have no problem answering calls or reading messages when you're around

< h2>7. He will disappear from time to time

He'll be super cute, alert, and after you for a while, and then he'll be gone.

Not forever, of course. He will come back, act like nothing happened, or come up with some lame excuse.

Such behavior is unacceptable. He doesn't respect you, pulls you around and maybe even has a few other girls around.

That alone is a good reason to get rid of his shabby ass.

8. He has too many girlfriends

Sure, he can have some good friends, but they should be friends you know – or at least you will get to know each other &nd; when things get a little more serious.

But if he never talks about her then alarm bells are already ringing – especially when you meet them and he introduces you as another of his many girlfriends. It's more than obvious that something is wrong.

9. Things don't make sense

It's only a matter of time before a man who's dating multiple women gets caught up in his own web of lies.

Even if he's lying as one of his many skills has mastered, he will eventually slip somewhere.

The first thing that will blow his cover is all the different versions of a story he has.

< p>One day he will talk about hanging out with his friends on Friday night and if you ask him again in a few days he will say he watched movies at home that same Friday night.

10. Talking about commitment is something he adeptly avoids

He's so good with words and able to turn any situation to his advantage

You may have even tried to "talk" with him, but somehow he managed to change the subject.

He may not say it directly, but he will mention that he doesn’t want anything serious at the moment.

He is a free spirit and has a wild nature. He doesn’t want to complicate things. It takes time, etc.

These indirect things are pretty direct when you look at them closely. Don't allow him to continue fooling you.

11. Your gut tells you something is wrong

How many times have you ended up in a chaotic situation because you chose to ignore your gut? Way too many times, right?

Don't do it this time. If you think something is wrong, talk to him about it openly.

Ask him if you're the only one he's dating and whether you're a couple or not.

Life is too short to beat around the bush and play games.

If you're not the only woman in his life like you thought it is, it's time you to say goodbye to him.

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